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2009 Winner of the Scroll Award - non-fiction magazine article profiling the Master of Cunard's cruiseliner Queen Mary 2.
2008 Outstanding Achievement Award for writing and editing ACOCI Connection, the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry's magazine.

Adults, 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


Hello!  I hope you enjoy your visit to my author page.

I am an award-winning journalist and non-fiction author with extensive experience in speaking in libraries, festivals and schools, and in working with beginner writers. 

I offer lively talks, interactive group sessions, writing projects, creative/non-fiction workshops, one-to-one coaching and readings. I am available for World Book Day.

My history books explore folklore's traditions, customs, ghosts and hauntings, and the history and people of towns and cities. My military books look at service life in the UK and Commonwealth and the stories behind the uniforms. My next non-fiction title, 'Crime in the Second World War', a look at the seedy underworld during WW2, will be published in April 2017. 

I have tutored on non-fiction courses for the Writers Bureau and Age Concern.  Currently, I am an Author Coach with Capucia Coaching in the US. I have extensive experience in organizing festivals and events up and down the country and abroad.

I have worn several hats: as a military spouse, I have travelled with my husband about the country; as a diplomatic wife, I now accompany him around the world.  As a journalist, I have met wonderful people and covered fascinating events. As an author, my work has led me to amazing stories and little-known places. As a writing tutor, I have seen students become published writers.

I have been interviewed by such diverse groups as the BBC; local television and print media in the UK, Bangladesh and the Caribbean. I have written for newspapers and magazines in many parts of the world.

I am based in Hampshire and am happy to discuss national and international visits.

My fees are based on the guidelines set by the Society of Authors.

Thank you for reading my author page.  I look forward to hearing from you!


It was a pleasure to work with Penny on a writing group for older people, which had a loyal following and led to a really exciting magazine project.  David Fakray, Age Concern

Penny talked to a large group of Visually Impaired People at Southampton Sight about life in the city during the 1950s. She circulated amongst them involving each and every person present. She was such an animated and compassionate speaker that I invited her back to talk to a mixed ability writing group at the charity. She showed the same empathy with this younger group as before, leaving a lasting impression.  Margot Tilbury, Southampton Sight

At SO: To Speak, Penny’s two talks were excellent. She enthralled a capacity crowd in a darkened room with her presentation based on her book, Haunted Southampton, and brought to life the women behind the Forces at the launch of her book, Military Wives. She is excellently prepared, and a captivating speaker.  Charlie Hislop, SO: To Speak Festival Director  

We thoroughly enjoyed Penny’s talk on her book Military Wives at Ashford Library – her style was warm and chatty and the stories that she told were compelling and left you wanting more!  Thank you Penny for a fantastic evening – hope to do it again soon. Karin Backlog, Kent Library Service

Penny is a professional writer who was featured, several times, at the Bournemouth Literary Festival. She was always courteous, generous and professional, and offered many valuable insights for our audiences.                Lillian Avon, ex-director and founder of the Bournemouth Literary Festival

By bringing all of her accumulated knowledge and experience of the publishing world to bear, Penny helped us to put on an excellent show at our "Getting into Print" panel discussion at the 5th edition of the Bournemouth Literary Festival. 
   I found it very interesting and informative and the audience members gave me some very good feedback at the end, so I think the length, format and content were all spot on. 
   Thank you to Penny for all of your work on the preparations and for keeping things on track on the night - we all very much appreciated your hard work. And it was fantastic to see a full room!

David Jones, Bournemouth Literary Festival

Penny gave us a fascinating talk about an aspect of history that tends not to make the headlines. We all found the military wives’ stories poignant and inspiring. Highly recommended!
Susan Purcell, Co-ordinator, Society of Authors South and South East Group

Penny Legg has given several talks to Portswood Library about her books and the mechanics of writing. These talks were very successful and created great interest in her audience. Penny always has a rich store of anecdotes to enhance her subject and these made her books come alive. 
   Her sheer exuberance encourages those who meet her to feel inspired to write their own stories and Penny is always happy to advise where needed.        

   Penny is skilled at not only giving life to her words but in creating words that live and I look forward to arranging future book talks for our Library.  Hazel Honeywell, Friends of Portswood Library

Penny is a wonderfully engaging and insightful public speaker, with real knowledge and experience of the subjects she talks about.  We have always received extremely positive feedback from the audiences she has entertained and it is always a pleasure to work with such a friendly and professional author and speaker.        
Lian Sills, Events Officer, Hampshire Library Service

Thank you for coming to our club, Lovedean Grapevine, and for your talk on the ghosts of Hampshire.
   We all found it very interesting and a bit spooky! The talk was lively, humorous and kept our interest for the entirety of the talk.  You obviously know this topic well.
   We look forward to asking you back for another of your talks in the near future. 

Marilyn Walden, Lovedean Grapevine

Penny has written 11 titles so far, including:
Military Wives: From the First World War to Afghanistan (isbn:978-0752491073)
What is it really like to be married to a member of Britainís Armed Forces? Can you ever be prepared for the reality that awaits you when you say ĎI do?' From Big Berthaís booms, rationing and bomb shelters, to military wives choirs and Afghanistan.
View in Amazon
Haunted Southampton (isbn:978-0752455198)
Explore the darkest secrets of Southamptonís past with this collection of stories telling of the inexplicable occurrences and ghostly apparitions that have haunted residents of the city for centuries.
View in Amazon
Under the Queen's Colours (isbn:978-0752469959)
This book is not just about war, but the everyday lives of those who serve on land, sea and in the air. Service men and women recall their experiences from the years after the Second World War through to modern military service.
View in Amazon
Folklore of Hampshire (isbn:978-0752451794)
Hampshire is proud host to traditions, customs and legends that may seem strange to the people of the twenty-first century but were very real to the Hampshire folk of yesteryear.
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Winchester: History You Can see (isbn:978-0752455204)
This history of the Saxon capital of Wessex is told through evocative photographs of its buildings and intricate nooks and crannies.
View in Amazon
A 1950s Southampton Childhood (isbn:978-0752482859)
The 1950s was a time of regeneration and change for Southampton. For children, life was changing fast. They still made their own toys and earned their pocket money, but now TV had arrived and sweet rationing was over.
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