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Adults, 8-11 (Key stage 2)


This is a very exciting yet challenging world for children to be growing up in with new technologies, changing work patterns, mind blowing innovations, complex family set-ups, and diverse social and cultural influences. How individuals respond to these multiplicities is reflected in the values they hold. Values are acquired unconsciously in early childhood, and govern behaviour subconsciously in response to given situations as the child matures. As values are non-denominational and apolitical they are uniquely placed to form the basis of a positive development environment for growing children. Values matter, children’s values matter even more.

My Billy Books series are written to help children reach positive outcomes to negative behaviours like bullying, lying, jealousy, arrogant pride, poor self-belief, secrets, stealing, and the value of money. Using traditional and entertaining story-telling my characters – Billy, Ant, Max and Jacko the dog – confront and overcome various situations. I use these themes in my interactive workshops to give the children an opportunity to develop their creativity in a safe and fun environment. 

Billy Has A Birthday (isbn:9781910727058)
Billy is to be 10 years old on the 10 day of the 10 month - a once in a lifetime experience. His granddad gives him money which the local bully takes. Maxine has a plan to get it back.
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Billy And Ant Fall Out (isbn:9781910727089)
Ant is Billy's best friend; they argue and fall out over nothing. Now Billy is 10 he thinks he doesn’t need Ant until he realises how much he misses him, but his pride stops he making up.
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Billy Is Nasty To Ant (isbn:9781910727126)
Billy thinks he should have won the class prize but Ant did instead. Jealous, Billy says nasty things about Ant until Billy granddad helps Billy realise everyone is different.
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Billy And Ant Lie (isbn:9781910727157)
Late for school, to save their own skins, Billy & Ant make up a story but when the police arrive at school their lie is discovered and the consequences unravel.
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Billy Helps Max (isbn:9781910727188)
Max, Ant's sister, paints her bike, and decorates it with stickers. With no money, she steals them. Billy finds out and helps her make the situation right.
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Billy Saves The Day (isbn:9781910727218)
Year 5’s end of year play is a musical, but Billy has no self-confidence to take part. Following an accident to Ant who is playing the main character, Billy has to take over at short notice.
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Professional Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors; Member of the Children's Writers Guild; Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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