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Silver Award for Best Horror Novel ForeWord Magazine 2007
'August Derleth' Award for Best Novel, British Fantasy Society, 2011
Best Short Fiction Award, British Fantasy Society, 2011.

Adults, 8-11 (Key stage 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college



I am an award winning writer of Horror, Fantasy, Steampunk and Crime Fiction. I write for both Young Adult and Adult audiences. I have written 14 novels, several novellas, many stories and audios all of which have been traditionally published or are due to be in print within the next year. I have also written some official Sherlock Holmes short fiction for publishers Constable & Robinson and Titan Books.

I have a degree in English and Writing for Performance, an MA in Creative Writing and a PGCE. I am a qualified teacher of English and Drama with a current transferable DBS. I am qualified to teach/lecture up to Master's Degree level but can gear my talks and workshops to young people as well as adults.

As well as being a novelist I am also a screenwriter. I was one of the writers on a series of monologues about the fictional white witch Olive Hawthorn in "White Witch of Devil's End", and I was also the overall script editor on the project (due for release 2017). "White Witch" is a spin-off from the seventies "Doctor Who" story "The Daemons". My latest screenplay, "Zombies At Tiffany's" (based on my Kat Lightfoot Young Adult Series), is currently under consideration with a London-based production company.

In spring 2017 my first Stage Play, "Gingerbread House" (A dark family drama), will be performed for the first time.

In 2015 I wrote an audio play for Big Finish, this is called 'Freya' and was for season four of their 'Dark Confessions of Dorian Gray' series.

I am frequently invited to give talks on my career, writing and publishing and appear as a guest at many conventions and comic cons in the UK and in the USA, where I take part in panels, interviews and give writing workshops to all ages.

I am very amiable and make an excellent after dinner speaker and event guest because I enjoy talking to and meeting new people. I'm very knowledgable on the subject of writing and publishing and I enjoy sharing my experience with others.


Workshops can run for 1-2 hours and are focused on what YOU need. The focus could be on: Descriptive Writing; Writing Effective Openings; Dos and Don'ts of Professional Publishing; Writing Horror; Writing Steampunk; Writing Fantasy; How to Get Published; Self Publishing; The Art of Story Telling; Writing Novels; Writing for Screen; Writing for Stage; Writing for Audio; and so on.

Delivery will be in a variety of learning styles throughout, again tailored to the audience.

All my workshops and talks encourage attendees to create and share their own work during the session, with feedback given by myself and by peer assessment designed to encourage, enthuse and to help aspiring writers develop their skills with confidence.

I can also present 'follow up' workshops for Stage Plays that are drama based. This is essentially an opportunity for writers to direct their own play and learn from what works and what doesn't in this media by experimentation and performance. Geared to all ages. An excellent cross curriculum exercise for both Drama, English and Performing arts subjects. This workshop works well if done with English students in the morning - writing short plays in groups/pairs. In the afternoon the plays are then given to drama groups in order to 'workshop' them through cold reading and performance.

The day ends with peer, class teachers (where relevant) and my own assessment, as well as a self evaluation exercise for the writers after seeing their work performed.

I have written 15 novels so far, here are the first 13 plus my short story collection: now in print
Killing Kiss (isbn:978-1845839130)
Book 1: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
Futile Flame (isbn:978-1845839147)
Book 2: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
Demon Dance (isbn:978-1845839154)
Book 3: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
Hateful Heart (isbn:978-1845839161)
Book 4: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
Silent Sand (isbn:978-1845839178)
Book 5: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
Jaded Jewel (isbn:978-1845839185)
Book 6: The Vampire Gene Series
View in Amazon
The Darkness Within: Final Cut (isbn:978-1845838744)
Science Fiction Dark Adult Horror
View in Amazon
Zombies At Tiffany's (isbn:978-1845830724)
Book 1: Kat Lightfoot Mysteries. Young Adult Horror/Steampunk
View in Amazon
Kat on A Hot Tin Airship (isbn:978-1845830861)
Book 2: KAt Lightfoot Mysteries. Young Adult Horror/Steampunk
View in Amazon
What's Dead PussyKat (isbn:978-1845830984)
Book 3: Kat Lightfoot Mysteries. Young Adult Horror/Steampunk
View in Amazon
Kat of Green Tentacles (isbn:978-1845830991)
Book 4: Kat Lightfoot Mysteries. Young Adult Horror/Steampunk
View in Amazon
Jinx Town (isbn:978-1845830960)
Book 1: The Jinx Chronicles
View in Amazon
Jinx Magic (isbn:978-1845831110)
Book 2: The Jinx Chronicles
View in Amazon
Zombies in New York And Other Bloody Jottings (isbn:978-1845838645)
Horror Short Story and Poetry Collection
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