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My business card describes me as a Writer, Journalist, Adventurer, General Labourer, Public Speaker and 'Elephant Man'. I have thirteen published books to my name, with the fourteenth 'In Livingstone's Footsteps’ about to come out.

I am privileged to have grown up in some of the remoter parts of Central Africa and still look on it as home although I am based in England. Writing and talking about Africa is food for my soul and I go home on a regular basis to challenge the landscape and myself in a variety of ways.

To date I have rowed, cycled, kayaked, walked and hitch hiked through the wild parts of the continent and these little adventures have provided material for my books and my public speaking.

Two years ago I completed a marathon 3200 kilometre walk down the Zambezi River. I was three months short of my seventieth birthday and as I was the first person in recorded history to walk the length of that river, I felt it was a coup for the older generation. My two latest books describe my physical, emotional and spiritual journey among the river peoples of the Zambezi.  

Quite apart from my books, I have written for publications as varied in style and content as the Sunday Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, The Lady, Cat World and Coarse fishing. When the farm invasions were taking place in my native Zimbabwe, I spent eleven years filing copy for the Sunday Express and later wrote a book, ‘Soldier No More’ about the experience. I have also appeared on Channel 4 television, speaking about both the ivory problem and crocodiles.

I am an accomplished public speaker (with or without an accompanying presentation) and address a miscellany of clubs and groups around the country. I also speak to dining clubs which is an excellent way of being paid to partake of pretty good meals.

Quite apart from speaking about my various adventures, I talk about the African Elephant (a passion of mine) Building the Kariba Dam and the fact that We Are Never Too Old for Adventure.

As a result of my adventures – and possibly my age – I am often invited to give motivational talks to corporate bodies, which I find interesting, being of the firm belief that with mental effort all of us can achieve so much more than we believe possible.

Two of my most difficult yet rewarding talks over the past few years have been about elephants, one of them to a group of six and seven-year old schoolchildren in Reading (I received seventy-six hand written thank you notes after that) and another to a group of handicapped young adults in Gloucestershire. Both those occasions proved uplifting for me and were obviously appreciated by my audiences. I have also spoken to schools throughout Southern Africa on the need for conservation and preservation of wild life.

I will always make myself available for talks – particularly on elephants – both in this country and abroad.

As for my books, many of them are available on Amazon while a few are out of print, but if anyone wants a signed copy, they can order them through me although I will have to add postage charges.

Whatever you want me for, I can promise to give good value for my services and like most scribblers, I love to make my audiences laugh, no matter how serious the subject.

David Lemon.


I have written thirteen books but these are a fairly representative sample.
Cowbells Down the Zambezi (isbn:978-1-78148-640-5)
A marathon walk through undeveloped Africa
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Soldier No More (isbn:978-1-907652-99-8)
A journalist's view of the Zimbabwe farm invasions
View in Amazon
The Poacher (isbn:9781530999644)
A novel about an African dilemma for young adults and older folk.
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Blood Sweat and Lions (isbn:978-1-906210-66-3)
Walking a thousand kilometres through wild Africa
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