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Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2015
Institute of Physics, Physics Communicators Award 2012
IOP High Energy Particle Physics Group, Science in Society Prize 2012

11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


As well as two popular science books I have also written science news stories for the Guardian and Nature as well as a number of online science news websites. I have also acted as a consultant to TV media on science documentaries and have been in front of the camera a couple of times.

I have a long history of delivery exciting and challenging science talks at many institutions including the Institute of Physics, Royal Society, Science Museum and Royal Institute. I have engaged audiences across a wide age range from year 4 to university of the second age students. I have also delivered enrichment talks aboard cruise ships and at corporate events. Some of my talks have a historical narritive while others use play (LEGO especially!) or everyday analogy explanations. I have also worked with a number of artists to develop works of art and workshops which explain physics through art.

I am a qualified teacher with experience teaching KS3-5 in physics and KS3-4 across all three sciences with fantastic GCSE results and outstanding comments from inspections.

After 8 years in academic research in the field of particle physics and as an award winning science communicator my areas of expertise as a speaker lie across science in general and the scientific method. Specfic talks of interest include:

  • Build a LEGO Universe: telling the scientific creation story of the universe through LEGO play
  • The Secret Life of the Periodic Table: Amazing stories from the periodic table of the elements.
  • Quantum Bizzare: The strange world of quantum physics explained.
  • How to Find A Higgs: the discovery of the Higgs Boson (Nobel Prize 2013)
  • Ghost Particles: The story of Neutrinos (Nobel Prize and Breakthrough Prize 2015)
  • Quantum Computing: and how our world will be changed by it.

I offer workshops for GCSE and A-Level students which cover radioactivity and particle physics using LEGO. Students build models following construction rules which mirror the fundametal forces and the laws of nature. 

I am willing to visit most of London as far as zone 3 but will consider further journey's. I am also willing to travel abroad to deliver talks.

I am always interested in comissions for science writing for educational purposes but also historical science writing too. Payment for any work would be negotiated on a individual case by case basis.

For more information please see my LinkedIn profile or my website.

Oh... and I am embarassingly on an Institute of Physics careers poster which you may have seen.

After writing news articles and designing classroom teaching material I began writing books in late 2014. I have written two books since then and am working on my third, due for release in early 2017.
The Secret Life of the Periodic Table (isbn:978-1844038855)
The Secret Life of the Periodic Table gives a fascinating insight into the discovery and use of all 118 elements. It uncovers incredible stories of how Mendeleev's table was formulated and the individual elements found.
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Brains Explains Quantum Physics (isbn:978-1844038299)
To mark the 50th anniversary of the FABulous Thunderbirds TV show ITV studios commissioned a series of three books. I was chosen to author a book covering quantum physics for an adult audience. Through historical story, analogies, and quotes from Bra
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