Diana Kimpton

Children's author, Author of books for adults, Scriptwriter

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Website: http://www.dianakimpton.co.uk

Contact: Email or call 01983 293048

'The Lamb-a-roo' was shortlisted for the Stockport Schools Book Award.
'Princess Ellie to the Rescue' reached the final 50 for The Red House Children's Book Awards.

Adults, 6th Form and college


I love talking about children's books and about writing in general, especially plotting. I am happy to be contacted at short notice for interviews.

I am not currently doing visits to schools, but I do give talks and workshops for adults and older students about writing, plotting and publishing books.

I have had more than 40 books published so far, including
There Must Be Horses (isbn:9780957341425)
Sasha’s love of horses has been the only constant during her turbulent life in care. All she wants is a home with horses but when she gets one, she can't stay. Can she persuade her foster parents to change their minds before its too late.
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Doctor Hoof (isbn:9781407110875)
Doctor Hoof is a horse doctor - he only treats horses. But when he moves to a new town, he finds he's the only horse in town. How can he find some new patients and some new friends?
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The Pony-Mad Princess: Princess Ellie to the Rescue (isbn:9780746060186)
Book 1 of my series about a princess who prefers ponies and jodphurs to pretty dresses and waving lessons.
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Amy Wild - Animal Talker: The Secret Necklace (isbn:9781409504290)
The first book in my series about a girl with a secret power. Set on a small island, it's a sitcom for children with a regular cast of quirky animals.
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The Lamb-a-roo (isbn:9781862336575)
A story about adoption and being different
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