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"Write about what you know" - always good advice!

As I spend a lot of my time on WW1 battlefields, two of my books focus on the effects of that dreadful war on the people that had to fight it. Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. 

I have delivered talks on the schoolboys who left a Southampton school to "do their bit", as well as on their local cricketing heroes who enlisted to "Play the Game". I have also done talks on the battlefields themselves, my experiences as a guide, and on the wider impact of the war on society. In the summer of 2016 I was interviewed by Radio Solent's Kevan James to raise awareness of the centenary of WW1. 

More recently, I have written a history of one of the most famous rugby clubs in the world. Back in 1963, they defeated the mighty All Blacks. Despite their more modest form in recent years, the Black and Ambers of Rodney Parade still have the bearing of a great club. Newport Rugby Greats, published in 2016, was a fascinating project to work on and I am keen to take on similar projects. Promoting the book gave me the opportunity to interview some of the "greats" in front of live audiences on match day, and to deliver talks on the history of the game.

Having taught English Literature to 11-18 year olds for many years, I'm happy to speak to students about my published work, but also about the process of writing. In the autumn of 2016 I visited Tilton School, in New Hampshire, USA, and talked to 17-18 year olds about my work and experiences. I sent some of my short stories to them in advance, which meant that we were able to talk about the creative process, and the approaches to fiction and non fiction. "The best class so far this year" said one student. A little early in the year, perhaps...

I'm comfortable in front of any audience, from Key Stage 4 classrooms  to Historical Association gatherings to rugby clubhouses. All of us are learning. 

Newport Rugby Greats (isbn:9781445656878)
The history of one of world rugby's great clubs through its players
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A Torch in Flame (isbn:9781897887493)
"Play Up and Play the Game" was one of the slogans used to encourage men to enlist in 1914. This book looks at the wartime experiences of Hampshire players who swopped their cricket whites for khaki.
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The Stormy Blast (isbn:9781897887981)
Starting from the memorial board at King Edward VI School, Southampton, the book charts the stories of the pupils who went from the school field to the battlefields of World War 1
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