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5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4)


For Younger Students


To celebrate the recent launch of Me and Mister P, my school visits, talks and creative writing workshops are currently focussed on the subject of all things polar bear. They are most suitable for KS1 and KS2 and ideal for 7 - 9 year olds.                                        

Talks (approximately 1 hour):  Mister P is large, funny and somewhat clumsy, but above all he is  polar bear and lends himself excellently to discussing the habitat and behaviour of this majestic animal, why it is endangered and how it is uniquely suited to its arctic environment (and not so suited to living in a place that might well be VERY near your school, bookshop or library). I discuss the problems posed by having a story in which the main character doesn't speak or understand ‘human’  and unravel the mysteries, through pictures and role-play, of how we, as humans, can communicate with each other, and with animals, without using words. I always make sure there is time for questions and keep the talks as flexible, fluid and fun as possible.  I

Workshops (approximately 40 minutes): Me and Mister P is written partly in the form of a diary and letters. Workshops use a variety of writing cues to help children to think about writing persuasively. Mister P enjoys turning up out of the blue to ‘sort things out’ and usually creates a hilarious mixture of trouble and fun. Could you persuade Mister P to come and visit your home, school or library? You’d have to write a pretty convincing letter! Who would look after him? How would he get there? What would he eat? Where would he sleep?  Who knows he might even write back … or turn up! 

I like to illustrate some aspects of my talk with a visual presentation via my laptop (Apple). Please let me know if there is likely to be an issue with this and Mister P will attempt to find a way round it ... which could be amusing!

For older students

l also give author talks and workshops for KS3 & 4 (13+). We look at what it means to 'lie truthfully' and how this can be used in the creation of compelling characters and imaginary worlds. 



Me and Mister P (isbn:9780192744210)
All Arthur wants is a normal family, not a family where his embarrassing brother gets ALL the attention. Until a the world's most helpful(ish) polar bear turns up at the door and decides to stay. Then everything chan MGges.
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A Flash of Blue (isbn:9781407138176)
When Amber took something that wasn't hers, she never expected anyone to die. Struggling with guilt and grief, she turns to her brother's best friend. But that's when the trouble really starts. YA
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Broken Strings (isbn:9781407138169)
An ambitious, struggling young musician runs away from home to live with her estranged grandmother. But nothing is quite as it seems as she slowly uncovers layer upon layer of tragic family secrets. YA
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Santa's Aussie Holiday (isbn:9781741690187)
After all his hard work, Father Christmas needs a holiday of his own - in Australia. Picture book.
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Santa's Kiwi Holiday (isbn:1869437063)
After a busy Christmas, Santa thinks he needs a holiday and New Zealand is the perfect place. Picture book.
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