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First Prize at 'Excerpt from a novel' contest. The Writers' Workshop.
Two second prizes for excerpts and beginnings at The Annual Winchester Conference.

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4)


I come from Thalassery on the coast of the Arabian Sea, in the far South of India. It is where the rain was born.

   You could call me a long-ago migrant, one of those hybrids engaged in a constant attempt to re-invent themselves.

   I read without discrimination, write blogs and books, talk endlessly about our failing society. At the moment, the NHS worries me as it is in freefall just when I might begin to need them.

   I write novels set in Kerala because that is where I feel most at home. That place still defines me after fifty years in the U K.

   In another life I taught Maths in Secondary Schools in Essex. I am good at explaining Maths to children of all ages and at showing teachers how to help children learn.

   AND - I love words, especially in the English language, the way I can make them laugh and explode on the pages of a blog or a book.

Growing up in India in the forties and fifties, teaching Maths in the U.K, training teachers in Africa - a many-splendoured - life to write about.
A Streak of Sandalwood (isbn:9781908147028)
A young widow in India is up gainst the norms of a very strict society that expects her to now give up on life and retire into a pious non-life. She fights back, beginning with falling in love again.
Shards of Sunlight (isbn:9781784073442)
A coming-of-age novel set in India. This story depicts the struggle of a young girl to take control of her own life, during the Wold War Two years.
Mathematics Methods - A Resource Book for Primary Teachers
The order of events in the learning process of Primary children, to get the best learning outcomes, as well as how to teach the various concepts and processes.
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