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8-11 (Key stage 2)


I offer a range of exciting and fun author talks and workshops for children aged 8 to 12. My book Mold and the Poison Plot is a fantasy adventure about a boy with a remarkable nose! 

Here's a review of my book and my visits from the wonderful independant bookshop Chicken and Frog


Tales on Moon Lane, Children's bookseller of the year said

"The power of a great school event, we have had children in the shop this afternoon discussing poison."


In my author talk I'll discuss how I came to write the book, noses, the stereotypes surrounding them and how they're used to portray character. I'll move onto smells next and look at how animals use them in many different ways. I'll use props, a powerpoint presentation, short readings, audience participation and allow plenty of time for questions! 

I have two creative writing workshops I can offer -

The first one will look at the recipe's I used for potions and poisons in my book and other resources.Then the children will create their own recipe using words and ideas we've already brainstormed before we get our hands dirty and make those recipe's look entirely authentic!

The second workshop will look at villains, monsters and baddies and encourage children to come up with their own after reading, discussing and viewing different options. We'll use props and act out scenes to bring them all horribly to life!

Author talks and workshops always work best if there is the opportunity for children to buy the book and have it signed so I would ask you to faciliatate this including sending a letter home to parents beforehand!

I have  a diploma in adult eduction and over ten years experince of delivering courses and workshops so I know I can offer a dynamic and exciting experience where the children will discover a love for reading, writing and creating.

I am a member of SCBWI and the Society of Authors and run the very popular #ukmgchat on twitter as @authorontheedge

I am available to talk all over the UK although my fees would need to include travel and overnight accomodation if necessary. Visits abroad may be possible in certain circumstances so do please contact me! All my fees are based on the Society of Authors recomendations.

Mold and the Poison Plot (isbn:978-0-19-274582-8)
He's got a big heart and a nose to match!
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