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I am the author of The Wartime Winger, a historical sports story set in World War 2.This is my first children's book and it is aimed at children aged between eight and twelve years old. 

The story provides an excellent insight into the key events that occured from 1939-1945 and is a story of friendship formed through a love of sport. It offers a historical account of WW2, describing the horrors of the Blitz and Dunkirk, while describing the dangers facing airmen who took to the skies in Britain's bomber planes. Free resources are available on the TES website to support teachers with teaching WW2 topics. 

I have worked in primary schools for seventeen years, and have taught Year one through to Year six. This means I offer a unique opportunity of having a great understanding of the new National Curriculum and can provide clearly planned sessions which encourage children to be creative in their writing. I have extensive experience of working with pupils between seven and eleven years old and have designed units of work that explore themes such as evacuation, rationing, the Normandy landings and the Battle of Britain.

Since having my book published, I have enjoyed visiting schools to lead assemblies in which I read extracts from my book and explain the key events of WW2 that feature within it. I have also enjoyed whole-day visits in which I have supported classes of children to help develop their own historical stories. 

How much would a visit cost?

For a full day, there would be a charge of £140 and for a half day it would be £70.

Travelling expenses

I travel by car and for distances of over fifty miles,I would charge 45p a mile.  (I live in Bournemouth).

My first book 'The Wartime Winger' has just been released.
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