P R Ellis

Also writes as Peter Ellis, Penny Ellis

Young adults' author, Author of books for adults

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Finalist: The Writers' Shelf Awards - teenage fiction 2016

Adults, 14-16 (Key stage 4), 6th Form and college


I am a writer of crime & SF/fantasy novels and science education materials. I am gender-fluid, a retired teacher and Welsh. Those are probably the three main influences on my writing.  I write crime fiction with a transgender element and SF/fantasy containing elements of the history of science, and I have written educational resources for nearly thirty years. I am always keen to talk about my work and my subjects.

  • I have given radio interviews about my books and have twice featured on the BBC World Service, with my partner, talking about my experience of being transgendered.
  • I taught science for thirty-five years during which time I gave presentations to teachers and academics on numerous occasions.
  • I have given talks to the general public, secondary school students, sixth formers, writers’ groups, WI, U3A, and contributed to panel discussions at SF/Fantasy conventions and a national autism conference.
  • My talks cover three areas:
     My Writing, specifically “Jasmine & Me” - the Jasmine Frame stories (Jasmine is transsexual) and my own experiences of being transgender.
     History of Chemistry e.g. “Salt, Soap & Soda” – the story of three commodities.
     Being published.  My experiences of working with the big educational publishers, small independent fiction publishers and self-publishing.
    My talks can be formal (usually illustrated) or I am happy to improvise - taking questions, setting off discussions, drawing participants opinions from them.
  • I live in Herefordshire close to the Welsh border.  I am happy to travel anywhere (if the expenses paid cover the cost) including abroad. For an evening talk I am willing to travel 50 or so miles (that includes Birmingham and the West Midlands, and to Cardiff and Bristol).
  • I would be delighted if asked to write a popular book/articles about aspects of the history of chemistry and the chemical industry. I would also appreciate a publisher/broadcaster who wants to push my Jasmine Frame stories into new areas and new formats.
Currently I have eight published novels. My novels mainly feature Jasmine Frame (transsexual detective) and September Weekes (teenage traveller between worlds).
Painted Ladies (isbn:9781783060689)
Jasmine Frame is on the trail of a knife killer but finds that her female identity is under threat.
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Bodies By Design (isbn:9780993364709)
A girl is dead but who and what is she? Jasmine investigates while looking forward to the loss of her maculinity.
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The Brides' Club Murder (isbn:9780993364754)
A country house hotel, A death. Ten suspects. Jasmine Frame joins them to identify the killer and finds the task more diffocult than she expected.
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Seventh Child (Evil Above the Stars vol.1) (isbn:9781908168603)
September finds herself on a strange world where she is hailed as the Cludydd Maengolauseren with the power to defeat the Malevolence - but how?
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The Power of Seven (Evil Above the Stars vol.2) (isbn:9781908168610)
September has her powers but finds that alone she cannot defeat the Malevolence and Malice
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Unity of Seven (Evil Above the Stars vol.3) (isbn:9781908168818)
September is at home but still troubled by Malice. She myst return to Gwlad to rid herself of her tormentor.
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Society of Authors, National Association of Writers' Groups, Royal Society of Chemistry, Association for Science Education

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