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Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3), 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


My main books tell the story of a magic baby penguin named Fluffy - there are currently three in the series and each carries a message for the reader. 

My books are aimed at primary school children and I have unique workshops aimed at each Key stage. At this time, these workshops are centred around the book I am working on - which is about a ten year-old girl who develops superpowers. But, can also include my other books - covering a range of topics such as; friendship, bravery, kindness and humility.

Workshops can be about a variety of different things. The last ones I held aimed at encouraging children to consider what makes a superhero and also what makes a villain. We then created a character as a class, or in groups and the children discussed what would make a good story around this character. With Years 5 and 6, I also talked about the writing process, why English is so important and how to get published. 

I also hosted a competition when visiting a school, for example, the most recent winner created the villain for my new book and will receive a signed, special edition copy of the new book with their name in the 'Acknowledgements' section. Two runners-up each received a gift voucher for Waterstone's. This is something I would like to replicate.

I am based in Kent - but willing to travel all over the U.K.

My fees are in line with the Society of Authors' recommendations, although discounts are available on request.

Fluffy Hugs: Fluffy The Magic Penguin Book 1 (isbn:978-0995629707)
Fluffy is a magic penguin whose hugs can instantly make anyone feel better. He is happy only when helping. This book carries a strong message of helping others.
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Minty Visits: Fluffy The Magic Penguin Book 2 (isbn:978-0995629714)
Fluffy brings his friend Minty home to visit. However, while on a routine mission, Fluffy loses his magic and must ask for help. This book encourages children to seek help when they need it.
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Santa's Gift: Fluffy The Magic Penguin Book 3 (isbn:978-0995629721)
Fluffy decides to give his magic to a weasel, against his cousin's judgement. Fluffy realises that she may have point, but it's too late, or is it? This books carries a message of not pre-judging people.
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The Secret Passageway (isbn:978-0995629790)
Co-written with step-son, Zack Corbin aged 5; this book is a tale of magic and adventure. Three children find themselves in a strange world and quickly discover fate has led them and they must fight.
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