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I am a novelist, actor, director, screenwriter, composer and lyricist. My published novels are all viewable on my author's page on Amazon (which also contains video interviews about my novels) and my full acting CV is viewable on the Internet Movie Data Base. The full range of my work can be seen on my own web site at Amalgamated Arts. All links are listed below. Subject to diary clearance, I am available for talks and lectures and workshops on writing for novels, film and TV.

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I currently have six published novels
Conquered Hearts (isbn:978-0-9929357-0-2)
In a carefully researched and detailed narrative, CONQUERED HEARTS tells a moving and engaging love story set in Jersey during the German occupation of the Channel Islands during World War Two.
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Legacy (isbn:978-0-9929357-2-6)
LEGACY is a crime thriller with a plot that continually twists and turns and wrong-foots the reader right up to the final shocking denouement
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Devereux... and a question of class (isbn:978-0-9929357-1-9)
Powerfully evoking the atmosphere and mood of 1930s London, DEVEREUX ...and a question of class is an engaging crime novel that introduces a brand new private detective - Clayton Devereux.
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Willow Moon (isbn:978-0-9929357-4-0)
WILLOW MOON is a historical adventure story set in China in 1872 that tells the moving story of British trader, Richard Covington, and Lihua, the Chinese girl he loved
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The Presidium (isbn:978-0-9929357-3-3)
THE PRESIDIUM is an intense, exciting thriller with a fast-paced narrative weaving between London and Vienna as journalist Josh Brody seeks the truth behind the covering-up of a murder
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The Albion Conspiracy (isbn:1-905328-19-2)
THE ALBION CONSPIRACY is an exciting and intriguing espionage novel that tells the story of a man alone against the all-powerful state and his fight to survive.
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