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Dudley Teen Book Award 2017
Sefton Super Reads Award 2017

8-11 (Key stage 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


I’m currently offering talks for years 4-8 which includes:

  • A 45 minute interactive presentation with activities, a reading and a Q and A.
  • Plus a book signing for however long we’ve organized afterwards.
  • I am happy to do classroom size groups of 30-60 students, or larger assembly sized talks for up to 250-300 students.

During the session I explain how real-life VICTORIANS, AIRSHIPS and AUTOMATA (clockwork robots), inspired my books. I talks about my love of FANTASTICAL FILM ROBOTS and explain how I combined all these exciting ideas to create a SUSPENSE-FILLED STORY.

In smaller groups (30 students or less) I finish up by teaching the students to make an ANIMATION FLIPBOOK. In larger group (60+) the talk ends with a BIG INTERACTIVE ROBOT QUIZ and some DRESSING UP! In the Q and A, or longer sessions, I like to talk about my inspiring family, my animation, and how I first got interested in writing stories.

Moonlocket (isbn:978-1474915014)
Storm clouds gather over Lily and Robert’s summer when criminal mastermind the Jack of Diamonds appears. For Jack is searching for the mysterious Moonlocket – but that’s not the only thing he wants. Soon, dark secrets from Robert’s past plunge him
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Cogheart (isbn:978-1474915007)
Lily's life is in mortal peril. Her father is missing and now silver-eyed men stalk her through the shadows. What could they want from her? With her friends - Robert, the clockmaker's son, and Malkin, her mechanical fox - Lily is plunged into a murk
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