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Also writes as Phoebe Bright, Val Wilding, Charlotte Allin and a secret name!

Children's author, Ghostwriter

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I love writing both fiction and non-fiction books, and enjoy the challenge of writing for different ages, too. History's my passion and I've written several books in this genre, such as No Way Back’ and ‘Cleopatra’. My newest book, 'Playing With My Heart', is a love story, set around Shakespeare's Globe theatre. It's exciting to tackle a whole new topic, and I love researching at historical sites like the Tower of London - one of my favourite places, as readers of 'Bloody Tower' and 'To Kill a Queen' will realise!

My fiction is generally light-hearted. I like to bring touches of humour to all my work - even books about dinosaurs! And in celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens, I hope I brought loads of humour to my original retellings of ten of his stories in ‘Oliver Twist And Other Tales That Will Make You Ask For More!’

Over the past few years, I've turned my hand to ghost-writing fiction books for younger readers and I've been surprised by how much I enjoy it, and how much I learn from it. So, fiction, fact, narrative non-fiction, ghostwriting - I love it all, and am always up for the challenge of something new!!

I've written more than seventy books for all ages, including:
Wartime Princess (isbn:9781407164007)
Princess Margaret's diary tells the story of the wartime romance between the young Princess Elizabeth and handsome Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark.
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I Was There... Shakespeare's Globe (isbn:9781407145068)
Itís 1604 and Billy Watkins longs to be back in the bustle of London and the Globe playhouse. When an acting company arrives, heíll do anything to make his dream come true!
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Road to War (isbn:9781407104614)
It's 1917, and when Daffy Rowntree's brother goes missing in action, she refuses to sit safely in England. Soon she finds herself driving an ambulance in the mud and horror of the Great War, transporting the wounded of the trenches.
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Playing With My Heart (isbn:9781407138947)
Apprentice Kit is besotted with his masterís daughter, Patience. But she only has eyes for Jeremy de la Motte, a handsome, exciting boy actor at Shakespeareís Globe. Is Jeremy the one for her? Patience thinks so, but others arenít so sure.
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Bloody Tower (isbn:9781407116853)
Tilly lives in the Tower of London through the turbulent years when the throne passes from one to another of Henry VIII's offspring and to a young, doomed Lady Jane. As plots unfold, she waits for her chance to deliver a very important letter.
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