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Shortlisted and winner of many regional awards.
Highly commended for Carnegie Medal (1999)

Adults, 8-11 (Key stage 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


Hello everyone,

I've been writing children's books since the mid-nineties.  I've published 35 over a wide age range and in many different styles (from Blue Bananas to YA novels), though quite a few have sadly slipped out of print.

My series of dragon novels, The Last Dragon Chronicles, are far and away my most popular titles. The stories are based on a range of clay dragons, and I'll usually bring at least one of those to show to the kids.  There is now a spin-off series from the novels called The Dragons of Wayward Crescent. These books are all about 10,000 words long, illustrated and aimed at younger KS2 children.

Also available is a series called The UNICORNE Files, which is a kind of 'X-Files for kids'. They chart the adventures of a young boy called Michael Malone who gets sucked into a secret organisation called UNICORNE that investigates paranormal mysteries. The first book is called A Dark Inheritance. These go very, very well with Y7 & Y8 students.

I've also recently started a new dragon series called The Erth Dragons, the first book of which is The Wearle. This tells the story over three books of a colony of dragons (a 'wearle') that come to an earth-like planet (Erth) and the problems they encounter.  Much of the story is told from the dragons' point of view. Very good for children of 9+

I've been going into schools since I started being published.  I like to tell the stories behind the stories, leaving the kids on dreadful cliffhangers!  I will also tell them amusing anecdotes about what it's like to be an author.  My aim is to inspire them and get them fired up to read - and write.  I usually get a pretty enthusiastic response.  I've been told I'd make a good teacher, albeit a maverick one!   

I've also spoken many times to adults at conferences, book festivals, book launches, summer writing schools, awards, library events, writers' club meetings etc. and been interviewed many times on local radio/TV and by newspapers and magazines. 

I live in South Devon and will visit just about anywhere in the country, but bear in mind that everywhere from Devon is a long journey, so I sometimes have to factor in overnight stays into my fee. I generally stick to the Society of Authors guidelines regarding fees.  I usually agree a flat fee that takes in travel and accommodation where necessary.

Think that's it.  Basically, if you fancy having someone along who will make you laugh - and sometimes make you cry - drop me an email.


I've written 35 books. Some are of print. The Last Dragon Chronicles series is very popular. There are seven in all. My most current series is The UNICORNE Files, a kind of 'X-Files' for kids. New dragon series, THE WEARLE, coming October 2015.
The Wearle (isbn:9781408332481)
A story about the clash between dragons and men when the dragons come to colonise 'Erth'
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The Fire Within (isbn:9781841215334)
First in my popular dragon series. A book about where inspiration comes from!
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A Dark Inheritance (isbn:9781909489653)
book one of The UNICORNE Files, about a boy who investigates paranormal mysteries.
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Gruffen (isbn:9781846166099)
First in Dragons of Wayward Crescent series. Fun story about a hopeless 'guard' dragon.
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