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Awards include the Japanese Picture Book Award, for ANGRY ARTHUR; the French Prix du Livre Inter Culturel for JUST LIKE US; an Italian CIELJ Octagonale for A BOY WANTS A DINOSAUR; the 6-8 category of the Experian Big 3 for JUST DOG; the UK Smarties Prize shortlist for THE SECOND PRINCESS; the Tokyo Children's Film Festival Award for Best Short Film for BIG CAT, LITTLE CAT; the Experian shortlist 2004 for film THE GOOD MOOD HUNT and the RED HOUSE AWARD shortlist for MR STRONGMOUSE AND THE BABY.

5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)



Hiawyn's writings include children's books, poems, lyrics, libretto, animation scripts and travel stories. Her 100th book, SNOWBOY & THE LAST TREE STANDING was published in November 2017.  She grew up in South Africa where she studied English and Drama at the University of Kwa Zulu and afterwards became an advertising copywriter at J Walter Thompson in Johannesburg and Leo Burnett in London. Her books have been translated into many languages across the world.  She's written libretti - words and lyrics - for THE VACKEES (published by Josef Weinberger) and THE MERMAID (published by Faber Music) with scores by Carl Davis and most recently the words and lyrics for  a concert piece for orchestra, youth choir and actors about the Kindertransport movement of 1939, entitled




A selection of children's books
SNOWBOY and the LAST TREE STANDING (isbn:978-1-4063-5825-4)
With thoughtfulness and his Cloak of Many Uses, Snowboy is able to save the world from greedy Greenbackboy's dangerous game - the Fantasy of Ka-Ching!
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ANGRY ARTHUR (isbn:9781842707746)
Arthur gets so angry, his anger becomes a UNIVERSEQUAKE! ? But why was he so angry in the first place? Illustrator Satoshi Kitamura
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IN THE ATTIC (Andersen Press) (isbn:9781849392983)
Another 'classic' illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura about where a fertile imagination can take you
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The Totally Terrifying Three (isbn:9781444903027)
Illustrated by David Melling. A dragon, a witch and a giant believe they are totally terrifying... until they meet a delightful little toddler who shows them they're not scary at all.
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A MESSAGE FOR SANTA (Andersen Press) (isbn:1842706969)
If you're not too sure about Santa... draw the line and let him know! Illustrated by Tony Ross
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MY FRIEND FRED (isbn:9781407109350)
Illustrated by Rosie Reeve. Fred is the family dog but Rose wants him to be hers, all hers. A heart-warming tale about friendship and finding a way to share when you'd rather not!
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BEETLE & BUG AND THE GRISSEL HUNT (isbn:9781849396257)
Illustrated by the stylish Japanese artist, Satoshi Kitamura, this is a narrative nonsense poem in which Beetle and Bug go in search of some non-existent beasts with a view to becoming famous and rich!
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THE GOOD MOOD HUNT (OUP) (isbn:0192725505)
Moods come and go. Hannah loses her good mood and sets out on a hunt to get it back
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Rumblewick and the Dinner Dragons (isbn:9781846160646)
Rumblewicks witch, Haggy Aggy, has told him to invite some terri-frying dragons for dinner. But what will he cook or will they cook HIM??
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FILBERT THE GOOD LITTLE FIEND (isbn:9781406331479)
"A FEROCIOUSLY enjoyable tale for not-so-fiendish little fiends and not-quite-perfect little angels!"
The Rumblewick Letters - My Unwilling Witch. Rumblewick writes to his uncle Sherbet for help with his witch who insists on wearing pink and marrying a prince. With letters and spells to open out. Illustrated by Sarah Warburton (isbn:9781846165764)

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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Gets Cooking (isbn:9781846160691)
Haggy Aggy sets her heart on becoming a Celebrity TV chef
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Starts A Girl Band (isbn:9781846160677)
Haggy Aggy is starting a Girl Band and wants RB in it even though it's clear as new moonlight he is not a girl
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Sleeps Over (isbn:9781846160707)
Should RB tell Haggy Aggy's new bestest best friends they've invited a WITCH to sleep over?
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HEADING FOR GLORY. Two stories about being a good sport, team-player and loyal friend. In Pearson's Bug Club reading series. (isbn:9781408274002)

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Rumblewick's Diary, My UnWilling Witch Goes To Ballet School (isbn:9781846160653)
Haggy Aggy is determined to get to dance the princess in Swan Lake
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A BOY WANTS A DINOSAUR (Andersen Press paperback) (isbn:1842705806)
"A boy wants one this much, a boy should have one," says Grandad and takes him to the Dino-Store
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Starts A Fun Park (isbn:9781846160714)
Haggy Aggy realises kids love to be scared and wants to make them the scariest fun park ever
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Gets A Makeover (isbn:9781846160660)
Now Haggy Aggy wants a total make-over so she can become a slinky supermodel in top-to-toe pink
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Skates On Thin Ice (isbn:9781846160684)
Haggy Aggy's wants a skating instructor so she can learn to dance on ice even though it's wake-the-dead time and she should be dancing on graves
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Rumblewick's Diary, My Unwilling Witch Flies HIgh (isbn:9781846160721)
Haggy Aggy wants to join the circus as the highest trapeze flyer ever
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BADGER'S BAD MOOD (isbn:9780006646808)
What's causing Badger's bad mood and keeping him home? Mole has a good idea
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BADGER'S PARTY (isbn:9780006645542)
Mole hasn't anything to take to Badger's Bring Something Party - except himself
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MR STRONGMOUSE AND THE BABY (Orchard Books) (isbn:1-84362-588-1)
The strongest mouse in history finds being strong isn't everything it's pumped up to be
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MINE! (Frances Lincoln) (isbn:0-7112-0682-1)
Isabel climbs onto Claudia's rocking horse. "Mine!" shrieks Claudia and pushes her off...
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BEING IMPOSSIBLE (isbn:9781846163364)
A cat who plays the piano and trumpet comes into Logan's life and changes her and her family forever
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JUST DOG (Experian prize winner) (isbn:1-86039-809-X)
Dog thinks he deserves a more exciting name than 'just dog'...
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THE GOOD TIME BOYS (A Play in the A&C Black's Curtain Up series) (isbn:9780713646276)
Based on an old African folktale, two good time boys learn to play their part in village life
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