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George's Amazing Adventures series: Spaghetti With The Yeti shortlisted for the Sheffield and Portsmouth and The Evening Standard Oscar's First Book Awards as well as the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Treats for a T.Rex Junior Design Awards.

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


This year sees the publication of lots of new books including 72 titles about the Comet Street Kids, part of a brand new reading scheme called Reading Planet published by Rising Stars. (Another 72 books out in 2018). In addition to these, Charlotte my wife and I have another two new picture books with Egmont: School Gremlins (hilariously illustrated by Chris Chatterton), and Muffins for Mummies, (illustrated by the genius that is Lee Wildish).

I usually start the day with a half hour performance session to the whole school followed by three hour-long workshops. In the workshops I can offer many things but the most popular are the sessions where I focus on teaching the Hear - Map - Step - Speak - storytelling skills that support talk for writing. I'm always happy to add a storytelling and role-play workshop with children in Foundation. I draw from a very big repertoire of stories and use story maps, guided fantasies, objects and drama and, being a dyslexic myself, am fully aware of inclusion and special needs issues. At the end of the day, I bring in a range of picture books and novels for a book-signing.

I also offer inset and CPD on storytelling into shared writing, drawing upon my experience as an educational consultant and founder member of storytelling schools.

Here are some testimonials.

"Adam’s INSET sessions are lively, imaginative, practical and insightful. An outstanding teacher of teachers." (Pie Corbett)

"An inspirational storyteller and writer who demystifies the creative process by sharing clear, multi-sensory strategies and techniques accessible to all." Chris Smith, Director of Schools Development, Story Museum, Oxford.

It is rare to find someone gifted enough to inspire teachers and pupils from Foundation to Year 6 but Adam is such a person. All these workshops were absolutely right for the age group - their content and approach were motivating and accessible for all children. Adam was encouraging and engaged the children in the process of writing. Staff have commented that they learnt more about the craft of writing after watching Adam for half an hour than they had over several INSET sessions. Workshops cove"

Headteacher Oakmere Primary School, Northants.

I have an enhanced disclosure certificate and £2 million public liability insurance cover. I'm also a member of the National Association of Workshop Providers.


As you can see, I write picture books as well as novels for young readers and teenagers.
Muffins for Mummies (isbn:1405273633)
George goes on a mission to discover who is stealing the cakes from the museum cafe...
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School Gremlins (isbn:9781405277143)
Those cheeky gremlins are back!
View in Amazon
Pizza for Pirates (isbn:978-1405273619)
Do pirates love pizza?
View in Amazon
Treats for a T.Rex (isbn:978-1405273626)
This time George takes his dog Trixie along...
View in Amazon
School for Dads (isbn:978-1405277495)
Anna decides it's time to turn the tables....
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Doughnuts for a Dragon (isbn:9781405270540)
Comical adventure
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The Pirate Pie Shop (isbn:1445107732)

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Supermarket Gremlins (isbn:978-1405277136)
Gremlins up to mischief
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Zak's King Arthur Adventure (isbn:1445107783)

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Bella Balistica and the Itza Warriors (isbn:1840597712)
While global warming impacts even upon the most natural and remote places on earth, a raid on a historical temple in Mexico unearths the most powerful weapon in the world. But who and where are the Five Warriors of Itza that Bella Balistica must unit
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Marshmallows For Martians (isbn:9781405266819)
Very silly alien adventure.
View in Amazon
Spaghetti With The Yeti (isbn:1405263512)
Comedy Adventure
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Socks for Santa (isbn:9781405270557)

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Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdom (isbn:9781840595260)
Adventure Fantasy
View in Amazon
Ghoul School (isbn:0602242142)
Pocket Chiller for 7-8 year olds
View in Amazon
The Three Frilly Goats Fluff (isbn:144510671X)
Comic and very frilly retelling of traditional classic!
View in Amazon
Bella Balistica and the Indian Summer (isbn:1840594071)
Bella travels to India to face the evil Diva Devaki
View in Amazon
Stage Fright (isbn:9781408274026)
Two spooky tales set in an end-of-pier theatre.
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Bella's Chocolate Surprise (isbn:1840595051)

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Bella Balistica and the Temple of Tikal (isbn:1840593946)
Bella's first adventure - the uncovering of her mystical powers and a Mayan prophesy
View in Amazon
Bella Balistica and the African Safari (isbn:1840594829)
Bella flies to Ethiopia with the Quetzal bird to take on an elite band of medieval knights
View in Amazon
The Hat Maker and the Chimps (isbn:0007422074)
Monkey teaches hatmaker a lesson for life!
View in Amazon
Voyager II Zanzibar Treasures (isbn:019834967X)
The real treasures that get washed ashore on a tropical beach
View in Amazon
Trouble in the Rockies (isbn:9780198471721)
View in Amazon
Last Mission (isbn:0582851408)
Interactive sci-fi adventure
View in Amazon
Bella's Brazilian Football (isbn:1840594888)
Fantasy adventure to discover Brazil's great footballing secrets
View in Amazon
Our Neighbour's a Vampire! (isbn:0602242096)
A Pocket Chiller for 6-7 year olds - Ginn
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Turning The Wheel
"They're not Ghosts," said Maggie's father, "They're spirits who can see beyond their world..."
Baba Yaga's Black Geese (isbn:1903990041)
Russia's greatest witch and other stories in a Hamilton Trust compilation
View in Amazon
The Secret Adventures of Raffety Ray (isbn:1848983425)
Crazy sci-fi adventure
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Fun interactive workshops. Pie Corbett talk for writing storytelling. Keynote speaker.