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Contact: You can contact me most of the time by email at , or or alternatively by phone on 07951255812. You could try sending a carrier pigeon, but next door's cat may intercept it...

5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


I am a poet, writer, and storyteller whose aim in life is to inspire children to write. I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I have full public liability insurance and a valid DBS. I have visited over 200 schools, many of which I return to repeatedly. I am also the Patron of Reading for a family of four local schools.


I have written four collections of poetry for children and have just released my first rhyming picture book. When I come to your school I can guarantee a day that will not be forgotten. I will inspire your children and enthuse your staff. As a teacher commented recently: ' The kids just LOVE it, and so do we!'


It can be very difficult to know how good someone is just from their website - ALL websites look pretty good. I would therefore be delighted to put you in touch with schools that I have recently worked with so that you can contact them to get a better idea of what a Conrad day in school is actually like. A recommendation from another school is often a good way to feel more secure that you're making a good choice when picking a particular author.


I offer writing workshops where I often uses my own stories to inspire children to write theirs; I offer storytelling workshops using both my own stories and stories that have been gathered from all around the world; and I offer poetry workshops where children have the opportunity to write their own poems and / or become performance poets.


To find out more, please log on to my brand new website at where you can see me in action and find out what I've been up to.


If you would like me to come and work in your school, please get in touch as soon as possible as I get booked up quickly.

Thanks for reading!


I have written four books of humorous poetry for children, the fourth - Supersonic Gran - having just been written
The Baked Bean Queen (isbn:9780956586322)
The Baked Bean Queen is a collection of humorous children's poems, the third in the series of poetry books by Conrad. It includes poems such as Spoonserisms, The Biscuit Burglar, and The Baked Bean Queen.
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Teachers Pick their Noses and other poems (isbn:9780956586315)
A collection of humorous poems for children, including several bogey based poems, a number of Sports based poems, and plenty of other kinds too.
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The Hungrumptious Blumpfh and other poems (isbn:9780956586308)
Has your mum ever been shopping without any clothes on? Have you ever met a real life crocodile in your local supermarket? Do you long to miss a day of school and fly to space instead? Then this is the book for you!
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Supersonic Gran and other Poems (isbn:9780956586339)
A collection of children's poetry including the renowned child pleaser 'Supersonic Gran.'
NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education)
Once Upon a Story

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