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SORCERERS AND ORANGE PEEL was chosen by Britain's premier online book review site, theBookbag.co.uk as one of the ten best autobiographies of 2014

Adults, 14-16 (Key stage 4), 11-16 (Key stages 3 and 4), 6th Form and college


Author of the African Memoir series and other works


Ian Mathie grew up in Africa in the years before most of its countries became independent. After military service as an RAF pilot, he returned to Africa and worked for many years all over the continent as a rural development officer specialising in water resources.


In the 80s he retrained as an industrial psychologist and spent twenty years designing and running leading edge personnel development programmes in UK, Europe and Africa whilst still contributing to a number of ongoing projects in Africa in a consultancy role.


After medical problems, which led to kidney failure and a transplant, Ian settled to a less active life as an author. He published the first volume of his African Memoir series himself before signing up with Mosaïque Press.

The Man of Passage was an anthology of short stories which was first released in 2006.

The second book, a full length story, Bride Price, was published in January 2011.

Two more African Memoirs, Man In A Mud Hut and Supper With The President were released during 2011 and Djust of the Danakil, about the great Ethiopian drought of 1973, was released in early 2012. The fifth in this series, Sorcerers and Orange Peel came out in 2014 and was chosen by the Bookbag.co.uk as one of the ten best autobiographies of 2014.


Whilst working on other meoirs, Ian also released a gripping thriller, Chinese Take-out last year and is currently in the final phase of editing a book about his childhood in Africa - Growing up a Nomad which should be released in late 2016.


Wherever possible Ian has avoided writing about the seamy side of politics and corruption that is so often used to characterise things African,, preferring instead to write about the people, their lives and customs, cultural events, which to those familiar with Africa are normal but to most people seem extraordinary, and about some of the unique characters he has encountered and had the privilege to live and work amongst. Working from years of detailed notebooks, Ian uses a narrative style that brings life in rural Africa vividly to life, with all its variety, energy, mystery and sharp contrasts.


Ian is able to talk about many topics relating to Africa from ancient history to tribal customs, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles, geography and the environment, together with developmental issues and some of the interesting people he has encountered during his career. He has spoken to many different audiences including small local clubs, WI, L3A, Schools and colleges, business organisations and made a number of radio broadcasts.

As an industrial psychologist he is also able to talk about training and personal development and motivation in the work place and how to effect cultural change in organisations.


Ian now lives in south Warwickshire and may be contacted by phone on 01295 770982 or by e-mail on ian@mud-hut.co.uk.

His website, which gives more information and sample chapters from two of his books, is www.ianmathie.com

The six books shown with an Amazon link are part of my African Memoir series of true stories from all over that continent in the decades following independence.
Bride Price (isbn:978-1-906852-08-5)
This is the true and dramatic tale of Abele, an orphan girl in to Congo forest, and what happened when and unsuitable duitor demanded the author's foster daughter as his bride. The first volume in the African Memoir series.
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Sorcerers and Orange Peel (isbn:978-1-906852-27-6)
West African magic forms the basis of thie fifth volume of African Memoirs
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Dust of the Danakil (isbn:978-1-906852-13-9)
The fourth book in the African Memoir series tells of drought relief among the wild Afar tribes in the hottest desert on earth. A gripping true life memoir with a kick in the tail for the international Aid and Relief systems.
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Man In A Mud Hut (isbn:978-1-906852-09-2)
The true story of Desmond, a desk bound paper pusher from London, who got severe culture shock when he visited West Africa and had to be cured by a village witch-doctor. The third volume in the African Memoir series.
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Supper with the President (isbn:978-1906852-10-8)
The third volume of the African Memoir series, this is a collection of nine true tales involving four prominent Presidents with whom the author had supper.
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The Man of Passage (isbn:978-0-9553124-1-0)
An anthology of 16 true and often surprising tales from Africa
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Chinese Take-out (isbn:978-1-906852-31-3)
A web of tense international intrigue – spies, exploitation, high finance, illegal movement of nuclear materials through sham companies – against a growing undercurrent as the Chinese democracy movement which periodically erupts.
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