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8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


“The whole visit was a brilliant experience for our school.”

“A literary experience not to be missed.”

“The perfect way to engage reluctant readers.”

“Ed is a consummate story teller and his lively, madcap stories have universal appeal.”

“Some have even begun writing stories at home as a result.”

(From references in the past 2 years; full refs and copy of enhanced CRB provided to all schools)


I have written sixteen books for 8-12 year olds.  Eleven of these are novels, but what children love best are my books of crazy short stories: the Wicked Tales series (up to Wicked Tales Five now).

I mainly work with KS2 in primary schools, but I also provide separate KS1 sessions. Most schools want a session that combines lively storytelling with some ideas on reading and writing - usually with some imagination exercises built in.

I also provide creative writing workshops and powerpoint presentations of how I collaborate with my illustrators. 

I can enthuse all children: well-behaved or the opposite; those from families that read and from families that don't; high-achieving or not.  Schools tell me I have a big impact on boys and reluctant readers.

I HAVE TWO WAYS OF CHARGING. I have been a teacher and don't like using school literacy budgets that should be spent on books; I prefer to earn my fee through sales. I usually don't charge at all for schools in London or the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey area: I sell enough books to make this unnecessary.  Where the school is more than an hour away, we can either agree a flat fee based on the Society of Authors scale, or a greatly reduced fee subject to satisfactory arrangements for selling my books at the school.  

I also make follow up visits to some schools and run projects with them (eg publishing a school's book of stories).

I have written sixteen books so far, with more on the way!
The Adventures of SuperBaby (isbn:9780993046049)
Life is exciting when you’re a SUPER baby with powers nobody knows about.
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Wicked Tales (isbn:0967765277)
Nine crazy stories - from Alicroc the Alien through to Snow White and the 7 Easter Bunnies (armed and dangerous).
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Wicked Tales Two: Even Wickeder Tales (isbn:0984071814)
Six more crazy stories... The bad tooth fairy, gangster rats, ogres and much more.
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Wicked Tales Three: The Witch's Library (isbn:0984071822)
And yet more wild stories! Bad Santa, Billy the bully, Good puppy & evil kitten... and so many more!
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Wicked Tales Four: Worlds of Adventure (isbn:0984071873)
A fourth book of wonderfully crazy short stories.
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Wicked Tales Five: The Grimm Selection (isbn:9780984071890)
Another book of wonderfully crazy short stories!
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The Unicorn, the Princess and the Boy (isbn:9780993046001)
A book for ages 6-9
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Billy Jones, King of the Goblins (isbn:0967765285)
Billy wakes up at midnight on his 10th birthday, and finds his room is full of goblins....
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Mattie and the Highwaymen (isbn:0967765218)
Historical fiction set in the 1840s in Hampshire, including the last of the highwaymen and the Andover workhouse.
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Nicklus (isbn:0967765242)
A stammering boy, a talking cat, and a plan to save all the cats in England from an evil scientist...
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Akayzia Adams and the Masterdragon's Secret (isbn:0967765234)
Akayzia finds an animal from another world in a zoo... sets it free... goes back to its own world of magic and adventure.
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Akayzia Adams and the Mirrors of Darkness (isbn:0967765250)
In the school of magic there are suddenly some mirrors you can walk through... but you don't come back.
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The Muselings (isbn:9780984071883)

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The Game of Pirate (isbn:0984071865)
An exciting tale of pirates, treasure, treachery and adventure: all somehow tangled up with the loss of the Curchan Ruby and an unusual board game, the Game of Pirate.
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Bullies (isbn:0967765226)
A book that's serious about bullying... but CRAZY in all other ways.
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