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Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2), 11-13 (Key stage 3)


I have been writing for children for about six years, and have given talks and workshops at Hay, Edinburgh, Cheltenham, Isle of Wight and Oxford literary festivals as well as visiting schools around the country. I love working in schools and can offer interactive writing workshops, story-telling and drama, as well as whole school talks. I generally work with years 2 to 7 but can adapt to work with younger or older children.

My workshops use the fantasy genre to explore imaginative characters, settings and plots and particularly inspire boys, who are often reluctant writers but enjoy the opportunity to play around with monsters, magic and mayhem. I have also been involved in longer-term projects where the children produce a proper published book at the end and I am happy to discuss this or other ideas, tailoring visits to the specific needs of your school.

Fees for a visit range from £200 to £350 per day plus expenses, depending on distance, size of school and number of sessions booked. For further information see my website, and for bookings or further questions please contact me. 


'I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic morning. Our children loved it and can't wait to get started on their writing - they all got stuck into planning them as soon as we got back.  Three of my more reluctant boy readers  were particularly keen to get started.' (Year 6 teacher, Isle of Wight)

'The children were totally inspired after your session - I had to chase four of them out the cloakrooms at break where they were already planning their stories.' (Year 5 teacher, Croydon)

'Your worshop with the children was great fun - they came up with really wonderful ideas for their creative writing and we all enjoyed your exciting tales of your childhood living on boats!' (Year 3 teacher, Canterbury)

'Students spent informative and often hilarious sessions bringing to life storybook characters which have been used subsequently in some hugely successful pieces of creative writing.' (Head of English, secondary school, Cornwall)

'Today was one of the best days of the year. I would give it 11 out of 10.' (Year 7 pupil, Newquay)


Frogspell is a magical knockabout story set in the time of King Arthur. Together with sequels Cauldron Spells, Icespell and Swordspell the series follows the fortunes of young squire Max Pendragon and his sister Olivia, along with their rather dim pet dragon, Adolphus, and Max's sarcastic rat, Ferocious. Packed with spells, adventure and humour, the books have huge appeal to both girls and boys.

'Frogspell is a fantastic read for kids but just as enjoyable for older readers. It has bursts of humour which will have you giggling, adventure, magic, and a very silly pet dragon. What's not to love?' (Wondrous Reads)

'Packed with magical mishaps, exciting quests and lots of humour' (The Bookseller)

'A spellbinding recipe for a magical series' (Daily Mirror)

'Great fun!' (Diana Wynne Jones)

The Amber trilogy is aimed at slightly older readers (8-12) and is a multiple worlds fantasy brimming with magic, mayhem, swords, and a mysterious pair of swimming goggles. Deep Amber was shortlisted for the Stockton Best Book Award 2015.

'A great tale, which builds in intensity as the story unfolds... For children who have not been introduced to the genre of fantasy, this would be a great book to begin with.' (The School Librarian)

'A rift-hopping romp with great wit, charm and pace.' (Frances Hardinge, author of Cuckoo Song)

'A charming, inventive fantasy which reminds me of early Diana Wynne Jones.' (Katherine Langrish, author of Troll Fell)

Frogspell (isbn:1848771398)
Funny magical adventures as would-be wizard Max Pendragon attempts to outwit his worst enemy, Snotty Hogsbottom, win the Novices' Challenge and save King Arthur from the evil plots of Morgana le Fay.
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Cauldron Spells (isbn:1848770855)
Max and his feisty sister Olivia are back, and this time it's Olivia who's determined to win her father's approval to train as a squire - but there are plots afoot, and Morgana's castle might not be the safest place to be.
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Icespell (isbn:978-1848777118)
Disaster strikes when Camelot is frozen inside a magical mountain of ice and it's all Max's fault! Can he and Olivia rescue Arthur and Merlin from their icy prison before Lady Morgana gets to Camelot?
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Swordspell (isbn:978-1848779396)
Morgana is desperate to finally get rid of King Arthur - and this time she has a really foolproof plan. Can Max, Olivia and their friends stop her or is Arthur doomed?
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Deep Amber (isbn:978-1848776036)
A sword has appeared on the stairs of Simon's house - and a pair of swimming goggles is causing amazement in Mortimer castle. Is the mysterious substance ‘deep amber’ at the bottom of it all?
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Dragon Amber (isbn:978-1783700578)
Rumour has it that the second piece of amber is guarded by dragons... Can apprentice witch Dora and castle kitchen boy Jem get to it before Lord Ravenglass? And have Simon and sister Cat really found their long lost father?
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The Amber Crown (isbn:978-1783701988)
Four pieces of deep amber are needed to make the amber crown and destroy the worlds - can Lord Ravenglass be stopped before he finds them all?
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Member of NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education)

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