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Shortlisted for The Hindu-Young World GoodBooks Award in the Picture Book - Writing Category.
Pattan's Pumpkin has been chosen for the CLPE Power of Reading 2017

Adults, 5-7 (Key stage 1), 8-11 (Key stage 2), 5-11 (Key stages 1 and 2)


About Chitra Soundar

Chitra Soundar is an Indian-born British writer, based in London. Chitra grew up on a wholesome diet of stories from Indian myths and epics. Chitra has written over 20 books for children and many of her stories are set in India. She regularly goes into schools to tell stories and conduct workshops. She is passionate about Reading for Pleasure especially in Asian families. She is a Patron of Reading at West Earlham Junior School, Norwich. You can find out more at

Her latest titles include Pattan’s Pumpkin (illustrated by Frané Lessac, published by Otter-Barry Books) and A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice (illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy, published by Walker Books). Find out more at and follow her on twitter at @csoundar. 

Chitra Soundar’s School Visits

Regular workshops and sessions include the following:

For Reception & Y1

Storytelling form Chitra’s books and folktales. Includes songs, interactive participation and children making up various aspects of the story.
Colouring sheets can be included as giveaways if requested.
Group size: Class-size to full year-group. 

Yrs 2- 5

  • Story workshop

Chitra works with young children as young as Y1 onwards to make a story cllaboratively. Teachers can listen and perhaps even write down the story as we make them and create illustrated books after Chitra's visit.

  • Idea Blaster

Idea Blaster starts with an introduction to how Chitra’s books originated in her mind. Where did she get these ideas from. Then Chitra will show how ideas can be plucked out of the world around us. The class will then create a story together by end of the session.

  • Be a Designer

Ideally suited for Y4-6, Chitra will explain how her picture books are created. Then Chitra shares an unpublished story with the class and the children are encouraged to plan the book using a storyboard. 


The sessions are very interactive and last from 30-45 minutes. They can be extended to accommodate school or library periods and of course goals for specific groups.

Chitra’s sessions can be tailor-made to schools and current projects in school, classrooms and libraries. Chitra works from Reception to KS-3 in primary schools.

INDIA DAY at your school? Check out Chitra's books and ask for help planning the day - with music selections, recipe ideas and lesson plans across all subjects.

Chitra would also be able to offer specific sessions for multi-cultural events like Indian festivals with stories from the Indian sub-continent and encouraging students to understand more about other cultures. 

Chitra is available for residencies and as a Patron of Reading as well. She is currently a Patron of Reading at West Earlham Junior School at Norwich.

Please find out more at .

Chitra is the author of over 20 books for children published in India, Singapore, US and the UK including:
Pattan's Pumpkin (isbn:978-1910959442)
An exciting, vibrantly illustrated Flood Story from India. Pattan has an amazing pumpkin… it grows BIGGER than the goats, BIGGER than the elephants, until it is as TALL as the mountains. Can Pattan’s pumpkin save his family and all the animals?
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A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice (isbn:978-1406364675)
These clever, funny trickster tales, full of humour and colour, are sure to delight.
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A Dollop of Ghee and a Pot of Wisdom (isbn:978-1406317022)
Based on traditional Indian folktales, this book contains four stories about Prince Veera and his friend Suku. Tales about dung-dropping, sweet-stealing, luck-jinxing villains.
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Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip (isbn:978-81-8190-311-2)
Farmer Falgu has had enough of his noisy farm! He needs a break and he’s off on a holiday. Craving some quiet, he gets on his cart and goes looking for silence. He meets some interesting characters on his way who teach him the value of joyous noise.
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Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market (isbn:978-8181903129)
Farmer Falgu has a plan. But as usual, it's a plan that's turned topsy-turvy by the madness that surrounds him. But then, Farmer Falgu can usually find his way out of any mess! Chitra Soundar's energetic tale radiates with adventure and madness, whil
Balu's Basket (isbn:978-93-50463-92-5)
One day, Balu finds a basket. What does he do with it. Bright, clean pictures create a cheerful backdrop for this fruit-filled book.
Farmer Falgu Goes to the Kumbh Mela (isbn:9788181903556)
Farmer Falgu is headed to the Kumbh Mela in the vibrant city of Allahabad. There are a lot of things to see at the Mela, his friends remind him. But does Farmer Falgu manage to see them all?
Clever Camel (isbn:978-1616336714)
In this retelling of an ancient tale from the Middle East, a clever camel coaxes his way into its master's tent on a cold night, as they stop at an oasis. What happens to the master? Suggested age range for readers: 3 and up
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Falgu le fermier part en voyage (French) (isbn:978-2877678674)
Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip (French Edition)
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Farmer Falgu Goes Kite Flying (isbn:9788181903563)
Farmer Falgu’s trips never go smoothly. In this third book of the series, he is on his way to the annual kite-flying festival with his daughter, Ella. But…. Whoosh! She loses her kite to the strong wind.
Riddles for Smart Kids (isbn:978-9812294388)
You are bored playing games... bored with watching TV... bored reading and solving elementary puzzles. Well! What do you do now? Fret not - the answer is right here and you are holding it! This fun-filled book of riddles is all set to entertain you
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Tall Tales from the Animal Kingdom (isbn:978-9812294807)
We have all heard tall tales, but just where do they come from, anyway? This book may just have the answer for you! These stories showcase the animal kingdom and the situations they find themselves.
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As I Watch (isbn:978-1616330132)
In this book, every young reader will learn how to watch a butterfly is born from a tiny egg hanging under a leaf. The concept of life cycle is illustrated by the text that brings the reader back to where he started.
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Where is Gola's Home? (isbn:978-8181463159)
Gola the yak goes on a journey to find its home. The journey takes him to the riverside, the beach, the forests and more until he discovers his home in the Himalayas.
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