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Authors with currently active pages.
N.B. To get this list together with the author's helpful tag line, click the second submit button on the Search page leaving all the choices at their default settings.

Claire Alexander
Marcus Alexander
Nicholas Allan
Cid and Mo
Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler
Dan Anthony
Sarah Arnold
Shaun Attwood
Leo Aylen
Ros Barber
Emma Barnes
Sue Barrow
Margaret Bateson-Hill
Stephanie Baudet
David Bedford
Sophia Bennett
Jason Beresford
Kit Berry
Puneet Bhandal
Ian Billings
Jon Blake
Ian Bland
Daniel Blythe
Denis Bond (also writes as Denise Colby, Giles Reed)
Steve Bowkett
Ed Boxall
Andy Briggs
Mik Brown (also writes as Miko)
Mike Brownlow
Ann Bryant
Conrad Burdekin
Melvin Burgess
Abi Burlingham
C.J. Busby
Niel Bushnell
Heather Butler
Sean Callery
Kathryn Cave
Lynne Chapman
Lil Chase
Jane Clarke (also writes as Rex Stone)
John Irving Clarke (also writes as John,Clarke)
Brian Clegg
Lucy Coats
Rebecca Colby
Catrin Collier (also writes as Katherine John (Crime), K A John (crime) Caro French, (modern raunch) Katherine Hardy (TV novelisations))
Mary Colson
Matthew Connolly
Nick Cook
Jasper Cooper
Yvonne Coppard
Joe Craig
Judy Cumberbatch
Fiona Cummings
Chris d'Lacey
Bobbie Darbyshire
Katie Daynes
Roger de Kassel
Thomas Docherty
Jacky Donovan
John Dougherty
Ian Douglas
Alan Durant
Christopher Edge
Jane Elson
Sam Enthoven
Ann Evans (also writes as Ann Carroll,)
Josephine Feeney
Karin Fernald
Dawn Finch
Catherine Fisher
Kitty Fitzgerald
Teresa Flavin
Dan Freedman
Julie Fulton
Christina Gabbitas
Ruth Galloway
Lynne Garner (also writes as Lynne Williams)
G.R. Gemin (Giancarlo Gemin)
Griselda Gifford
Sandra Glover
Julia Golding (also writes as Joss Stirling, Eve Edwards)
Pippa Goodhart (also writes as Laura Owen)
Harriet Goodwin
Kevin Graal
ChloŽ Green (also writes as ChloŽ Lees, ChloŽ of the Midnight Storytellers)
Hilary Green
Adam Guillain
Charlotte Guillain
Nick Handel
Meg Harper
Caryl Hart
Steve Hartley
Damian Harvey
Kathy Henderson
Tania Hershman
Zehra Hicks
Sarah Holding
Belinda Hollyer
Sandra Horn
Cath Howe
Rose Impey
Daniel Ingram-Brown
J D Irwin
Julia Jarman
Roland John
David Keith Jones
Lisa Jones
Ann Jungman (also writes as
Alex Keller
Diana Kimpton
Karen King
Richard Knight
Katy Krump
Lou Kuenzler
Josh Lacey
Susan LACY
John Lane
Tony Lee
Paeony Lewis
Rebecca Lisle
David Lucas
Sarah Lucas
Rachel Lyon
Ian MacDonald
Cathy MacLennan
John Malathronas
Jackie Marchant (also writes as D.Trump)
David J Mason
Ian Mathie
Margaret (M I) McAllister (also writes as Poppy Harris)
Gillian McClure
John F. McDonald
† metaphrog (also writes as John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs)
Christine Michael
Richard Monte
Michaela Morgan
Miriam Moss
Ashley Mote (also writes as Edward Neill)
Simon Murray
Gary Murray - F. Inst.Pa
Margaret Nash
Susan Navas
Linda Newbery
Linda Nissen Samuels
Malcolm Noble
Liss Norton (also writes as Ben M. Baglio, Rosie Banks, Jenny Dale, Jack Dillon)
John O'Leary
Hiawyn Oram
Sam Osman (also writes as Sam Hepburn)
Karen Owen
Guy Parker-Rees
Eleanor Patrick (also writes as Kelsey Drake)
Leyland Perree (also writes as Jon le Riche)
Robin Price
Susan Price
Susan Purcell (also writes as Susan Harvey, the Virtual Linguist)
Shoo Rayner
Stuart Reid
Katherine Reynolds
Kirsty Riddiford
M. P. Robertson (also writes as Mark Robertson)
Mark Robson
Hilary Roper
Marion Rose
Daniel Rosenthal
Stewart Ross
Jeff Rozelaar
Benjamin Scott (also writes as Max Chase)
Cavan Scott (also writes as Onk Beakman)
Andy Seed (also writes as Amy Simon)
Hannah Shaw
Dee Shulman
Jane Simmons
Nicky Singer
Carolyn Sloan
Steve Smallman
Derek Smith
Ali Sparkes
Carole Spiers
Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore (The 2 Steves)
Joseph Theobald
Keith Tilbury
Piers Torday
Adrian Townsend
John Townsend
Stuart Trotter
Rick Vanes
Richard Villar
Steve Voake
Tim Walker
Karen Wallace
Gez Walsh
Steve Way
Andrew Weale
Cat Weatherill
Kathryn White (also writes as KATHRYN WHITE)
Helen Whitten
Ed Wicke
John Wilcox
Sam Wilding
Valerie Wilding (also writes as Phoebe Bright, Val Wilding and Charlotte Allin)
Peggy Woodford