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  • Theo Paphitis #SBS winner



In person or virtual author visits available for primary schools.
The aim of a primary school visit is to give pupils the experience of meeting a 'real life' author and help them find what they enjoy reading and writing to grow their confidence and enjoyment of literacy activities.
What's available: 
*  Whole school assemblies and class visits.
*  Presentation about my books and author journey. 
*  Quiz on animal characters from fiction.
*  Writing workshops for KS2.
*  Behind-the-scenes of 'A Tale of Two Shoes' plus writing activity for Year 2.
In person or virtual visits available for secondary schools
The aim of a secondary school visit is to give students the experience of meeting someone whose career is based around writing and the opportunity to consider this for themselves.

What's available:
*  Year group assemblies about my author journey, linked to perseverance, resilience, determination and goal setting.
*  Presentations to reading / writing clubs about my books, my author journey or my team writing projects with my own school writing club for students.
*  Presentations linked to careers and my career path.
*  Writing workshops with small groups.
I love coming into schools to work with students and share my love of reading and writing.  I'm able to bring my books which are offered at a discounted price during a visit.  I'm available in  2023 on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I can also beam into classrooms anywhere in the country / world via Zoom.  My dogs, Petra and Bella, who star in my Daley's Dog Tales series can also accompany me on virtual visits and have proved a very popular part of the visit!
My books and I tie in brilliantly with a range of National Days!

Recycle Week.
October:  World Animal Day, National Poetry Day and Everyone Writes Day.
November: National Author's Day.

January:  National Storytelling Week.
February:  Children's Mental Health Week.
March:  World Book Day, Crufts, National Shoe the World Day, Global Recycling Day, World Poetry Day and National Careers Week.
April:  National Pet Month, International Children’s Book Day, National Pet Day and Earth Day.
May:  Write a Review Day, National ‘Two Different Shoes Day’, World Bee Day and World Turtle Day.
June: World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, National Writing Day and Indie (Independent) Authors Week.

Books by Helen Haraldsen

I'm the author of ten published children's books including the 'Amber's Pony Tales' and 'Daley's Dog Tales' series and 'A Tale of Two Shoes.'

Little Pearl

Little Pearl tells the story of pony-mad Amber whose dream comes true when her parents buy Pearl - her favourite pony from her riding school. She can't believe her luck... until she meets Joanne and her fiery pony, Flash. Flash is an accomplished jumping pony, and Pearl, Amber soon discovers, isn't. Amber begins to wish she could swap her hairy, stubborn pony for a sleek, elegant showjumper. But although Pearl isn’t going to be a show jumping star, she can still prove that she is a special pony in a different way and remind Amber about the qualities that made her love her in the first place. The first book in the Amber's Pony Tales series, this is a heart-warming story, perfect for fans of Stacy Gregg, Amanda Wills, Clare Balding, Olivia Tuffin and Pippa Funnell. 

The Dalmatian that Lost its Spots

A story of loss, hope and finding friendship where you’d least expect it. When Lucy the Dalmatian’s best friend, Petra, goes missing, she’s so upset and worried, all her spots disappear. Without them, her strength is fading, but when an unexpected ally discovers that Petra is in danger, Lucy must try to rescue her before it’s too late. Can Lucy save her friend? Can she get her spots back? Or has she lost them both forever? 

A Tale of Two Shoes

What use is a shoe without its partner? Shane and Sheila are a pair of red buckled shoes. They were made for each other and never expected to be parted. When they find themselves all alone in the world, they don’t know what to do. If they can’t find each other, what will their future be? Nobody wants a single shoe. Join Shane and Sheila as their adventures take them in different directions. They’ll discover that new friendships are out there waiting for them… but will they meet again? This warm and original story is beautifully illustrated and shows how new experiences help us to grow and broaden our horizons.