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Vulture News 81 November 2021 Book Reviews
Peter J. Mundy
Department of Forest Resources and Wildlife Management, National University of Science and Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/vulnew.v81i1.5
BRULO, J. (2021). Revenge of the servants of the gods. 2nd edn. Brulo Books, [Atherstone]. ISBN 978-1- 9164183-6-3. 183 pp. Price £8.99.
BRULO, J. (2018). The mystery of the never-ending universe. Brulo Books, [Atherstone]. ISBN 978-1- 9164183-2-5. 170 pp. Price £8.99.
BRULO, J. (2020). Swords in the sky. Brulo Books, [Atherstone]. ISBN 978-1-9164183-4-9. 151 pp. Price £8.99.
BRULO, J. (2021). The buried city. A tale of two time zones. Brulo Books, [Atherstone]. ISBN 978-1- 9164183-5-6. 143 pp. Price £9.99.
The first three books are deemed as the Vulture Island trilogy with the fourth called a prequel (as opposed to a sequel), because its first time zone pre-dates the trilogy. This is a gargantuan feast of pure science fiction and imagination, nearly 650 pages of it, though I note that each successive volume gets slimmer. For myself I have never been interested in sci-fi, but I turned these pages feverishly, anxious to know what’s next, it was all so exciting. In short, all of it in all four books was gripping! Although the books are stated to be in a “children’s published fiction category”, they certainly appealed to me as well. (Oh dear, am I in my second childhood?). The books are in paperback, and A5 in size. The illustrations, in a pleasing style, are by Foxhat, i.e. Emily Chan-Moore.
Luke Bright is the hero throughout, he is ten years old. Without warning, his parents inform him that the family is relocating from England to Ýpas Nisi (Vulture Island) in the Mediterranean (i.e., Cyprus, the map in three of the books depicts such). He is horrified, but his adventures now begin. He has a friend, Mike, in England, and he teams up with Andreás on the island. Together these three face all the adventures. I thought that they were very (too?) mature for their ten-year ages, barely acting like boys at all, and full of adult-like conversations; I don’t remember boyhood being like that. Perhaps the authoress was wanting to up-grade their thoughts and behaviour from the ‘normal’.
Anyway, be that as it may, the true facilitator of successful outcomes to the adventures accosts Luke on page 26 of the first book already; it is an adult Eurasian Griffon, and Luke soon names him as “Griff”. These two, Luke and Griff, communicate with each other by forming words and sentences in the other’s mind. Throughout the books they have helluva conversations with each other. The griffon has been alive, it seems, from the dawn of time, and in fact finishes by displacing Zeus himself as leader of the gods! Really, Luke and friends can’t progress anywhere without Griff’s helping hand (whoops, I mean wings and feet). On at least two occasions, Griff seriously rescues the boys from certain death – Griff always arrives in the nick of time.
Griffon Vultures are the servants of the gods, whose task is to carry the souls of the (human) dead to the “Never-ending Universe”. Somehow the boys visit this place, far off into space, in the second book, where Luke meets his actual father (who died when Luke was young). What an exciting adventure this is,
Vulture News 81 November 2021
and my favourite of the four books. The subject of the third book is a new wind turbine farm that threatens to kill the vultures as they fly nearby – the birds cannot see the turbines with their partially forward vision. Naturally, there are villains in the books, both humans and gods, but they are always overcome, and the turbine developer is one.
Of course, I cannot divulge any more of the stories, in terms of the details in the books, you must read them for yourself! I expect you will enjoy them as much as I did, notwithstanding the age of the boyish adventurers. Judy Brulo thanks the Vulture Conservation Foundation (and I thank our editor Louis Phipps for pointing me to this series of books) and also BirdLife Cyprus for information, and for helping vultures to survive. The poisoning of vultures is mentioned, as is a vulture restaurant, and a reintroduction programme to Vulture Island, so Judy is well up-to-date in her knowledge of the birds. Perhaps a fifth book could tell the story of the successful rehabilitation of griffons on to Vulture Island, notwithstanding the political fracture of Cyprus into two halves? Anyway, I thoroughly recommend these books for a gripping, informative, and sci-fi adventure with Luke and Griff.
TITLE: The Buried City, A Tale of Two Time Zones AUTHOR: Judy Brulo
Star Rating: 5
To Sum Up
‘A very enjoyable adventure story for 7 to 9-year-olds set now and a very long time ago. Highly recommended!’
I very much enjoyed this adventure story by Judy Brulo. Set in the present day and 1200 years BC, it follows a young lad by the name of Luke, a young girl by the name of Ariadne, and a Griffon Vulture called, not surprisingly, Griff. So, the story in a nutshell: in the Domed Burial Chamber on Vulture Island, there are cracks in the floor. To find out what lays beneath, Griff leads Luke back in time to hunt for – The Buried City!
Written in the present tense - which seems to be getting more and more common these days - this is a thrilling adventure story with an underlying ‘conservation' theme. The long-ago setting is superbly described helping the children to become fully immersed in the book. The characters too are well-developed all the way through until the end of the story, where there's a little twist in the tale. The book is also illustrated, which is fantastic for this age group as it adds to the enjoyment the story and helps young readers to focus.
I'd be delighted to recommend this book to any child who enjoys a fast-paced adventure populated with interesting and charismatic characters. Also, any child who's interested in history and archaeology might find this book particularly enjoyable. Having worked with children most of my adult life, it's always fun to find a new author I can recommend to my students. I can now add Judy Brulo to my list!
A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review www.thewsa.co.uk
J'Aime Magazine May 2021
Leicester Mercury May 2021
Press coverage.
Available for Zoom presentations
Willing to travel abroad.
In October 2019, I was invited to the European Vulture Conference in Albufeira, Portugal, to share how I present my two children's adventure fiction books, 'Revenge of the Servants of the Gods' and the award-winning sequel, 'The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe'. Since that conference, I have written the third book in the Vulture Island Trilogy 'Swords in the Sky' which was inspired by the amazing presentations at the conference.
Testimonial from Marsh Hill Primary, Birmingham. 07/03/19
'Thanks again for helping to make our World Book Day a success and that little bit extra special. All the children were enthused and enjoyed your workshops.'
Nevell Deans
Book reading/activity event at Waterstones, Birmingham on October 14th at 2 p.m. FREE
We had a fabulous Literacy based afternoon of activities with author Judy Brulo at Copthill School! 
 Judy had the children totally engrossed throughout the session. They had an enormous amount of fun joining in her creative and energetic story, based activities. 
Brack is a wonderful character who appeals equally to both boys and girls of this age and the book also provides a good starting point for PSHE based discussions. 
 Judy covered everything from Music to Maths as well as keeping them all on task and engaged throughout her visit. We will definitely be inviting her back! 
Thank you, Judy, for giving the Year 1's a wonderfully well planned and fun-filled experience.

Testimonial from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy, Bourne, Lincs.

National Poetry Day September 2017

Judy joined Year 3 on National Poetry Day. The children were all engaged and really enjoyed their sessions with her. She brought her story, about a twin brother and sister and a brachiosaurus, to life through her use of puppets and music. Judy then shared a poem with the children, which she had written, and they all took part in adding the action. When they returned to the classrooms all the children were so excited to design their own Phantom Wurzle Scrumbler from Judy’s poem. It really was an inspiring and creative session.

Alex Worrell. Class teacher.


Testimonial from Morley Newlands Academy Leeds, 6/6/18

Miro class loved our workshop with author Judy Brulo this morning! We have sung, danced and played games based on the stories she has written and learnt fun facts about vultures and a brachiosaurus!
Goldsworthy class are enjoying our author visit this morning! We love making reading interactive and fun @morley_newlands


A Year in the Life of Brack
by Judy Brulo and illustrated by Anna Landmane
Pub. Matador (2017)

Judy Brulo’s debut collect on of children’s short stories is a heart-warming, side-splitting and thoughtful book about an unusual friendship that families will love. Inspired by her cats, her grandchildren and her time managing her garden, the world Brulo has created is charming from beginning to end. The book is split into five stories that can be read separately, including a Christmas-themed tale of misadventure sure to bring a giggle or two on
Christmas Eve; you will want to return to them again and again. The readability is suitable for children of around six years of age, with an average word length of four letters as well as some challenges thrown in such as ‘pedestrians,’ ‘horticultural’ and of course, ‘brachiosaurus.’
Brulo’s stories centre around the improbable arrival of a Brachiosaurus at the front door of a village-dwelling family, opening with a funny and very relatable scene about four of their pet cats. There are puns, jokes and a hilarious plot twist that will have children and parents in
stitches. Each of the stories presents a new problem that the family and their dinosaur guest must overcome, often with the help of a diverse group of lovable locals. There is a message of acceptance and of celebrating diversity that Brulo does well, the dinosaur’s differences
more often solving problems than creating them. The author has also woven in a subtle message about the environment, dealing with a flood and the decreasing greenery on the planet. A Year in the Life of Brack is truly a charmingly delightful collection filled with friendship and puns that every child will love.

Review by Sophie Powell
North Staffordshire Press
Malcolm Henson (MD)


'A Year in the Life of Brack'
Can’t Put It Down recommends this book for ages 6-8
Brack is a lovable (and unusually colourful) brachiosaurus who comes to live in the garden of twins Taio and Kaia. With a sweet nature and impeccable manners, Brack’s only flaw is his huge appetite! The Byron family soon find a way to integrate their new pet into their lives and the community of Shepherdsfield. In a series of funny adventures, Brack quickly wins over the hearts of everyone he meets with his helpful instinct to please. A Year in The Life of Brack is a book filled with warm children’s stories full of colour and fun. It is a great book for children who are transitioning from picture to longer chapter books. With it’s simple, repetitive text, easy to follow dialogue, and beautifully colourful illustrations, children will enjoy Brack’s humorous adventures in Shepherdsfield. rThe book covers a year, beginning with Brack’s arrival and ending with his departure. There are five stories in total, each with two or three short chapters which makes the book easy for children to read in short sittings. For more advanced readers the book can be read as one longer text.
It is inspired by the author’s own grandchildren and the love she has for her cats and the warmth comes through in her writing.
In summary, CPID recommends A Year in The Life Of Brack because it is a funny, yet gentle children’s book ideal for readers transitioning from picture to chapter books.
Review by Camilla Chester


A Year in the Life of Brack

A Brachiosaurus might not be the obvious choice of a childhood friend, but when one magically turns up on their doorstep, twins Kaia and Taio quickly realise Brack is the best friend anyone could ask for - dinosaur or not!

This collection of short tales follows Brack, the twins and the villagers of Shepherdsfield through a year of adventures. Brack is quickly welcomed into the community and becomes an invaluable help. From keeping the trees pruned, to making sure the fields are, *ahem*, fertilised, and even acting as a bridge during a treacherous flood - there’s nothing Brack isn’t willing to do to help his neighbours. But while the appetite of a Brachiosaurus is never-ending, the leaves and plants of earth are not - and Brack’s days with the twins might be numbered…

With echoes of such children’s classics as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Bear, A Year in the Life of Brack is a warm tale of friendship to entertain children and parents alike. Anna Landmane’s colourful illustrations bring Brack’s shenanigans to life, while Judy Brulo’s sweet portrayal of childhood friendship and community spirit makes a delightful solo-read for confident young readers.

Review by Martha @ 'Can't Put it Down' October 2018


Brack is Back

The return of this lovable Brachiosaurus is as heartwarming and funny as the original collection of tales, Brack is Back. 

Twins Kaio and Taio have missed their friend Brack the Brachiosaurus, who’s gargantuan appetite saw him leaving earth in search of all the plants he could hope to eat. So when Brack zooms back into their lives - via a very unique form of travel - they are thrilled to see him. While Brack wants to give the children their best adventure yet - a voyage around outer space! - he is determined to help when he hears that the village of Shepherdsfield might be threatened by a new railway development. With local developers and pesky palaeontologists to overcome, can Brack help save the village he thinks of as his second home?

Once again Judy Brulo paints a warming picture of community spirit, friendship - and not a small amount of adventure. A gentle read that touches on lessons in selflessness and forgiveness, Brack is Back is a great book for confident young readers.

Review by Martha @ 'Can't Put it Down' October 2018


Cat-lateral Damage

Bonaparte, a cat un-paralleled in his mouse catching abilities, is the hero at the centre of this funny, moral story for 8-12-year-olds.

When the local farmer’s tree clearing activities cause a village to become overrun by a horde of mice, local convenience store owner Iva Toone sees an opportunity to make some money from her top-notch mouser, Bonaparte. Loaning out her faithful pet to neighbours in need of some mouse-catching, Iva is able to make a pretty penny - while Bonaparte must make do with a handful of cat treats! But how can Bonaparte make Iva see that he deserves a proper reward for his efforts?

From Miss Toone’s obsession with Tom Cruise to Bonaparte’s sympathy for a pesky mouse family, this book is full of funny and well-developed characters and paints a lovely picture of a village community. Readers will not only find themselves giggling along with Bonaparte’s antics, but will also be given pause (or paws!) for thought with a gentle lesson on not taking friends for granted. The short chapters will help even reluctant readers become sucked into this whimsical story - also perfect for young readers that are transitioning into chapter books. Give it a read!

Review by Martha @ 'Can't Put it Down' October 2018


'The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods' July 2018 (pub. North Staffordshire Press)

A fantasy-adventure story for 8-12-yr-olds, with a conservation message.

Distribution of the book will be in collaboration with the Vulture Conservation Foundation. www.4vultures.org

The action centres around a ten-year-old boy and his friendship with a very special Griffon Vulture. Not only are we taken to a mysterious Mediterranean island with it ancient ruins and dark secrets but we are also made aware of the need to take care of our environment.


Review 1:

The Revenge of the Servants of The Gods is an unpublished [now published] manuscript by Judy Brulo, who has successfully published one book, A Year in the Life of Brack (2017), belonging to the genre of children’s fantasy fiction. The story follows the adventures of Luke Bright, a clever 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother and step-father. His life is turned upside down when he is uprooted from everything that is familiar; his school; his friends and his country, to the unfamiliarity of the Greek island of Ýpas Nisí (Vulture Island). However, during a morning run from his new home, Luke stumbles across a mythical Griffon Vulture that he has an immediate connection with. The Griffon will lead Luke on a quest where he will unlock the mysteries and legends surrounding the Amphora Temple. 
Luke’s path becomes rocky in the guise of Mr Bonaparte ‘Bones’ Duggitt - a comical, greedy and ‘slick’ character on a mission to steal from the Temple - and with help of family and friends Luke must put a stop to this villain’s plans.

The Revenge of the Servants of The Gods is a pleasing piece of fiction with characters that show courage, friendship, honesty, and justice.
 Judy Brulo has ensured that her story has
all the ingredients that lead to venture: hidden treasure; heroes; villains and mythical creatures: all against the backdrop of the mystical Greek islands. By the end of the story the reader will think ‘what next?’ Well, personally I am almost certain that a sequel must be in the making!

Fern Johns (North Staffordshire Press) December 2017

Review 2:

I bought this book for my granddaughters aged 8 and 12, but I read it first! and thoroughly enjoyed it. The author's evocative description of life on a Mediterranean Island drawn from her own experiences of living in Cyprus set the scene. This book has everything - a great adventure, ancient ruins, treasure, and even a 'Baddy'. The heroes are the awesome Griffon Vultures which now deserve my greatest respect! My granddaughters are very keen to get their hands on the book - If I can bear to hand it over!

Review by Janice, on Amazon, 2018


Review 3

A captivating, well-crafted fantasy tale, complete with heroes, villains, treasures, an ancient tomb and mysteries far beyond the known universe. It’s a magical adventure about nature, friendship, courage and justice, with illustrations that depict key parts of the story perfectly. A rich and gripping read for children aged 8-12.

Review by Amazon customer, 2018

Review 4.

This story was fast-paced and exhilarating from start to finish: the perfect book for young readers (recommended for ages 8-12 years old). Set in an imaginary island in Greece, this book explores important themes of family, friendship, confidence and growing up, as well as subtly tackling the conservation of vultures. Brulo’s partnership with the Vulture Conservation Foundation in this book is admirable, as the story provides an interesting and exciting way for children and young adults to consider the conservation of vultures, through the means of a fictional tale.
The story itself is magical. It combines elements of realism by exploring relationships with family and friends, the difficulty of moving away from all you know of, and adapting to a new environment, with touches of fantasy that make the overall book exciting and well-rounded.

Review by Jessica Turner on Amazon, 2018


December 12th 2018. Reading and activity event at Bourne Abbey Primary Academy, Bourne, Lincs.

Year Threes and I had a fabulous time on Wednesday afternoon with 'Revenge of the Servants of the Gods'. We watched videos of vultures, a powerpoint of vulture facts. We whirled around with coloured scarves and went on a trip around Vulture Island complete with junk percussion sound effects. I left them with some post-visit activities of an illustration to colour and a question sheet to see how much they remembered about vultures.

Fun, fun, fun!

More (mostly school) events coming up. 1st March. Rainbows (Girlguides) at St Matthews Church, Great Barr, B'ham. 7th March @ Marsh Hill Primary School, Erdington, B'ham. 8th March @ Great Barr Primary Academy, B'ham. 20th March @ Damson Wood School, Solihull, B'ham. And in April at my local library in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Zoom presentation to Ecole Mondilae World School, Mumbai, during lockdown!


Recent press release:

"A professional violist turned award-winning author has released a children’s adventure book with a conservation theme."

Books by Judy Brulo

'A Year in the Life of Brack' (pub. Matador 2017), 'Brack is Back' (pub. Brulo Books 2018), 'Cat-Lateral Damage' (pub. Brulo Books 2018), and Boris and Doris: Cat Detective Agency' (pub Brulo Books 2019). The Vulture Island Trilogy: 1. Revenge of the Servants of the Gods' (pub. North Staffordshire Press 2018). 2. 'The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe' (pub. BruloBooks). This is the award-winning gripping sequel to 'Revenge of the Servants of the Gods'. 3. 'Swords in the Sky' pub Brulo Books 2020. 4. NEW RELEASE MARCH 2021. 'The Buried City' A Tale of Two Time Zones. The prequel to the Vulture Island Trilogy. BOOK REVIEW by 'Wishing Shelf'. A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review www.thewsa.co.uk 'Boris and Doris Cat Detective Agency' (pub. Brulo Books 2019. ISBN: 978-1-9164183-3-2).
The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods (pub North Staffordshire Press July 2018)

The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods (pub North Staffordshire Press July 2018)

Adventure/Fantasy for 8-12-yr-olds 
The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe (Pub. Brulo Books 2018)

The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe (Pub. Brulo Books 2018)

The gripping sequel to 'Revenge of the Servants of the Gods'. Eleven-yr-old Luke Bright and his incredible vulture friend, Griff must retrieve the life-saving Elixir from the Never-Ending Universe. Their arch-enemy greasy 'Bones' Duggitt has been released from jail. WIll he try to stop Luke and Griff in their quest? Is Duggitt the scoundrel they should be worried about? 'The Mystery of the Never-Ending Universe' is set on the Greek Mediterranean island of Ypas Nisi, Vulture Island. It tells of an epic, fantastical journey beyond this universe, where friendship, courage and bravery triumph over perilous dangers. To fail is not an option. The answer to the question which has been plaguing Luke's mind depends on it. And so does the future of the vultures. 
Swords in the Sky (pub. Brulo Books 2020)

Swords in the Sky (pub. Brulo Books 2020)

Luke and Griff, the super-normal Griffon Vulture face thei ultimate challenge in the third book of the Vulture Island Trilogy. 
The Buried City (pub. 2021)

The Buried City (pub. 2021)

The nail-biting prequel to The Vulture Island Trilogy in which Griff leads Luke and his friends back to 1,200 years BC. In their adventure they meet unpredictable Greek gods and a brave Mycenaean girl. Griff seems to know all about her. How? And is she connected to Luke? Do they find the Buried City? 
Cat-Lateral Damage (Pub. Brulo Books 2018)

Cat-Lateral Damage (Pub. Brulo Books 2018)

Iva Toone discovers mice in her shop. Happily, her cat, Bonaparte, solves the problem. Iva rewards him with six cat treats. The mouse problem spreads to other houses. Iva hires out Bonaparte, but each time she does so her fee increases. But she doesn’t increase Bonaparte’s reward! Young Chalky White comes to Bonaparte’s aid. They hatch a plan and Iva soon discovers that her secret weapon has talents which extend beyond catching mice! Will this plan bring Iva to her senses?  

The Kingdom of Trung Trung Karmo

Luke and Ariadne should be enjoying their spring half-term break on sunny Vulture Island. Instead, they're shocked to find themselves on the highest, coldest, remotest mountain range on the planet. Why? 
Boris and Doris Cat Detective Agency (pub. Brulo Books 2019)

Boris and Doris Cat Detective Agency (pub. Brulo Books 2019)

Clever cats who love lapping up curious cases. If your jewels in Waterside Harbour are missing. If your prize-winning pies in the Caribbean have been stolen. If your home in Moley Wood is about to be destroyed. If the police can't help. Who are you going to call? Yes, me, of course! Boris! Boris the clever cat detective. Is there any other? Hey, Boris! Don't forget your sister, Doris! 
A Year in the Life of Brack (pub. Matador 2017)

A Year in the Life of Brack (pub. Matador 2017)

Humorous fiction 
Brack is Back (pub Brulo Books 2018)

Brack is Back (pub Brulo Books 2018)

The peace of Shepherdsfield is threatened when plans for a Rapid-Speed Railway are announced. It will run right next to the village. Brack comes up with a zany scheme to persuade the government and the local planning agency to think again. It involves taking the twins on a space journey to his home planet, Traf. Sadly, one of the villagers has a scheme of his own which may put Brack’s life at risk.  

The Croc and the Cat

Two crazy stories about a crocodile who thinks friends are a bad idea and a cat who thinks tidy fur is definitely not 'fur' hm.