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Apart from being an award-winning author I am a Writers Mentor, speaker, and a recognised independent Welsh Publisher. 

Whilst being an author for over 30 plus years I have written and published approx. 24 books, including an award winning  historical novel, a crime trilogy, mystery books and a series of 18 children's picture story books. I have also had a number of works included in assorted short story anthologies and poetry anthology books. Prior to being an author I was the developer and creator of an award winning website. I received the International Master Web Designers & Creators Golden Web Award for Design, Creativity and Content. For the website I wrote over 250 plus piece of factual information many of which were published in magazines, advertorials, and national newspapers. I was also commissioned to contribute to a number of 'A' Level Tutorial Booklets.

As a speaker my talks have covered a variety of topics, having taken place across numerous venues over many years. I adapt my talks to suit the age and experience of the audience. I am able to discuss such topics as what it is like to be an author, about my journey to achieving an Award for my first historical novel, learning how to write a book, details of the publishing world and how you can become an author, amongst many other aspects of the writing world.

When it comes to my mentoring side this takes on a dual purpose. As a mentor I work with writers of all ages, worldwide. I especially work with younger writers, (under 18) often publishing their completed manuscripts. Through my work I am able to help new and developing writers who are starting or have started their writing journey, as well as helping those established writers resolve any 'hiccups' they may have with their current work.

Part of the mentoring allows me to offer a variety of workshops on a group or one-to-one basis. During Covid these were all done via Zoom and sometimes still are. They are geared according to age, genre, and experience, etc. With youngsters I have workshops, such as Creating a Simple Picture Book at Home, and for the older writers 'How to Create a Novel in Ten Easy Steps.' The variety of workshops can also be adapted to the clients particular needs.

Besides mentoring I am able to offer reviewing/editing services, from chapter reviews, to line edits, and full edits, to proofreads. All are carried out with a view to presenting the best possible result prior to publication. I cover most genres and styles, including non-fiction, as I am experienced in writing styles of all kinds. I am also a recognised judge for writing competitions recently completing a number for the Romance Writers of Australia. Reviews relating to my books and services can be found on my websites.

Although I am based in Cardiff, Wales I will consider travelling to events so please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I can arrange for online workshops, talks etc. For details of what I and my organisation can offer you please check out my websites or feel free to email me direct at the emails shown below:

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Books by Ann Brady

As an author I have written over 24 books, some poetry and a wide selection of non-fictional pieces for a website and for print. As a Writers Mentor I have worked with a number of authors on preparation of their manuscripts prior to publication, as well as assisting writers of all ages (including young writers - under 18's) worldwide to improve their writing abilities. Through my podcasts I offer a wide selection of advice relating to all aspects of the writing world. Over the last few years I have judged a variety of writing competitions from the BBC Radio 2 500 words Childrens Writing Competition, to the Romance Writers of Australia and New Zealand, and The Page Turner Awards International Writing Awards.
Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

Historical fiction about two young ladies in the 19th Century who should not be friends. The story follows their individual trials and tribulations which strengthens their friendship even though they are miles apart. The question is will they both find true love in the end? 
Dracula: The Untold Story

Dracula: The Untold Story

This is a tale about one man's alto-ego where he believes he is Dracula. He takes us on a journey through the streets of Whitby where he faces the threat of the black dog. Dare you join him? 
Little Friends Adventures Picture Book Series

Little Friends Adventures Picture Book Series

The Football Match is one of the 18 books in the Series. It tells what happens when the farmer and his family go out for the day. With them gone the Little Friends decide to have a football match. Rover Dog is one of the referees and Hilary Horse and Betty Cow are the team captains. Find out which team Penny Pig, Georgie Goat, the chickens and ducks are on, and what their team names are. Which team will win the game? 
Doyle's Casebook Trilogy

Doyle's Casebook Trilogy

Tommy Doyle is an ex-cop wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. Although acquitted Doyle leaves the force and sets up as a PI. This trilogy of books sets out some of his cases and what happens to him as he looks to moving on from being a private investigator. 
The Brampton Musketeers

The Brampton Musketeers

The Class of '64 is due to have their 20 year reunion. Susie, the organiser is worried about whether or not the friends from school will attend and if they do will they remember her. As the invitations go out each of the Brampton Musketeers (a group of school friends) search their past and view their present as they too decide whether or not to attend. NB This story contains some adult content.