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“Thank you for joining us! The children were captivated by the story and now the school is a buzz of children reading Max and Luchia’s adventure. They can’t put it down!”

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to encourage students with creative writing and reading? If so, Kevin and Sera want to help.

Together, we provide workshops for children aged 5+ years. Workshop sessions are between an hour and an hour and 30 minutes long. Students would need pencils, pens and paper. We have small props and can work in any [appropriate to group numbers] size space. We are both graduates of the University of Worcester in Creative Writing and Seraphim has a Masters in illustration. In addition, we have created a You tube channel with online learning suggestions, based on reading and creating stories.       

For an older age group of 12-17 years, we can talk about The Objectors. Although it is set in a dystopian future of 2042, it focusses on major contemporary discourse such as economic division, citizenship, identity, climate change, the power of objection and in standing up for what you believe. All of these themes can be discussed and tasks allocated according to requirement.  

Our book Max & Luchia:The Game Makers, was published in 2018 and we've been taking the story into schools and drama groups in Worcestershire as a means to engage young people with reading, illustrating and writing. The story is aimed at 5-10 years and the workshop takes young people on a journey into their own powerful imagination and focusses on the creation of their own work of fiction. 

For an age-group of 11-14 years, we can focus on Jimmy Cricket. The main character is Jimmy, who has recently lost his parents in a car crash and soon finds himself embroiled in the wrong crowd. Through the power of cricket, and support from those around him, Jimmy finds a new focus in his troubled teenage life.     

If you wish to see a copy of other school’s testimonies and evidence of our qualification, please don’t hesitate to email Kevin at or visit our website We have already visited a number of local schools including Northwick Manor Primary School, Suckley Primary School, Westlands First School, St Nicholas CofE School, Cranham Primary, Abberley Hall School and Whittington CofE Primary School. 

Kevin is currently the Patron of Reading at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College Worcester and we have also visited Christopher Whitehead language college, a number of local libraries and performed at storytelling events such as Bodenham Arboretum as a means to encourage reading, writing and illustration.  

Event feedback

Kevin's visit was a great success with year 8 pupils enjoying the talk and interaction afterwards together with books signing. I would recommend him and Seraphim and invite them in again in the future. Thank you so much

Vicky Warr (The Chantry School)

Books by Kevin Brooke

Author of six published books, more than 50 published short stories and over 25 published poems. Two of the short stories have won national competitions and many of them have been short-listed, then published in competition anthologies. Also, a Story Knight, who dresses up as a Knight and tells stories at various storytelling events.
The Objectors

The Objectors

The year is 2042. England is cut-off from the former UK, Europe and the world. As resources dwindle, The Entitlement Party creates a devastating scheme to reduce the population. On their sixteenth birthday, young people of underling class are selected at random to eliminate six people. The reward for fulfilling their contract is to win their place amongst the elite. Samarah, Ethan and Ellie-Mae, each of whom has a different reason to object, refuse to sign the contract. As civilisation crumbles, and a programme of genocide is uncovered, the regime deploys its synthetic warriors to destroy an underling rebellion. The only force that can prevent victory for evil is the spirit and collective strength of three young people. 
Max & Luchia: The Game Makers

Max & Luchia: The Game Makers

After saving a man's life, Max meets Archie, a guiding spirit. When he finds out his sister, Luchia is also under the guidance of Archie, they are given the opportunity to play the game they created. Unfortunately, their imaginations are so powerful, they also let in some of the bad things. This includes a rival spirit as a battle with a school bully begins. Set in a fairy-tale world of castles, knights, spirits and dragons, eleven-year-old Max & Luchia make their way through seven increasingly difficult levels until finally, they are forced to make the biggest decision of their lives  
Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy Cricket

Jimmy is fifteen. His parents have been killed in a motorway accident. When he's forced to move over a hundred miles to live with his nan, Jimmy struggles to cope. His one real friend, Dean, has even bigger problems than Jimmy, and together they can't seem to stay out of trouble. Then they are arrested for shoplifting. A girl called Dayla complicates things further. When Mark, his family support worker, involves Jimmy in a bereavement club with a difference, he is given the chance to find some stability. The question is - will he take the opportunity?  
The Roman Citizens from Class 6B

The Roman Citizens from Class 6B

Ben has an amazing talent - his pictures come to life! When he and his friends Calum and Maisie are transported onto a battlefield, their Roman adventures begin. Aimed at an approximate reading age of 6-10, the story includes a chariot race in the Circus Maximus, a trip to the Roman Senate and a daring rescue of a slave girl, Phina, from the lions in the Colosseum. After hiding in the Catacombs, Ben draws one last picture and he, Calum, Maisie and Phina are transported back to England in 61AD when they charge towards the Roman Army alongside Boudicca, the Iceni Queen.  
A Bucket of Fish and Other Tales

A Bucket of Fish and Other Tales

A Bucket Full of Fish is filled to the brim with flash fiction and short stories. Sprinkled with a mixture of comedy, realism and fantasy, the collection of tales is guaranteed to create a SPLASH! All stories have either been published elsewhere or achieved highly commended or above in their respective competitions.  

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