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Fantasy, History, Humour, Poetry, Science fiction


COVID19: Don't allow a little thing like a pandemic to put you off! I can deliver my workshops online, for as little as £60!

I've written a number of books including 11 for Serial Mash (online reading resource, part of Purple Mash - you might already have access to them!), 4 historical novels and a collection of limericks for KS2 readers. Please see my website for details:

I was a primary school teacher for 18 years. Since childhood, I have had a passion for writing stories, and am delighted to now be visiting schools and enthusing children about the exciting processes of writing. I aim to show children that creating stories is a pastime everyone can enjoy - it is not just the reserve of those mysterious people we never see, called ‘authors’! Sessions are lively, fast-paced and fun.

“A fantastic day! The children were very engaged and enthusiastic. All children were able to produce work as it was scaffolded for those children that needed it. Thank you for a great day.”
Would you recommend Antony to other schools? “Yes”
Debbie Hancock, Reid Street Primary School, Darlington

Since one of my books is an anthology of limericks, I also have some great activities to teach children the limerick form and support them in the writing of their own limericks. Here is one of mine:

St George spent the bulk of his life
Fighting dragons with dagger and knife.
Though known as a mighty
And powerful knight, he
Was terribly scared of his wife.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Testimonials from some of the schools I've visited:

“The children all enjoyed the session and they were all amazed by your story telling skills. […] they were so engaged when you took them on the adventure. […] They have written some lovely recounts about the morning.
Children’s comments:
'He took us through a land full to the brim with many mythical lands: castles, villages, forests and more. From getting swallowed by sea monsters and coming face to face with hairy trolls, we were overwhelmed by the excitement in each of Anthony's stories at every edge of the map.'
'I would definitely recommend the author to visit other schools as it was interesting and helps your writing!'
'At 11:30 the session was over, I felt really sad because it was so much fun. When I went home, I started to write my own story.'
'Then the fun began, we had the chance to become 'adventurers'. With great enthusiasm, we started the expedition - I felt like I was going to burst with excitement.'" Sarah Dawson, Huntington Primary Academy, York

“Really good day that inspired the children to not only be creative and think about the adventure genre but also how to expand their written language in interesting, descriptive ways.” Mr Stephenson, Bullion Lane Primary School, Durham

“Teachers commented that the writing activity was brilliant.” Atkinson Road Primary Academy, Newcastle

“Staff said all pupils enjoyed the sessions - one teacher particularly liked the ‘sentence’ idea. All impressed that you marked the children’s work!” The year 4/5 teachers, Malton Community Primary School, North Yorkshire

Please see my website for more testimonials ('Schools' section) and information about all my books and school visits:



Books by Antony Wootten

As well as a number of KS1 and KS2 reading books for educational publishers, I have written 4 novels (A Tiger Too Many, Grown-ups Can’t Be Friends with Dragons, Season of the Mammoth and The Grubby Feather Gang) and a collection of limericks (There Was An Old Fellow From Skye). My novels focus on dramatic themes and realistic dilemmas, often in a historical setting. “A Tiger Too Many proved to be an excellent starting point for the children’s learning about World War 2. From the opening paragraph they were hooked and their interest in the war was captured.” Judith Corcoran, teacher “My daughter and I recently finished reading your book ‘Grown-ups Can’t Be Friends With Dragons’ and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the story. We found it completely absorbing and very moving. The final chapter left us feeling like we had lived the adventure with Brian! Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience.” Jason Anders, parent.


A Tiger Too Many

Jill is very fond of an old tiger in London zoo, but the war has begun, and there's a shortage of food and medicine. To Jill's horror, the zoo has decided to put the tiger down. She decides to try and save him. 

Grown-ups Can't Be Friends With Dragons

Brian is a very unhappy boy who hates school and often runs away. He hides in a cave by the sea, where he meets a strange creature which he decides to call The Dragon. This magical story tackles issues of bullying and forgiveness. 

The Grubby Feather Gang

It is 1915, and George’s father refuses to fight in the war. He is branded a coward, and George does not know what to think. A story of 4 friends dealing with their parents' problems. 

Season of the Mammoth

Set in the Stone Age, Season of the Mammoth is about a tribe divided by hatred. Should the children, Geb and Tannash, help Scrim, their strange friend? Should the tribe attack the nomads and drive them from the valley? 

There Was An Old Fellow From Skye

A collection of Antony’s hilarious limericks for all the family to enjoy. Featuring everything from King Arthur and his knights to inter-stellar space-travel, this book will tickle the ribs of children and parents alike!