We are Contact an Author


Contact an Author was founded in 2006 by Diana and Steve Kimpton. Diana is a successful children's author with more than 40 books published so far. They created Contact an Author after discovering a need for organisations, such as schools, to find and book authors.

Diana and Steve retired in 2017, with Joe and Aya - book-loving geeks - now running Contact an Author. We are inspired by Diana and Steve's creation and proud of the thousands of author-visits made possible by our website. We want to continue their work and will be developing the website and our services further - connecting schools and organisations with creative people.






We love reading and know how inspiring it is to meet an author face-to-face. Our mission therefore is to celebrate books and help to arrange as many author visits as possible.

Why are we passionate about author visits? ...about 20 years ago Joe went to a talk by one of his favourite writers, the playwright Arthur Miller. While too young and shy to ask Arthur an actual question it was an experience to last a lifetime.


If you have a general question for us please send us an email at info@contactanatuthor.com. If you want to talk to someone about your profile you can also add a note in your profile which we'll pick up straight away. You can find further contact details on our contact page.

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