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Hi, I'm Theodore. I wrote the educator's handbook The Black Girl in the Classroom and I am passionate about making sure that learning is engaging and relevant to ALL students. 

My book 

My book, now being recommended as a staff handbook by many US principals, is the culmination of years of research into how black students (and particularly black female students) can be empowered by your teaching. It's received five star reviews - not JUST for the facts and takeout summaries - but for the easy style it's written in and the facts that back up every single idea and suggestion. There's even a recruitment checklist so that SLTs and governing bodies can ensure new staff members are committed to inclusivity in their classes. Although my experience is as a principal within the US, the research findings are applicable to the UK and Europe. Therefore I'm really excited by any opportunity to link up (via Zoom/VLP/Teams etc) to lead or contribute to your school's staff development.

My book is available in Kindle, paperback and Audible format, and I've also created a free PowerPoint resource that summarises the key findings.


From my website

Theodore was born in Dallas, Texas to Drinkard and Lonnie Timms. He has two older brothers, Michael and Drinkard Jr, and a sister, Tanya. Drinkard Jr. recently passed away.

His father was an A.M.E. preacher who was the pastor of several churches throughout the state of Texas which forced him to enroll in several different schools throughout his elementary. This deeply affected him academically. He was always ‘playing catchup’.

He finally settled in San Antonio, where he finished middle and high school. He then wanted to attend college, but a few people said he was ‘not college material’. Harsh, but he says that ‘they were partially correct. I graduated from high school in the bottom of my class with a 1.71. I did not tell anyone, not even my parents, because I was embarrassed’.

Most people would have given up but with grit and agency he graduated from the University of North Texas with a BS in Education and from Texas A & M University-Commerce with an M.Ed. He went on to receive numerous awards for his teaching, and for the schools at which he taught was a senior manager.

He was accepted into the university’s doctoral program but did not finish because he was advised to change his topic - and refused to do so, given the importance of the subject. His dissertation has instead evolved into this book.

Books by Theodore Timms

The Black Girl in the Classroom

THEODORE TIMMS IS AN AWARD-WINNING former principal. Accolades include multiple 'Principal of the Year' awards, Master Principal status, and various excellence awards. His handbook for educators addresses a need for inclusion. Black schoolgirls are an 'at risk' group. This book shows you how to give them the self-esteem and self-efficacy that will lead them onto success. Many of the points are also applicable to African American boys too. Contents include lesson ideas, chapters on her self-esteem, her career choices, black history/heritage, parenting, culture and lists of key practical points. Ideal for continuing professional development needs and self-reflection.