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Lou Treleaven

Hi! I'm Lou and I love reading and writing books.

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I write early readers, picture books, junior fiction and middle grade fiction for children. I'm available for school visits, workshops and literary festivals. My picture book The Snowflake Mistake was read on CBeebies Bedtime by Suranne Jones, and three of my books have been selected for the Summer Reading Challenge at UK libraries. My picture book Not Yet a Yeti ran as an interactive storytelling session over winter 2022/3 and 2023/4 at Discover Children's Story Centre, Stratford, London.

School visits

School visits are a great way to get children excited about books. My visits are a mixture of assemblies, workshops and storytelling which you can pick and mix - please see the schools information pack on my website which contains activities, printable resources and everything you need to plan your day.  Just choose the workshops or sessions you would like, or suggest your own.  My range of books means that I have something to offer across the whole primary age group.  I love reading aloud and getting children excited about books!

"You were absolutely amazing and we would definitely like to have you back another time! The children all thoroughly enjoyed it and I had very positive feedback from staff too!" Mrs L Wren, St Andrews Lower School, Biggleswade

Thank you so much for the fantastic day and all the preparation you had put into your workshops. Everyone absolutely loved it."  Miss Jezierska, Lyndhurst Prep School, Camberley, Surrey

"Everyone really enjoyed your session - we've had fantastic feedback!" Rachael Rogan, organiser of Bedford Children's Book Festival and owner of Rogan's Books

"Thanks so much for making World Book Day special and so much fun." Mrs S Teague, Caddington Village School, Bedfordshire

"Thank you for the lovely story and craft sessions. Children and families had a great time." Sue Shead, Bedford Central Library

Rates: £400 for full day, £200 for half day, £70 for an hour plus travel at 45p a mile.  

Virtual visits: £25 per half hour, £50 per hour, £300 for full day, £150 for half day.  Short virtual one off sessions of 20 mins free.

All half day and full day live or virtual school sessions include a set of books for your school library.

Member of the Society of Authors.  Public Liability Insurance and DBS.

Event feedback

We really enjoyed our visit from Lou. She was incredibly accommodating and agreed to work with all of our year groups. Teachers reported that the children really enjoyed the workshops, and many were so excited about the ideas that she gave them that they wanted to continue writing their stories at home! It was a great day and she inspired us all.

Tessa Hackett (Springmead Primary School)

Lou was fantastic. She had lovely props to help her to tell her story. It was interactive for the children and they were totally engaged in the story. She was mindful if their age and got them involved by teaching them a song. The children loved it. I would highly recommend Lou.

Claire Gear (Stonehill School)

It was fantastic to have Lou in school - she went to all classes from Early Years to Year 4 and engaged with all of the students in a calm and lovely manner. The children loved listening to her stories and joining in with the activities and were excited and inspired to meet a real author!

Eleanor Furze (Southill Lower School)

We were delighted to welcome author Lou Treleaven to Codicote Primary School on Monday 9th March. She spent the morning working with our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children, starting with an assembly and then a series of workshops for classes, based on a number of her books. In the afternoon she read from 'Turns out I'm an Alien' to years 4, 5 and 6 and explained the process of writing a book from the initial idea to publication. The children were totally enthralled and all keen to continue reading the story to find out what happens. Lou was friendly, approachable and engaging - the children loved her and so did all the staff.

Julie Mesher (Codicote Primary School)

Thank you Lou for a fantastic visit. The communication beforehand was very efficient and we loved receiving books to read before your visit. You were very adaptable and the children (and staff) loved the sessions. Thank you so much for making our book week so special!

Juliet Rayner (Ashley C of E Primary School)

Lou attended Pulloxhill School on Monday 27th February. Each of the three sessions were engaging and interactive, and all of the children (and adults) enjoyed Lou's visit.

Alison Wolfe (Pulloxhill School)

Thank you so much for such an interactive and engaging session. The children from Year 1 - 4 took part and thoroughly enjoyed your Q&A, story reading and workshops. Your props brought the experience to life and the children were talking about their visit the next day to members of staff.

Nicki Simmons (Queen Edith Primary School)

The communication between Lou and the school was fantastic, and the resources provided were amazing. All the children engaged in the workshops and the fact she would do larger numbers meant all the school were able to access her sessions.

Chloe White (Beaudesert Lower School)

Books by Lou Treleaven

I have written over 30 books from picture books to middle grade, including
Turns Out I'm an Alien

Turns Out I'm an Alien

Jasper’s life is as normal as can be until he discovers his foster parents have been withholding a massive secret from him: he’s actually an alien. Suddenly he’s launched into a crazy outer space adventure with his foster sister, Holly, but the evil Andromedan emperor is closing in. Can Jasper liberate his home planet, the Milky Way and save his parents before the emperor gets there first? 
The PIrate Who Lost His Name

The PIrate Who Lost His Name

There was once a pirate. A very piratey pirate. He had everything a pirate was supposed to have. The only thing he didn’t have was a name. He’d forgotten it! 
The Knight Who Might

The Knight Who Might

The Knight Who Might tries really hard to be a knight but things don’t always go to plan — even with a magic horse, sword and helmet! However, when The Knight Who Might spots a knight competition advertised, he sees his chance to show the world what a positive attitude can do! 
Undercover Overlord

Undercover Overlord

Two children fight the E.V.I.L. corporation in this double sided, double story, double excitement-level illustrated book. 
Letter to Pluto

Letter to Pluto

Jon's teacher starts an interstellar penpal programme. Jon is not impressed as his penpal Straxi is from Pluto, the most boring, smelliest place in the solar system. And what's worse, she's a girl! 
Not Yet a Yeti

Not Yet a Yeti

All of George’s family are yetis, except for George. George doesn’t fancy chasing ramblers or luring stray hikers to their doom. Perhaps he has something else in mind? Focusing on family values and being yourself, Not Yet a Yeti is a lovely story that will leave you grinning. 
Daddy and I

Daddy and I

Saturday is Daddy day and it's time for adventure! A heartwarming story of the power of imagination. 
The Snugglewump

The Snugglewump

Molly's toys are arguing about which of them is loved best. They all forget Molly's comforter, who goes on a journey and discovers you don't need bells and whistles to be loved. 
The Snowflake Mistake

The Snowflake Mistake

In a palace above the clouds, a magical machine makes identical snowflakes. When the Snow Queen leaves Princess Ellie in charge, everything goes wrong and Ellie must make less than perfect snowflakes... 
Homework on Pluto

Homework on Pluto

A holiday to Pluto seems like a well-deserved reward for Jon, considering he has just saved the entire planet. However, with homework arriving from Earth, mad Grans and handbag-stealing blue-headed skwitches to deal with, Jon’s trip might be more eventful than he’d planned! A brilliantly funny sequel to Letter to Pluto.