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Fiction 4-11, Fiction 8-13, Picture book


  • The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch - was shortlisted for the Peters Book Award and the Hull Children's Book Award. (junior fiction category)
  • Opal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project was shortlisted for the Lancashire Fantastic Book Award.
  • The Dressing-Up Dad was shortlisted for the Dundee Picture Book Award 2019!
  • My Must-Have Mum: Winner of the Good Housekeeping Children's Book Award 2022



Hello! I'm currently offering visits to reception and up to Year 2. Assemblies and class sessions are available for you to mix and match. I'm taking bookings for World Book Day 2024 in Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and beyond

As a performer with years of children's theatre experience, I like to make my events engaging, dramatic, varied and fun. I have a BA in Drama (University of Bristol) and an MA in Writing for Young People (Distinction) from Bath Spa University.

My presentation is lively and fun and usually includes a quiz, a lucky dip in the Magic Book Bin, writing tips and Q&A. An assembly can be adapted to suit Reception and KS1 children or whole primary schools. My classroom workshops involve lots of slides, show and tell and plenty of interactive activity, as well as a reading. Using the themes of my books I will introduce story starters and leave you with some creative writing activities that complement the work we do during my visit.

I'm based near Bath but welcome any bookings which are practical. Please contact me by email: to discuss.


Some very nice things people have said about me:

Tracy Hager, Area Children and Youth Librarian, Wiltshire Libraries Maudie does one of the best author events I’ve ever seen. Her passion and enthusiasm for books mixed with her professional acting background makes for an enthralling, silly, and highly interactive session.

Bourneville Primary, Weston-Super-Mare  Maudie's visit was fun, engaging and accessible for all children.  She had carefully planned the PowerPoint  for the different year groups and provided different resources to  support these sessions.  The assembly that opened that the day was excellent and insightful. Staff commented on how well the children stayed focused on Maudie and they really enjoyed how she promoted the magic of books.

Oakhurst First School, Dorset. I have had all positive feedback from the staff and children; they all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt inspired. It was great that you highlighted how you used to find writing tricky, especially the mechanics , but are now a successful author. It gave hope to so many. Even some of my more challenging children had their hands up to share their brilliant ideas for the stories.

Just wanted to let you know how much Keevil School enjoyed your visit on World Book Day 2017. All members of staff thanked me for organising it and said how much fun they and their classes had. You really made the day ALL about books - rather than just dressing up!! I know lots of children in my class are really enjoying/have enjoyed your books and are inspired to read more! Couldn't ask for more really!

Monkton Combe Prep School Thanks for such a wonderful day. It was a real treat and the staff were thrilled with what you shared with the children. I have loads of teaching ideas now too- you've inspired me!

Maudie Smith is an excellent visiting author! Her talks at
Widcombe Junior School, St Martin's Garden Primary and Bath Central Library were all great fun (in addition to being well-planned and well-timed). Maudie's key talent is an ability to engage with her audience, while her background in theatre means that readings from her books are expressive and highly entertaining.


Event feedback

Great visit. Thank you Maudie :-)

Lisa Barker (Cherhill primary)

We had a fantastic morning with Maudie, all the children were really engaged and loved seeing her books and where her ideas came from. This was a really useful insight into how writers gain their inspiration. Thank you for a wonderful morning.

Alice Dowler (Newtown Community Primary School)

Books by Maudie Smith

I have written middle grade novels, early readers, chapter books and picture books. Currently a visit from me would focus on my latest picture books, My Must-have Mum, now in paperback and soon to be joined by A Hat Full of Sea (Spring 24) - a second collaboration with illustrator, Jen Khatun.
My Must-Have Mum

My Must-Have Mum

When Jake’s mum upcycles every last thing in the apartment, Jake begins to worry that the only thing left to change is . . . him! Jake’s mum is not like most mums. Say there's a skip in the street, most mums will pass right by without a second glance. Not Jake’s mum. “Look at this, Jake!” she'll shout. “We must have this! We must have this, too! And we simply must have this!” That’s Jake’s mum for you. She’s a must-have mum. Soon Jake begins to worry that his mum will want to change him too. Should he be this way? Or that way? Or another way altogether? A heartwarming story about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son, and a little boy who learns that he is perfect just the way he is. Illustrated by Jen Khatun 
A Hat Full of Sea

A Hat Full of Sea

Grandpa Jim can only see a small square of blue sky from his hospital window so Cora decides there’s only one thing for it – she will bring him some sea to go with it! First, she brings him a hat full of sea. Then she brings him a hat full of countryside. She even brings him the moon, the black velvet night and the shimmering, glimmering stars. She empties them all out onto the hospital bed for her beloved Grandpa Jim to share. Can Cora bring the hospital ward to magical life until her grandpa is ready to go outside and play with her once more? A heart-warming story about one very special hat. Or should that be one very special girl?  
The Dressing-up Dad

The Dressing-up Dad

Danny loves dressing up. So does Danny's dad. But Danny's dad is so enthusiastic. Sometimes he goes just a little bit too far... 
Opal Moonbaby and the Out of this World Adventure

Opal Moonbaby and the Out of this World Adventure

Opal goes to school and Martha makes it her job to protect her alien identity and keep her away from the steely glare of Mrs Underedge 
Opal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project

Opal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project

First of the Opal Moonbaby books. Martha has promised never to make another friend but aliens like Opal Moonbaby are very difficult to say no to. 
Opal Moonbaby and the Summer Secret

Opal Moonbaby and the Summer Secret

It's Opal's last summer on Earth so Martha can't believe it when Mum and her new boyfriend whisk her away from Opal just for a stupid camping holiday in rainy Wales. 
The Cake, the Wolf, and the Witch

The Cake, the Wolf, and the Witch

Max is not your obvious hero. Will he and his new stepsister Nettle be able to defeat wicked witch, Babs Haggard and bring the happy endings back to the Land of Ever After? 
Milly and the Mermaids

Milly and the Mermaids

Picture book illustrated by Antonia Woodward. Seashells, wishes, whispering seas and finally...mermaids! 
Bird Girl

Bird Girl

Finch Field goes to visit her beloved Granny and Sunview-on-Sea andfinds herself at the centre of an ever so slightly spooky seaside mystery. Fantasy Friendship and Dreams. 
Owen and the Onion

Owen and the Onion

Early Reader. When one of Owen's onions grows extremely large, other things start to get out of hand too, including a very grumpy ogre. 
All the King's Tights

All the King's Tights

Early Reader (pub June 16) Kit takes his new job as Keeper of the King's Tights very seriously but then he finds some other valuable uses for the tights and soon he's in a right tangle.