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A visit from Josh Lacey

Visiting schools is an integral part of my work as a writer of children's books. I enjoy meeting readers, inspiring new generations of writers and working with young people on developing their own creativity. 

When I visit a school, I talk about the books that I have written and read aloud from them. I talk about why and how I write, discussing my ideas and inspirations. And I always leave lots of time for questions.  

I vary the event for the age of the audience, the size of the group and the amount of time available. I might talk to the whole school first, then visit individual classes to run creative writing sessions, or spend the whole day going from one class to another. 

I am based in London, but I'm very happy to travel anywhere. 


"The day was exciting. It was so cool to have an author in school. I bought his book and I can't put it down, it's great. I was really inspired by him."
"All the children (and parents) had a fabulous time meeting you and I was very impressed with the questions they asked you - all very appropriate and you answered them beautifully."
"Thank you so much for a brilliant visit yesterday. The children were so inspired and to hear an author reading his own words was just amazing."

For more information

I've prepared a short document with some more information about myself and my books, and describing what I will do during a school visit. Please email me and I'll send it to you. 

Event feedback

The event with Josh was amazing. The starting assembly engaged the whole school and the workshops with each year group made the children want to spend extra time on their work. A fantastic day!

Matt Hudson (St. Peter's C of E Junior School)

Books by Josh Lacey

I am the author of about 40 books for children, including The Pet Potato (picture book), the Dragonsitter series, A Dog Called Grk, and The Island of Thieves. My new series, the Time Travel Twins, is perfectly suited to Key Stage 2 children who are studying history; the books are exciting adventure stories full of historical information, and are about the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons, the Romans, and the Stone Age.
Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

Twins, Scarlett and Thomas, are studying the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons at school and they have a homework project to do. When Thomas is struggling for inspiration, Grandad comes to the rescue with his time machine. Thomas is catapulted onto a Viking long ship and it’s not long before he’s being told oral tales, fitted out with armour and weapons and is getting ready to attack a Saxon village. But uh oh, his sister Scarlett has landed in a Saxon village, in a pile of pig poo to be exact. Things seems to be getting better when she befriends the young Alfred the Great, but watch out, Scarlett, there’s a Viking ship on its way. 
The Dragonsitter

The Dragonsitter

'Short, sharp and funny' - Telegraph 
The Pet Potato

The Pet Potato

Albert is so desperate to get a pet, he'll take anything - a cat, a dog, giraffe... he's not fussy, so he's super excited when Dad finally brings a pet home. There's just one problem: it's a potato. 
A Dog Called Grk

A Dog Called Grk

When Tim finds an abandoned and bedraggled little dog outside his house, he can't just leave him there, even though his parents hate the idea of pets in their house 
The Island of Thieves

The Island of Thieves

Buried treasure. Ruthless gangsters. An ancient clue... 


A fearless boy with a fierce friend Pip is a blacksmith's apprentice - but he longs to be a famous knife-fighter like his dead father. Alone in London, he meets great danger... 
Hope Jones Saves the World

Hope Jones Saves the World

Hope Jones’ New Year’s resolution is to give up plastic, and she’s inspiring others to do the same with her website When she realises her local supermarket seems to stock more unnecessary plastic than food, she makes it her mission to do something about it. She may be just one ten-year-old with a homemade banner, but with enough determination, maybe Hope Jones really can save the world.