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1. My debut 'Children of the Benin Kingdom' was reviewed in the Sept 2020 edition of children's online magazine BOOKS FOR KEEPS.

"This is a fast-paced adventure story of a resourceful and feisty young girl determined to find out where she came from and where she fits into society. It is also as much about friendship and loyalty and the bonds of family as a quest for identity. The book is rich in details of village life contrasted against the bustle and splendour of the forest city.

This would be an excellent read for schools and there a helpful factual section at the back of the book placing the story in context and giving more accurate historical details"

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2.  A review by blogger Megaphonewrite



3. In October 2020, my book was recommended by 'The Reading Agency' as one of the 65 brilliant books for children


4. Booksfortopics  a company set up to help Primary school staff find high quality books reviewed my book in October. See link below

"Whether it's a curriculum linked fiction choice or simply a read for pleasure, this is a gripping adventure story that offers something fresh and original to the middle grade historical fiction market"


Event feedback

Our children had such a wonderful experience meeting the author of their current book, it is something they will remember for a life time. Dinah was able to converse with the children easily, taking on board their ideas for her next book. She answered any questions the children had and le then know about the writing process.

Miss Victoria Holder (Manor Junior School)

Dinah was absolutely fantastic!! The children were so engrossed in what she had to say and she was an amazing guest to have for our Year 5 classes. Thank you sooo much Dinah!!

Niamh Clark (Belmont Academy Erith)

Books by Dinah Orji

My debut 'Children of the Benin Kingdom' is a Historical Fiction based on the ancient Benin Kingdom in Africa Used for teaching material for KS2 primary teachers in UK. Ada finds out the truth about herself and goes on a journey to find her true heritage.


A Historical fiction based on the ancient Benin Kingdom in Africa. 


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