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  • Lancashire Fantastic Book Awards 2022 Longlist



"When Tom Vaughan came to visit St Mary's Primary, Pulborough, we had no idea that we would end up becoming authors in the making ourselves! Together, we designed a crazy bad guy and Tom inspired us all to go away and get writing.  It was brilliant to hear about the process of writing and amazing to see an ACTUAL person who has written ACTUAL books!  Some of our aspiring writers even got to share their ideas with Tom.  What a fantastic experience - thank you Tom."

Seren Hatcher, Deputy Headteacher, St Mary's, Pulborough 


Hi! I'm Tom Vaughan and I write funny middle-grade books full of lots of heart and humour. As well as plenty of laughs, my books cover important topics that are close to my heart. My debut book Bin Boy was published by Scholastic in 2021 and is about navigating the change that step-parents and blended families can bring. My second book, A Gangster Stole My Trunks touches on both divorce and dementia, as well as being a cracking whodunnit.

I regularly visit primary schools and love delivering funny, inspiring workshops for KS2 children. As well as exploring how to write funny stories and characters.

I am available throughout Yorkshire and the North-East.


"Tom was a wonderful visitor to our school. He inspired and entertained our children across the whole primary age range, telling the story of his journey towards publishing his first book, 'Bin Boy', bringing to life his cast of exciting characters and their adventures. This was such a treat for all the children." 

Samantha Rudge, Head of English, St Christopher's The Hall School, Beckenham



Nothing beats getting out there and talking to school kids in person.

I'm available for full-day visits around the North East of England, or further afield with accommodation.

These include an interactive assembly all based around Greek myth and how it has inspired me, it includes a reading, an introduction to my books, an interactive Greek myth quiz and an author Q&A. This can then be followed by interactive workshops with individual classes, where we work together to come up with ideas and turn them into three stories. For a full-day visit, I offer three workshops up to 45 minutes each.

All of this can end with a book signing, working with a local bookshop so pupils have a copy to take home.


£350+VAT for a full day visit including an assembly and/or multiple sessions, plus travel charged at 45p a mile.


"I can thoroughly recommend a visit from Tom;  he was engaging and funny! The class loved creating their own Supervillains, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions about the book and the writing process."

Jane Atkin, KS2 Lead, West Hill Primary, Wandsworth


Books by Tom Vaughan

I write funny middle-grade books with lots of humour and heart. My debut book Bin Boy was released by Scholastic in July 2021, with a second stand-alone book due to be released in 2022. Described by Scott Evans the Reader Teacher as "a right laugh" and by Lou Kuenzler, author of Our Beautiful Game and My Family and Other Ghosts, as "a brilliant, bonkers, brain-burstingly funny book" it is the story of an unlikely superhero coming to terms with the death of his father and his new step-family.
Hercules: Diary of a (Sort of) Hero

Hercules: Diary of a (Sort of) Hero

If Hercules Braver is going to survive his new secondary school,he has to live up to his name, fast. He needs to become strong and tanned and popular, like a Greek hero. Not weak and pale and unpopular, like a Greek yoghurt. 
Bin Boy

Bin Boy

Many children think their step-parents are super-villains . . . but what if they really were? 10-year-old Billy's mum has just re-married, and his new step-dad Phil is smarmy and try-hard . . . Even if he is super rich. On top of that, Billy – and his best-friend Viv – are so unpopular at school, only the IT Club rank below them in the school food-chain. And, the school bully keeps throwing bins at Billy's head. So, when Billy discovers his step-dad is a super-villain with an evil plan to destroy the entire world, it is the perfect excuse to break Phil and his mum up. But gathering evidence about a super-villain is harder than it looks, and when Billy accidentally becomes 'Bin Boy' – a superhero sensation – things become a whole lot more complicated. Suddenly the fate of the global population is on Bin Boy’s shoulders. Can he save his family and the entire world?! 
A Gangster Stole My Trunks

A Gangster Stole My Trunks

One boy's mission to take down a team of super-villains ... with the help of his boring, dishcloth-selling grandad? When Jesse's grandad wins tickets to a retirement cruise and offers to bring Jesse along, Jesse is not exactly thrilled. A boat load of old age pensioners?! No thanks. Not to mention that he's pretty sure his parents are going to be talking about a D.I.V.O.R.C.E. while he's safely out of the way. But from the moment the pair arrive on the cruise ship, it's a different story. Mysterious cat burglars, crime lords and smugglers all seem to be on board ... and odder than that, Gramps knows them all! When an attempted murder occurs, Jesse decides it's time to find out what they're hiding, and catch the villain responsible. But Gramps might be hiding the biggest secret of all ... can Jesse unravel the mystery, before time runs out? 

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