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I am a children’s author learning to embrace my individuality.

I would like to live in a world of imagination where anything could happen and the most important things are friendship and kindness. In real life, live in the small town of Halstead in Essex with my family, a mixed-up dog (LabLurchTrievOodle) Frank and a big fluffy ginger cat called Mittens.

Although my books are too young for my children now, it was their love of stories when they were little which inspired me to pick up my pen and create.

After a lifetime in sensible office jobs, I am relishing the opportunity to explore my creative side. Along with writing, this also includes author visits and workshops for schools, libraries, bookshops and events. More details below:

Author Visits
Choose from a story-time visit for Lum, Lum's Mum or Animalympics. Each visit includes story-time, a fun activity and time for Questions from the children. All the details are on my website.

I have devised workshops on storytelling and poetry based on my own experiences. I am currently working on a workshop for maps and map-reading as well. Take a look here for details of the workshops ideal for KS1 and KS2.

For reviews of my books please take a look at Goodreads.
I'll just add one testimonial received from a Primary School teacher:
"Josie brought lots of stimulating, creative objects to inspire the children’s storytelling. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."

I have written for the Daily Mail, been featured in an article in Woman's Own and been interviewed on many BBC radio stations around the UK as well as being featured in my local press. Please take a look here for links to the articles mentioned (scroll to base of page for 'Media Mentions' section).

I am based in north Essex, and am willing to travel for events (travel expenses charged at cost).

Books by Josie Dom

I have published 3 children's picture books: Lum, Lum's Mum and Animalympics. Lum and Lum's Mum encourage empathy and kindness in children who follow Lum's adventures. He goes from being a bully to being everyone's cuddly, fluffball friend - he just had to be taught how to make friends, which the children in the story do admirably. Animalympics celebrates diversity, kindness and sporting achievements. Inspired by the cancellation of the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, the animal kingdom compete instead in a full colour rhyming story.


Lum is a wonderful picture book to read aloud, drawing the young reader into a far-off place where imagination is overblown and children are scared by an unseen 'monster'. The illustrations keep the story from being too scary as the children in the book learn to cope with their fears as they search for Lum, who it turns out is more fluffball than scary monster, and they all learn a lesson as well as gaining a new friend. 

Lum's Mum

Lum's Mum is the second book, following cute, formerly lonely monster, Lum. He has lots of friends now at the school he has made his home, but he misses his Mum and so, sets off to find her. He has adventures on the way, but soon finds himself lost and a little scared. Luckily his friends come to his rescue and help him find his way to his Mum - and a special cuddle, which is something we all want, isn't it? 


Woodpecker Will presents the Animalympics! Whist the humans stay indoors, the animal kingdom takes over to hold the sporting event of the century! Join the golfing ostriches, trampolining moles and weight-lifting gorillas (plus many more) in a fun, rhyming adventure for all ages.