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Bridget Marzo

Author-illustrator of children's books, and artist

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Bridget Strevens Marzo
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  • Society of Illustrators New York Original Art Show
  • British Book Design Award Shortlist
  • SNCF prix d'album petite enfance



Mo’s Best Friend is now out with Otter-Barry books
"this immersive, beautifully illustrated picture book tells a sweet tale of stone age family life – & a new four-footed addition”  

I love using my picture books to encourage children from Nursery up to KS2 to ask questions, feel empathy with characters and create them too with pictures and/or words.   

I have an enhanced DBS and follow The Society of Author's fee guidelines.I’ve had a long experience of school, library, bookshop and festival visits in the UK, France and even in China for the Beijing Bookworm festival.   

I am proud to be a member of the Children's Writers and Illustrators for Stories and Literacy CWISL

I am happy to travel and don't always need expenses covered.

School assembly talk options

Fun interactive talk with children showing my work as an author-illustrator and how I created recent books like Mo's Best Friend, A Stone Age Story

Quick Draw Story Characters!  I get everyone drawing on a plain sheet of A4 paper to create instant characters and connect them to each other. 

Live drawing and interactive storytelling on a table with an overhead projector (or flipchart).

School classrooms and libraries

I use themes in my recent books for more in-depth class discussion and activities

Mo's Best Friend, A Stone Age Story (Otter Barry Books 2024)  Here's a great review on the School Reading List! 

A new look at the Stone-Age with a empathetic story inspired by the recent discovery of 26,000 year old dog and child paw prints.   We look at daily life of Mo and her family...'on a hill not so far from where you live now'.  Adaptable to a range of ages: 

1. Reception - Year 2   A fun interactive reading of the book (with role play in small group),   we discuss our families, what ancestors are, pets and  empathy with animals: 'dos and don'ts' when meeting dogs -  and how to respect their feelings. 

2.Years 2- 4  Stone age life and skills   How would you survive in the Stone Age without technology, shops, schools and roads?  We look at some real traces of our earliest ancestors in caves and stone circles and in 600,000 year old footprints too.   I can offer a handout for recognising animal paw prints and following their tracks.    With advance prep we can replicate some simpler skills that Mo and her family use eg sculpting, decorating a journey stick and even  'Stone Age' jewellery.

You, Me and Our Whole Wide World (Walker Books)

A useful book to develop the theme of inclusivity adaptable to all Primary classes from Reception to Year 3.  I show my sketches of people in London stations and we look at people of all ages and kinds and their diverse 'uniqueness' and different lives.  What do we have in common from youngest to oldest?    My 45min to 1 hour workshop "Same but different' starts with cut-out chains of paper people (done in class or prepared earlier depending on class age) .  Then using coloured pens, I share tips to prompt children to draw and differentiate each of their 6-8  cut-out people and make characters 'interact' with each other.  All the different people children make can then form one big ‘peace’ circle for the class.

Tiz & Ott's Big Draw (Tate UK)

With pencil and brush Tiz and Ott create a house and get carried away by a storm and draw and paint their way out of a hole.  This story inspires lots of mark making and creative story opportunities.  I share a simple step by step guide for each child to create  2 characters of their own which they can introduce to each other and create their own story book.


About Me - I am open to working locally at whatever level and as member of the Children's Writers and Illustrators for Stories and Literacy (CWISL) I work in collaborative projects too.

I've appeared on Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4  talking about the representation of Mothers in Children's Books  and continue to give talks about children's books to students and colleagues at conferences, appearing on panels about illustrated books from London ( the Association of Illustrators), Paris, Bologna BookFair, and at the SCBWI New York and was appointed the first International Illustrator Coordinator for the SCBWI)

I am English mother tongue and fluent in French.  I have translated art books including Claude Monet's letters, alongside illustrating and writing picture books.  I also have long experience of working with children  - in a bilingual kindergarten class  for ages 4-5 and in mixed age art classes.  I also taught art and 2D design and illustration for over a decade in the US-founded art school, Parsons Paris. 


Event feedback

Bridget delivered a fantastic workshop for years 2 and 3. She was engaging throughout and interacted with all the children. The children loved reading her book Mo's Best Friend and it was a great way to consolidate the learning that year 3 had done on the topic. She was incredibly generous with her time!

Saina (Thomas Buxton Primary)

Books by Bridget Marzo

MO's BEST FRIEND, A STONE AGE STORY (Otter Barry Books 2024) Mo’s Best Friend, A Stone Age Story is now out with Otter-Barry books "this immersive, beautifully illustrated picture book tells a sweet tale of stone age family life – & a new four-footed addition” The Guardian Children’s - Best New Picture Books and Novels "This engaging picture book brings the Stone Age to life... the spectacularly atmospheric illustrations will provide the perfect impetus for art ideas and literacy teachers will appreciate the onomatopoeia and expressive language. Highly recommended." Tom Tolkien,
Mo's Best Friend

Mo's Best Friend

"This engaging picture book brings the Stone Age to life. ... spectacularly atmospheric illustrations...expressive language. Highly recommended.” Tom Tolkien Booktrust article: Fantastic Stone Age Picture Books What would you do if you lived 20,000 years ago with no friends your age, no school, no books and no mobile? Track your way through the Stone Age with Mo who learns to survive with what little she has and makes friends with a small, wild creature.  
You, Me and Our Whole Wide World

You, Me and Our Whole Wide World

'You Me and the Whole Wide World by Bridget Marzo is a tonic for a generation bewildered and unsettled by the isolation and disruption of our pandemic years [...] Bridget Marzo builds a kind, all embracing world with every stroke of her brush, shining a bright light filled with hope. This is a book to treasure.' -- Candy Gourlay, Author ― BookTrust, The best children's books of the year, chosen by authors and illustrators  
Tiz & Ott's Big Draw

Tiz & Ott's Big Draw

Inspire children to draw as they follow Tiz and Ott who use their imaginations to brush and doodle and scribble and scrawl and splatter their way out of trouble and safely back to the home they drew. 


Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image
Bridget Marzo - first image