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Rona currently resides in Cheshire, but was born in Sunderland and having four older sisters, there was never a dull moment. Although quiet and reserved at school, her home life was filled with rich experiences of music, poetry, stories, and dance. Rona's creative ability as a child was outstanding but this would not be fully recognised or appreciated until adulthood.

Rona was only 9 years old when she began to compose, songs, write lyrics, stories and poems. Along with her sisters, she would create shows for the children in the neighbourhood, who would sit on the garden wall watching her perform regularly. If Rona wasn't composing songs and stories, writing poetry, or singing she would be lost in her very own creative world, where anything and everything was possible. Little did she know then that her passions would develop into a full time career and that she would become an international singer/songwriter, or that she would open a performing arts school for children, write musical theatre for children, produce children's musical theatre stage productions, and become an author of children's stories.

Rona's academic achievements include BA (Hons) World Music and Drama Studies, MSc in Social Science, Diploma in Social Work and a PGCE. Her iterest in education, welfare and a therapies, is the underpinning to her book series of Nala the Corageous Bulldog, which is a collection of stories for children, introducing them to and showing them how to develop coping strategies. The books are based on positive psychology and demonstrate activities such as mindfulness, meditation, essential oils, breathing techniques, emotional freedom technique and crystal energiy but to mention a few. Rona's books go that one step further though, as this isn't an ordinary Bulldog, Lunar is a bulldog who can sing. The books offer the opportunity for its readers to tap into several songs performed by Lunar and her friends where they can sing along with the characters. There is a range of formats, and the new book entitled Lunar the Courageous Bulldog - The Gift of Love will also be available as a book and audio/ebook. This will allow children to read along with the narrator or simply sit back, relax and hear the story. Rona's website allows children to access the current music free of charge.

Lunar The Courageous Bulldog: The Magic Forest by [Rona A. Ryan, Gabriela Novotna]       

For younger readers, Rona has written a prose in rhyme 'The Miracle of Speech' which is a Christmas story. This book was origninally performed by the younger children at Rona's performing arts school, with local theatre groups and Stage Coach. There is also a book of poems available.

Over the years Rona has been sucessful with her stories, whether through songs, musical theatre, books or performance and she has a few songwriting awards under her belt too. She was a performer for 30 years and has her own recording studio. 

Rona would like nothing more than to come and talk to you about Lunar the Corageious Bulldog and other characters that she has created and she will even do book signings.

Over the years Rona has gained experience as guest on radio, worked with children in schools, directed stage performances for children, written and produced stage plays for children, won awards, directed workshops, produced christmas plays in school, produced and directed choirs in schools, written musical theatre stories and music, performed as a motivational speaker, run writers workshops for children, performed as a singer songwriter internationally. Rona has undertaken commisioned work as a writer, she has given talks on wellbeing and coping strategies for children. She worked in schools supporting and teaching staff on alternative therapies, such as mindfulness and crystal therapy including the science behind crystals. Rona has also conducted music workshops which were based on the music that accompanies her childrens books.

Rona also offers various pojects to schools which include:


Rona has worked accross Europe as a performer, writer and teacher. She has also undertaken large projects for the military in Germany, and can devise projects to suit schools and communities.



Books by Rona A. Ryan

A rhyming Christmas story that brings a special Christmas miracle

Lunar The Corrageous Bulldog - The Magic Forest

Lunar is a courageous Bulldog. She has outstanding bravery when fighting evil, to save the great Wise Wolf in the Magic Forest. Through the power of words, never raising a paw, she uses her gifts and powers to overcome the Elves of 'Evelin the Evil', a sorcerer who lives in the Dark Forest. 'Evelin the Evil' constantly plots to take control of the world.Throughout Lunar’s adventure, she will learn the importance of staying focused, standing up for what is right, promote positive thought, learn about the needs of others and helps the Wise Wolf regain his health and secures the Magic Forest. Lunar will show the reader how to develop natural strategies, in coping with life's difficulties. Most importantly the reader will have fun with Lunar as she meets her unusual friends travelling through the Magic Forest.