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I live in the Midlands, close to the motorway, railway, and an airport, and am willing to travel for school visits, author talks, and festivals. 

What can you expect if I visit your school?

In primary schools, you can expect anything from workshops creating simple ‘three objects’ stories with younger pupils, to more detailed storytelling specifics like plotting, character development, world building or self-editing with older pupils. I have lots of ways to inspire and improve creative writing across KS1 and KS2. I tend to focus on the creative rather than the technical aspects of writing, and that freedom (for one day at least!) often enables even the most usually reluctant of pupils to produce work of unexpected quality. (And stories can always be polished in class afterwards...)

I’m comfortable delivering assembly-style talks and workshops to KS3, with talks based around how I ended up being an author, my writing process, and the stages a book goes through from first idea to publication. As a volunteer librarian at my local primary school, I am also willing to emphasise the importance of reading, and have some knowledge of what’s current in children’s literature. 

I will always do my best to tailor the visit to your specific needs.

Here's some of the feedback I've received from school visits;

"A very interactive and interesting workshop which lit the fires of creativity in many." Stamford High (staff)

"I liked everything. When can you come again?" Wolsey House Primary (pupil)

"Katherine is a kind person who engages well with the children and opens their imagination." Wolsey House Primary (staff)

"Katherine's understanding of children and school life is fantastic. The children were enthused and inspired about creative writing, with many developing new ambitions to be budding authors!" Outwoods Edge Primary (staff)

"I really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot and it's definitely helping me improve my work." St Crispin's School (pupil)

"A great session that engaged all the children and gave them a greater 'depth' to their writing." Mountfields Lodge (staff)

"This was a fabulous experience for both the children and the teachers. It promoted creativity, individuality and the imagination of the children." Holywell Primary (staff)

"We were both impressed with the workshop and you have a lovely way with the children...I think they were truly inspired by writing with a real, live author!" Limehurst Academy (staff)

If you are looking for an author for an event for adults, then I can present evening talks to adult groups, (limited mileage only) which often include a short creative exercise to demonstrate that anyone can come up with an idea for a story! My previous training experience and leadership of a small creative writing group also enables me to comfortably run creative writing sessions for adults.

I've been involved in the Loogabarooga Festival (Loughborough's very own children's illustrated literature festival) and am therefore happy to attend festivals to read or hold workshops. 

If you think I sound like the author you need, please do get in touch - maybe we'll be telling some tall tales together, soon... 

Books by Katherine Hetzel

I've written two collections of short stories for younger readers about Granny Rainbow, two middle grade stand-alone fantasy adventure novels, a series of novels for the same age called The Chronicles of Issraya, and produced a writing guide for children and novice authors. Writing for adults, I've been published in over a dozen anthologies, and published a collection of my own short stories.
Tilda of Merjan

Tilda of Merjan

Tilda has been angry with the Power and its mages ever since Pa died. Why didn’t the mages use the Power to save him? Determined to find out, she sails to Ring Isle with her Uncle Vanya, steward to the mage Silviu of Ambak. But finding answers isn’t easy, especially when a rogue mage attempts to steal all the Power of the five rings for himself and leaves the remaining four mages trying to cope with the aftermath of the attack. When Tilda tries to return a snake torc to Silviu, she is accidentally pulled through a Power-fueled portal and finds herself in Ambak. There, she realizes she’s the only one who can find the hidden ring of Ambak to restore the balance of Power to all the mages. As she tackles this challenging quest, Tilda discovers more about herself than she could ever imagine. 
Tilda and the Mines of Pergatt

Tilda and the Mines of Pergatt

Tilda's initiation is barely over, and she's taking powermaging lessons. Secretly practicing how to make illuminorbs drains her of Power - and in sneaking into the Ringroom to get a boost, she discovers the silviron in the Ringstone is tainted by the battle with Luisa. Tilda trav els to Pergatt with mage Duska in the hope of discovering more of the precious metal, enlisting the help of a team of young miners. What she finds is evidence of a cursed gemstone - and Tilda has to hope she has enough knowledge and skill to defeat its dark magic. 
Tilda and the Bones of Kradlock

Tilda and the Bones of Kradlock

Tilda needs to get rid of dark-Power tainted silviron; as Kamen, Kradlock's mage, has to cross the Merjan Straits to get home, Tilda goes with him and drops the tainted metal into the water. She discovers there's more to Kradlock than the famous Hanging Rock, colourful clothing and cavern homes... The bones of Kradlock's ancestors will test her growing abilities and her right to be called a mage. 
Tilda and the Dragons of Nargan

Tilda and the Dragons of Nargan

Tilda has been exiled to her own region, and blocked from using Power. While the other mages deal with unusual crop-destroying dragon behaviour, she gets frustrated visiting Academies and Guilds. Tilda sneaks away from her steward and secretly travels to Nargan to help, but before reaching her destination she is attacked by one of them instead. Rurik, a local Healer, saves her and tends to her wounds. While recovering from her injuries, Tilda stumbles upon a connection with the dragons, and discovers the source responsible for their actions. Can Tilda convince the other mages to leave the dragons alone and look for the real cause of the problem? 


Temple novice, Katia, wants nothing more than to do the right thing and serve the Triple Gods, but when she's forced to steal the Kingstone and change her identity in order to deliver the stone to the true heir, doing the right thing gets awfully difficult. 


Irvana doesn't know she possesses the answer to why the StarMark on Lord Terenz's cheek remains black. When he finds out Irvana's secret before she does, her life is put in terrible danger as she is forced to regain her birthright. 
Squidge's Guide to Super Stories and Becoming a Better Writer

Squidge's Guide to Super Stories and Becoming a Better Writer

It’s easy to tell a story. But it’s not always easy to write one. This book helps young writers capture their story ideas, fill them out with detail, and polish them up to be the best they can be. The informal style, whimsical illustrations, and amusing examples makes writing fun. Katherine’s emphasis on capturing story first and thinking about the rules after gives young writers permission to free their imaginations. 
Granny Rainbow

Granny Rainbow

Granny Rainbow has a knack for solving problems. Whether it's getting rid of the Black Shadow or putting the secret ingredient into perfect marmalade, she has a potion or a powder for the job. 
978 0993058615
More Granny Rainbow

More Granny Rainbow

Granny Rainbow's got even more problems to solve! Like why are Tom's bees turning blue? Why isn't the tooth fairy collecting teeth? And why is the circus leaving town even before its first show?