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  • Cumbrian Primary Schools Spellbinding Book Award 2019 - Winner
  • Lancashire Libraries Fantastic Book Award 2020 - Winner
  • Cumbrian Primary Schools Spellbinding Book Award 2022 - Shortlisted
  • SGIS Golden Cowbell Award 2023 - Shortlisted




I used to build sets for TV programmes but now I write funny, award-winning adventure stories for children. Apart from cake, I like nothing better than visiting schools to talk about reading and writing and the importance of never giving up. I offer whole-school assemblies and a range of inspirational workshops which can be tailored in advance to the requirements of the class. I've also been known to hold quizzes, judge writing competitions, open libraries and draw amusing pictures. I never leave a building without signing a postcard for every child, whether they want one or not.

My work includes the award-winning Grandma Dangerous series, and my environmental themed novel, Don't Tell Mum I Made a Mammoth, was Scholastic book of the month and is currently in the running for the prestigious 'Golden Cowbell' prize. I write for a number of magazines and contribute to several educational websites as well as lecturing on the Creative Writing BA at Bath Spa University. I currently live in Oxfordshire with four daughters, three chickens and a hamster.


School Visits

In whole-school assemblies I typically show examples of my early attempts at writing and talk about the authors who inspired me as a child. I explain where my ideas come from and the value of both perseverance and biscuits. We discuss badly-behaved grandmas and death-defying hamsters, then test the children's knowledge of fictional dogs. Hats are worn, stickers are awarded, and hundreds of questions about *being an author* are asked and answered.

I offer both writing and drawing workshops for all key stages. These normally last an hour and can be tailored to the age of the group and the needs of the school.

I am happy to travel both nationally and internationally.



Fun and interactive sessions of up to an hour. Content and fees to be agreed beforehand.



My charges are based on those suggested by the Society of Authors, though I do offer a discount for libraries, small schools and those within thirty miles of OX12. Please contact me for a copy of my terms and conditions, plus a full list of fees.



Kita Mitchell is a fabulous author and her events are always filled with fun and inspiration.
The multiple events with schools and the community that we have shared with Kita have all
found the children engaged - spellbound - though her generosity of ideas, warmth, and her
wonderful activities! From reading to writing and lots of in-between, we fully recommend an
author event with Kita Mitchell to inspire the curious and reluctant alike.
Jaqueline Diego, Jacqson Diego Story Emporium

Thank you very much for taking part in the Bookfeast Schools Festival last week. The children
and teachers loved hearing about your books, and everyone went away truly inspired and
bursting with ideas and writing tips.
Celia Maclachlan, Bookfeast Events Manager

Kita was lovely, she really held the children’s attention and was really interested to see their
reading choices. I’ve had four children come to me this morning to say they have read her
book over the weekend and it was brilliant, so funny! Thanks again, it was very inspirational.
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Barrow

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to Roose Primary School on Friday. The
children gained so much from meeting you and discussing writing. This will be a great memory
from their time at Roose and we appreciate you making the long Journey.
Roose School, Barrow


Books by Kita Mitchell

Kita wrote her first work, Cindersmella, at the age of eight. It was swiftly and cruelly rejected by publishers. The sequels, Mouldilocks and the Three Hairs, and Repunsmell, were equally badly received. Kita didn't give up, and many years later, Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny was published, followed swiftly by Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory, Grandma Dangerous and the Toe of Treachery, The House of Secret Treasure, and Don't Tell Mum I Made a Mammoth. Kita is currently working on a new, top-secret series, which she may or may not* tell you about on a visit (*can be bribed with cake).
Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny (2018)

Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny (2018)

WARNING: DO NOT GIVE THIS BOOK TO YOUR OWN GRANDMA. SHE MIGHT GET IDEAS... Ollie`s dad is missing - but Grandma Dangerous is on the case! She has a hot-air balloon, thirty packets of biscuits and a pooch with magical powers. But, as they sail through the skies, Ollie realises they're not just on a rescue mission...Grandma's on the run!!! Winner of the Cumbrian Primary Schools Spellbinding Prize 2019 Winner of the Lancashire Libraries Fantastic Book Award 2020  
Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory (2019)

Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory (2019)

WARNING: DO NOT GIVE THIS BOOK TO YOUR GRANDMA EITHER! A priceless artefact has been stolen in Russia - and Grandma Dangerous wants to find it. Nothing will stand in her way - not even some poisoned caviar, a prison break, or a spot of contemporary dance. Can Ollie and Grandma return the treasure and get back home, before being caught by the politsiya? Or - worse - before Mum finds out?  
Grandma Dangerous and the Toe of Treachery (2019)

Grandma Dangerous and the Toe of Treachery (2019)

WARNING: YET ANOTHER BOOK YOU MUSTN'T GIVE TO YOUR GRANDMA! When Grandma Dangerous finds a mysterious amulet, she is sure it’s an ancient Egyptian treasure! Can its secret power save Ollie’s hamster from certain death? Grandma and Ollie fly at top speed to Cairo in her hot air balloon. They must unlock the amulet’s power, but first they have to break an ancient curse involving a certain Dog of Destiny.  
The House of Secret Treasure (2021)

The House of Secret Treasure (2021)

A swashbuckling adventure for siblings everywhere! George isn't good at anything much. In fact, he’s pretty average. That doesn't mean he doesn't have ambitions, it’s just harder to shine when your big sister, Jess, is brilliant at everything. Then, out of the blue, George inherits a mansion from his old friend Mrs Smallbone! Hogweed Hall isn’t your average house – it was built by pirates and is full of fascinating tenants. Mrs Smallbone's mean old sisters are furious about George’s good fortune and invite themselves to stay. They’re after something at the hall, and don’t intend to leave without it. Can George find out what they’re up to and stop them before it’s too late? Nominated for the Cumbrian Primary Schools Spellbinding Prize 2022  
Don't Tell Mum I Made a Mammoth (2022)

Don't Tell Mum I Made a Mammoth (2022)

A super-funny book about eco-activism gone *WILD*! Young Percy`s parents are environmental activists, but he’d rather stay home and play X-box than go on demonstrations every weekend. When Percy discovers Mum has invented a machine that changes DNA to bring extinct species back to life, he’s roped into a crazy adventure in which everyone seems to want to get their hands on the species machine – and Percy comes to appreciate what his activist parents are fighting for. Nominated for the SGIS Golden Cowbell Book Award 2023  


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