Dawn Funnell

Dawn Funnell

Children’s Author and Storyteller

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Fiction for children, Fiction 8-13


Exciting time travelling adventures written by a professional actress and storyteller.  She has performed on Stage and TV. Dawn is a keen advocate of Children’s literature and is passionate about history and the theatre.  She is also a qualified teacher and is DBS checked. 

Books by Dawn Funnell

Temi stops with her Aunt in Norfolk. She finds a Time Machine under the streets of Norwich and begins exciting magical adventures. In the first Temi travels to ancient Egypt and in the second she travels with her friends to Victorian London.
Temira Burtons and the Pharaoh’s Treasure

Temira Burtons and the Pharaoh’s Treasure

Temira travels from London to a Market Town called Burnham in Norfolk to spend some time with her eccentric Aunt Guin. There is a family connection to the great Howard Carter. With the help of a tiny magician called Bess and a talkative Myna bird Temira travels back in time to ancient Egypt. Will she discover where the treasure is buried?  
Temira Burtons and the Magic Lantern

Temira Burtons and the Magic Lantern

In this second adventure Temira Burtons travels with her friend through time and to Victorian London.