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My experience with schools and young people comes through teaching self-awareness/bullying lessons within a senior school to kids aged nine and upwards. These were both class-based and in front of larger audiences giving talks on my experience of bullying and how I overcame it and worked to become a world champion and teacher in the Shaolin arts, eventually writing about it. 

My experience and humour have enabled me to engage with young people, and I would look at inspiring them to find a passion and pursue it. 

Because I have written everything from poetry to life experience, children's books to adult humour, I have a diverse range of topics to speak of and would love to be able to pass on the experiences that led to my becoming a writer.

Folklore and Fae are of particular interest to me, as I believe keeping traditions and characters alive is as important as the history of buildings, and I would love the opportunity to explore both and hopefully inspire children to investigate further the wonderful array of Fae that are in our traditions. Engaging with our youth and inspiring an interest in local tales is a great way of keeping them alive.

I am available for anything from half to full days and look forward to inspiring and entertaining, catering for your particular needs.


Books by Sigurd Odinsson

I have written five books of a varied selection influenced by life experience. From poetry that came through adversity to a children's book about the Fae, I write what comes to me organically, working on several projects at once, sometimes waking to make notes at odd hours. Reading was always my biggest escape, so it seemed a natural progression to write my stories, although it has taken a lot of years and life experience to reach a point where I realise that you don't have to have a University education to make yourself heard and I would love to be able to pass those lessons on to encourage others to follow their passion.

Fae Tales

The collected tales of Lindy of the Fae The Curious Fae The Boy and the Fae The Woodsman and the Fae Three enchanting stories of a little fairy and her encounters with Big people. 

Poetry of the Wyrd

The unwanted one The nowhere boy, the invisible boy Until the belt was put to his back Cracked dark leather brass buckled misery From the boy found talking to ghosts To a Heathen conversing with Gods These are my experiences My understanding of them The poetry of life between worlds The poetry of Wyrd 

Heathen Wyrd

This is the story of a difficult childhood And of the strange child who became a Heathen man Of an escape journeying to the Gods of our land, ancestry, and blood A story of poetry, Seidr and ghosts Depression and death Relationships and Identity 

Broadswords & Church Halls Tales of Shaolin

Kung Fu is organic. To flourish, it needs to grow. Stances are the bone and sinew. The teacher, the heart, and the mind. Students are its lifeblood. And Sifu’s stories its spirit and conscience. Without it, the art is nothing more than violent intent. These are the stories of a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu class covering three generations of teachers and students. Sometimes insightful, often sensible, mostly funny. These are tales of regular working people who shared a passion for something extraordinary. Teachers who passed on their skills not for monetary gain, fame or notoriety but out of a genuine love of their art. Sifu Odinsson is a third-degree black sash in Shaolin Chuan Fa. A former ICKF National and European silver medallist and World Champion with a wealth of experience in martial folk, the good, the bad and the film blind. 

Unsweetened Fairy Tales a Journey

Where and when do fairy stories start? Folk tales of Ginny Green Teeth that keep kids from drowning and moral tales like the Three Pigs teach a lesson. But what of the Princess stories? Why do they all start once upon a time? What is the point of reference, years, decades, two weeks last Tuesday? And all these princesses, how many actual Princesses were there? And how many Princes just happening on a damsel in perilous circumstances, for that matter? Tasked with discovering the truth of the stories, two young scholars journey to the origin of the tales and find much darker, sinister roots that make the stories a little less sweet and much funnier. Snow is far from White. Beast much more Beastly. Cinderella is not without sin. And Red, Oh, what big teeth you have.