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  • Nominated - CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Awards



I’m Lisa, an author/ illustrator and all round 'colourer-inner'. 

I write books, paint paintings, draw, doodle & host workshops for young and old alike.

I realised, having been drawing for well over 40 years, that aside from loving it as a career, it really makes me feel better too. SO I spend lots of my time these days doing just that. I host workshops for folk all over the world, lots in person and lots more live from my drawing board via Zoom. They are creatively inspiring but also very relaxing too, a bit of time-out giving you a monthly ‘re-boot’. 
I’ve also been working on a series of Doodling Books lately, guided drawing for you to do anytime, anywhere. They help you to feel better, and, similar to a shot of ginger & turmeric, are a SUPER BOOST for creativity too, especially if you're stuck in a bit of a rut.

Having trained as a printed textile designer at Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art, I founded my label Lisa Stickley London at the age of 22. I sold some of my very first products to Paul Smith, Designers Guild and the Cross here in London. After lots of hard work and a youthful bull-at-a-gate approach I was very lucky to collaborate with folk worldwide from Burberry, Harrods, Liberty, Tate, Selfridges, Heals, John Lewis, Boots, Debenhams and Japanese stores including Ships, Hankyu & Isetan, to name a few. I opened a shop in South London in 2007, wrote my first sewing book in 2010 and continued working in the textile world until 2015.

I took a break from business to have two little girls who sparked my passion for writing and illustrating stories for children. Inspired by our daughter’s everyday musings, I started combining the girls fresh untainted view of the world with my signature quirky style, adding in playful characters and utilising my distinctive textile patterns.

I’m very proud to have written & illustrated a number of Children’s books. I have even had the pleasure of reading a couple of them to HRH Princess Charlotte. 

In 2021 I was privileged to create illustrations for a campaign with England footballer Marcus Rashford + Aldi UK in raising awareness of Child Food Poverty, and was delighted to be invited back last year to illustrate a second campaign with Rashford and team supporting literacy.

Based in South London I host a number of local holiday ART clubs for children where we make, paint, draw, create and eat vast quantities of biscuits! I host weekly illustration clubs for local schools too.

I LOVE a school author visit, and thoroughly enjoy a packed day in a busy school doing draw alongs in assembly, followed by workshops galore where I can create characters with the children and get their creative juices flowing. Ideally these days will come with school lunch in-between, especially if there is custard on the menu! 

Having been lucky enough to have had such a varied career so far, I'd also be very happy to share my journey (the highs, lows, challenges, tears and delights) with students, soon to embark on their own career paths. I'm dyslexic and have strived hard to carve out a career that navigates the challenges, and advantages, that come with a dyslexic brain.

Mine has been a voyage of many chapters. As with many a creative career it hasn't been the smoothest, or easiest. But it's one I would never swop for anything.



Books by Lisa Stickley

Since 2016 Lisa Stickley has written and illustrated seven children’s books including Handstand, My New Room, The Wobbly Waitress and Bernard Makes A Splash!. From her textile background Lisa has also written and illustrated two sewing books, Made At Home and Makes For Mini Folk. Most recently Lisa is embracing the power of drawing to calm the mind and unlock creativity, and creates Creative Doodling books and hosts online workshops for folk worldwide, including prestigious galleries such as the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts.
Bernard makes A Splash!

Bernard makes A Splash!

WILL BERNARD EVER GET OVER HIS NERVES AND SHOW EVERYONE WHAT HE CAN DO? Bernard has been the swimming pool manager for a long time, and practices his diving at night when no one else is around. When his swimming pool holds a contest for high-diving hounds from around the world, he hopes that he can work up enough courage to compete. This lovely story from the author of The Wobbly Waitress is a heart-warming tale about trying new things, even when we might need a bit of help to find the courage to do it. * Gives readers the positive message that all you need is a little bit of courage and self-confidence and you can do anything * A distinct and humerous rhyming text about the difficulties of putting yourself out there and trying something new * Lisa Stickley's fun and colourful illustrations bring her wonderful characters to life * Lisa Stickley was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Children's Book Award 2018 
The Wobbly Waitress

The Wobbly Waitress

Pop in to the Zoo Café for a sandwich or two and meet the waitress, Mabel and her friends. Mabel is one of the best waitresses you ll ever meet, but today there s a problem . . . Mabel has the hiccups! And suddenly, spaghetti bolognese is flying, ice cream sundaes are tumbling and the customers are less than pleased! Will her friends find a way to cure Mabel s hiccups and save the day? Full of zest and humour this book will have fans young and old laughing out loud. 
Bake Like Mummy

Bake Like Mummy

This tasty picture book takes kids into the kitchen for some delicious fun! Measure, sift, pour, mix: it's baking time for Mummy! Whether they're whisking meringues, whipping up brownies, or making cookies, buns, or a Swiss roll slathered with cream, Poppy loves helping her mother in the kitchen. There are so many interesting things to play with, including jugs, colourful spoons, and a sieve that makes flour fall like snow. What fun! This beautiful book is perfect for little girls who want to be "just like Mummy." 
Dress Like Mummy

Dress Like Mummy

Every little girl likes to DRESS LIKE MUMMY! This fun picture book celebrates mother-daughter togetherness. Poppy loves to dress like mummy - especially when she can choose all her favourite colours, including a red dress with spots like bright tomatoes, a jacket as blue as the sea, garments of lemon yellow or pebble grey, and luminous lime-green boots and umbrellas. This beautiful, large-format book has a pretty synthetic fabric cover and funny, funky contemporary art that will delight children. AGES: 2 to 5 
The New Baby

The New Baby

Lisa Stickley’s third children’s book is all about the first year in the life of a baby, as told by his big sister. From first arriving home to sitting up and crawling, and with sound effects to accompany the actions, this book is a voyage of discovery, full of fun, wonder and beautiful observation. 'It’s charming and true-to-life … The quirky collage and doodle artwork has a lovely childlike quality.’ ― Gurgle Magazine "This is a book full of delicious sound imagery ... Lisa Stickley’s illustrations are quirky and colourful. The visual fun, coupled with her playful narrative voice and ear for sound, make this book a treat to look at and to read aloud. It would be the loveliest book to read with the older siblings of new babies." -- Armadillo ― Book Review 
My New Room

My New Room

Packed with quirky and funny illustrations, this charming children's story covers the theme of coping with big changes in an easy-to-read and friendly way. In her second book, Lisa Stickley tells the story of a Edith who has made the big move into her new house, with her big bedroom and a big bed. But Edith is only little, so her toys are all arranged around the room and they help her to settle in. Join Gary Guardsman, Osbert T Octopus, Major Ted and the other toys as they give a guided tour of the room and the role each of them plays in keeping the room safe, tidy and happy. 
Handstand: A Kind Of Counting Book

Handstand: A Kind Of Counting Book

Little Edith loves to do handstands. But is she any good at them? Can she actually stay upright? In her 7 days of perseverance she learns the power of practice. Thwarted by spiders, worms and her dad's newspaper, Edith tells her tale of mastering the art of being upside down. All the while, readers will be counting down the seconds with her and learning the days of week, in her story that ends with the prize of an ice lolly. Beautifully illustrated by leading designer Lisa Stickley, this is a lovely book to cherish and learn from. A light hearted tale that will teach children one of life's great secrets: practice makes perfect. Suitable for ages 3 to 6. 
Makes For Mini Folk

Makes For Mini Folk

A stylish craft guide for adults, Makes for Mini Folk covers a range of makes for children from newborn babies to older children with a wide range of original projects from homeware to toys and clothing. Projects for mini minis (6 months and under) include a gorgeous mobile, practical bib and lovable toys, whilst later chapters cover instructions for a range of stylish clothes including an overall and romper. Practical and playtime projects range from a lunch bag to a hobby horse and even a pop-up shop for unforgettable play times. Super-sized projects such as giant cushions and a hopscotch picnic mat bring your handiwork into your home, whilst the teepee project extends the excitement to the garden. Lisa Stickley’s signature style ensures that all of the projects are stylish, quirky and original and guarantee endless enjoyment for both children and adults. 'The perfect accompaniment for crafters with little ones.' ― Prima Makes ‘This delightful book is bursting with magical projects for the youngsters in your life.' ― Sew 
Made At Home

Made At Home

Your guide to sewing for your home! Whether you're furnishing your first home or apartment or looking to liven up a single room, you'll find irresistible projects inMade at Home. With thorough instruction and fabulous designs, you'll soon be sewing for every room in your house. Inside Made at Home, you'll find: Over 30 original projects designed by Lisa Stickley including aprons, window treatments and table linens Step-by-step instructions and illustrations to guide you through each project A basic techniques section and additional techniques in the projects to build your sewing skills, including how to measure and cut patterns, sew and finish seam, stitch hems and buttonholes With timeless classics and current trends, Made at Home has everything you need to create the sewn projects that make your house a home. 


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