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Age 7 to 11


Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

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Fiction 8-13


I've wanted to be an author since I first realised you were allowed to do it as a job, and talking to children about writing is one of my favourite parts of the job I now do. It's incredibly important to me that each child realises that they can write and tell stories, no matter if they think they're 'good' at writing or literacy. I'd love to come and share the joys of imagination with you!

I'm available within my local community of the Tyne Valley and surrounding areas, Northumberland and Durham, and I can offer virtual events for schools further afield.

Options available: Single sessions / Half Day Visit / Virtual Sessions

• Class talks (Writing as a job / why imagination is important / themes in writing etc)

• Discussion groups (based on a theme from one of my books (lockdown, reconnection) or the journeys of the characters)

• 'From Idea To Book' group sessions

• Q&A session

• Writing magic workshops (these are a firm favourite with students!)​

• Astonishing Animals Workshop

Please let me know if there are particular themes or things that you'd like to talk about with me. I'm happy to mix things up!

All prices are based on Society of Authors' recommendations.

Books by Jen Jones


Kingdom Of Birds

A poisoned king. A mysterious dragon. Myths becoming real. Haydn must take his dad's flag to the Sacred Garden, but the stolen dragon egg in his bag needs returning to the nest before its mother ravages the island. Elfridie must save her poisoned father, but finding an antidote means leaving everything she's ever known and traveling alone across the island, in search of people she thought were myths. Dragons have always lived peacefully on the northern shores of the Kingdom of Birds, considered nothing more than a myth by most of the Kingdom's inhabitants...until one day, the ancient, mythical Tibowara lands on the mountains, and the old myths become real. When a Tibowara roars, it emits Dust, not fire, and if you breathe in this Dust you will lose your mind… Thrust into a storm of magic and darkness, can Elfridie and Haydn carry out their quests before the Tibowara ravage the island, and nobody in their right mind is left to tell the tale? 

Merryshields: The Island In The Attic

What if you opened an ordinary door in the attic and discovered a desert island, complete with palm trees, parrots… and pirates?Merryshields isn’t your average big country house - it’s massive, mysterious, and undoubtedly the most magical mansion the world has ever seen. Hidden deep in the countryside, abandoned for years, it is surrounded by trees and filled with secrets bursting to be discovered. When cousins Piper, Jack, Willow and Kit move into Merryshields, the magic is beyond exciting… at first. A silver dog?! A ghostly cook?! A self-drawing map that shows treasure?! But then the cousins spy a flag waving from a window high among the rooftops and before they know it, the magic of Merryshields begins to intensify… Behind the attic room door, pirates Johnny Two-Legs and Taishi are awaiting rescue from Bad Babs, the Witch of the Seas, who raises storms, senses gold and steals children. But before Piper, Jack, Willow and Kit can rescue them, they find themselves trapped as Babs sails nearer - and her sights are set firmly on the Merryshields treasure that she can sense through the waving palms… Can the children save themselves, their friends and their beloved magical house?