David Salariya

David Salariya

Author, Illustrator, creator and designer of books for children.

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David Stewart/Max Marlborough
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I'm  David Salariya, I am the founder and (former) publisher of The Salariya Book Company based in Brighton. I am an illustrator, designer, author and creator of books for children.

I was born in Scotland and am of Indian heritage. I have created, and designed over fifty series - probably the best known would be the You Wouldn’t Want To be... series…selling in 35 languages and sixteen million copies globally.

I have been working in publishing for more than 40 years. I have conceived, imagined, structured designed and published hundreds of books for some of the most well known publishers in Italy, the UK and the USA, and for organisations as varied as the Historic Royal Palaces, the Mary Rose Trust and The Tank Museum.

Visiting schools as a working author, illustrator and publisher is an opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm with children and teachers.

Workshop Title: Words and Pictures

Where Ideas Come From and how to develop them.

Hello, I am an illustrator, book creator, designer author and publisher, and today, we're looking at words and pictures in books - and the process of how a book is made.

Introduction: I'll start by talking briefly about my work, my background and my journey creating and publishing books for children. We'll explore how ideas come to life through illustrations and stories.

Artwork and Printed Books: Let's look closer, I'll open my portfolio to show artwork and printed books, giving an insight into the creative process from conception to the final book. Showing the start of an idea in thumbnail sketches and pencil roughs for a few of my books.

Exploring Non-fiction, fiction and picture books: Now, let's talk about the different forms of children's picture books - from board books to pop-ups. You may recognise some favourites! We'll explore the diverse world of books.

Author, Illustrator & Publisher:

Have you ever wondered how a book begins as just an idea? I'll explain the roles of the writer, illustrator, designer, and publisher, revealing how they all contribute to bringing a book to life. Original artwork and drawings in progress will be our guide.

Developing ideas: We'll discuss the power of ideas and imagination and where ideas come from.

Q&A Session: Now, it's your turn! Ask me anything about books, illustrations, or the creative process. Let's make this interactive!

Group Brainstorming: Let's put our imaginations to the test. We'll have a group brainstorming session to generate illustration and book ideas based on suggested topics or themes from your school curriculum.

Planning a book We’ll work on a short book idea (School to select a topic to fit in with curriculum) and develop the idea and interests of children).

Storyboarding: Using storyboard sheets I provide, you'll work on developing your ideas. Whether it's the after life of an Egyptian Mummy or why You wouldn’t want to sail on the Titanic or be a Victorian Schoolchild. Let your creativity flow onto paper. Remember, there are no wrong ideas!

Individual Picture Books: Once your story is ready, we’ll transfer your ideas, drawings, and words into individual blank picture books that I'll provide. I'll share some handy tips on how to do this.

One-on-One Guidance: I'll walk around, talking to each of you about your thoughts and ideas. If you're stuck, I'm here to help. Together, we'll make your ideas work!

This workshop is a journey into imagination, creative writing, character creation, drawing, and design. While we may not complete the picture book in our time today, the process will kickstart your creative journey. 

Let's embark on this adventure of creativity and become makers of books together!

Books by David Salariya

I have created, written and designed different kinds of books for children from first books for babies, early learning for pre-schoolers, picture books, non fiction and art instruction books. I founded The Salariya Book Company in 1989, publishing books which prized innovation, humour and quality above all else. I see books as an invaluable learning and development aid, especially in a child's early years.
You Wouldn't Want To Be An Ancient Egyptian Mummy

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Get ready... As a wealthy ancient Egyptian you are about to drop dead! To enter the afterlife you body must go through extraordinary processes to become a Mummy. How is a Mummy's brain pulled out through it's nose? What are a Mummy's false eyes made from? What is a body stuffed with to make a realistic looking Mummy? 
You Wouldn't Want To Sail On The Titanic

You Wouldn't Want To Sail On The Titanic

The year is 1907, and you are the manager of a prestigious shipping company. You decide to plan and build the largest and most luxurious ship in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean. At this point, you definitely want to sail on the Titanic. Little do you know that the ship is sailing straight towards disaster...!  
You Wouldn't Want To Be Tutankhamen!

You Wouldn't Want To Be Tutankhamen!

You are Tutankhamun, ruler of Egypt for a brief but turbulent period. You oversaw a national change in religion and then died mysteriously at only 19 years old. Since your body was first examined experts have been unable to agree how you died, and you have been blamed for a ‘mummy’s curse’ that sought revenge on those who disturbed your eternal rest.