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  • Winner Picture Books - Inclusive Books for Children Awards 2024
  • Shortlist - Spark! Book Awards 2024
  • Longlist - UKLA Book Awards 2024
  • Longlist - Derby Children's Book Award 2024
  • Shortlist Nevada Young readers Award 2023
  • American Library Association - Schneider Family Honor Book 2023
  • Shortlist - UKLA Book Awards 2022
  • Shortlist - Little Rebel Book Awards 2022
  • Cambridge Read It Again Picture Book Award 2014


I've just made a new website www.karengeorge.me. You can see my books and photos from school visits there!


I'm currently taking bookings for World Book Day 2025 - and the summer/autumn terms 2024.


I love school workshops and spending time with children as they explore their own ideas. I prefer to work with individual classes or year groups, but can be persuaded to do an assembly if drawing is involved...I start off every session with a story, followed by some live drawing with suggestions from the children – great for modelling imperfect drawings and being brave, as they invariably ask for something I’m not confident in producing! Then over to the children to add their drawings to a collaborative artwork – I will bring a large painting with me and spend the rest of the session talking and drawing with them.  

For a writing/illustration workshop, we will develop characters and stories using music as a springboard. I can also talk about the process of making picture books using my own preparatory drawings and sketchbooks. These workshops are suggested starting points, I am always happy to be flexible and fit in with your school’s particular needs. I really enjoy working with SEND schools and developing inclusive activities for their students.  

Ideally, the workshops last 60 minutes for year 2 upwards and 30 minutes for younger children – I'm happy to visit as many classes as fit into your school day. I charge £350 for a full day and £200 for half a day (will negotiate for multiple days). I’m based in Bristol and am willing to travel if expenses are met.  

I’m a primary school librarian, passionate about reading for pleasure - and am DBS checked.  


We absolutely loved having Karen to visit our school! She spoke to our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 learners who were all captivated by her stories and drawing during her visit. Karen shared her book 'What Happened to You?' and showed the children how she drew character with lots of expression. She then rolled out a huge drawing of a pirate ship and invited the children to have a go at drawing the ship's crew! 

An absolute highlight for the teachers was seeing some of our EAL (English as a second language) children fully engaged and able to join in with the event as they were able to clearly follow all of Karen's instructions and ideas. 

All of the children were inspired by Karen's visit and lots having been drawing characters since. We also love to see our new pirate ship shared artwork on the wall too - thanks Karen!   Mangotsfield Primary School, Bristol 


'On behalf of everyone at Clifton High School, we wanted to say a huge thank you for your incredible workshop. Your expertise and passion shone through, inspiring all the students who participated. The workshop sparked their creativity and imagination, and it was evident by the smiles on their faces that they had a wonderful time. We are especially grateful for the giant football pitch and pirate ship posters you generously provided. The children absolutely adored them - they are fabulous additions to our classrooms. Thanks for making World Book Day Week so special. We look forward to hopefully collaborating with you again in the future!'   Clifton High School Bristol 



Books by Karen George

Mr Mornington's Favourite Things

Mr Mornington's Favourite Things

My friend Mr Mornington has always lived next door to us. His favourite things are gardening and eating cherry cake and playing his saxophone. He's not the best rememberer, though. A little girl lives next door to Mr Mornington, who has played saxophone all over the world. These days, he's a bit tired of all that travelling, so now he plays it just for her. Together, they have a favourite song: one that conjures up memories of all their favourite things. But when Mr Mornington moves into a care home, his young friend wonders if he'll be able to remember her – or any of his favourite things at all... perhaps there's something she can do to help? This heartfelt and gently humorous picture book explores the subject of dementia in an original way. Drawing on themes of music therapy and the value of community and intergenerational friendship, it has a warm yet realistic ending that will help readers to process their own feelings of loss. Includes Mr Mornington's famous cherry cake recipe at the back of the book, so you can try one of his favourite things. 
You're So Amazing!

You're So Amazing!

When people meet Joe, they often treat him as Amazing Joe or Poor Joe. But can’t he just be . . . Joe? One-legged Joe is ‘amazing’. He knows this because wherever he goes people always tell him he’s amazing. Amazing for sliding down the slide, for kicking a ball . . . even walking to get an ice cream, or even just eating an ice cream. Of course, being Amazing Joe is better than being Poor Joe . . . A groundbreaking picture book which explores how we respond to disability. 
What Happened To You?

What Happened To You?

The first ever picture book addressing how a disabled child might want to be spoken to. What happened to you? Was it a shark? A burglar? A lion? Did it fall off? Every time Joe goes out the questions are the same . . . what happened to his leg? But is this even a question Joe has to answer? A ground-breaking, funny story that helps children understand what it might feel like to be seen as different. 
Mama Car

Mama Car

A joyful celebration of the wheelchair and how its user becomes a permanent lap to snuggle on! The Mama Car has big wheels and a soft cushion and a bridge, and it can take you outside and anywhere and right back home again. The Mama Car has so many things, but the best thing is, it has Mummy. All aboard the Mama Car! The Mama Car can take children on adventures, big and small. Even just going to the kitchen for snacks becomes an exciting expedition . . . And when a child falls and hurts herself, the Mama Car is always there, and so is Mummy. 
Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

Written by Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, and illustrated by prize-winning Karen George, Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou! is a gentle and playful bedtime read - full of fun sounds to join in with time and time again. One night, a little ghost glides into Lydia Lou’s room to scare her. But no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t wake her up. He thinks perhaps some of his noisy animal friends could help but they have no luck either. Not even a noisy baby will do the trick! From ghosts booing to cats mewing, will anything wake up Lydia Lou?  
Freddie and the Fairy

Freddie and the Fairy

Written by Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, and illustrated by Karen George, Freddie and the Fairy is a delightfully witty, rhyming tale. Freddie wants nothing more than a pet, so when the fairy Bessie-Belle offers to grant his wishes, he knows just what to ask for. But Bessie-Belle can’t hear very well and Freddie tends to mumble, which means the wishes aren’t turning out as planned! Whatever can they do? Luckily the Fairy Queen is on hand to help. 
Hugh Shampoo

Hugh Shampoo

Hairier than Hairy Maclary, dirtier than Dirty Bertie, more shocking than Shock-headed Peter, Hugh Shampoo is a boy who will make you gasp, laugh, and wish for a hair-care regime to rival Justin Bieber's! Hugh Shampoo won't go near scissors, brushes, or shower attachments. He simply hates having his hair washed or combed or tampered with in any way. So he's not a particularly unusual little boy. What's more unusual is that his parents are both hairdressers. Poor Hugh! But then, when his parents decide to enter the 'scissor showdown' contest, things are about to change for Hugh . . . and his messy head of hair. A story told with humour and energy and one that tackles the familiar tussle over hair-washing faced by parents and children everywhere.