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Elizabeth Hopkinson

Historical fantasy and fairy tales with asexual representation

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Age 16 to 18+, Further Education, University, Adult


Fable, Fairy tale, Fan fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Historical fiction, Legend, Mythology, Mythopoeia, Short story

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Alphabet, Anthologies, Fiction for young-adults


  • James White Award 2005



Award-winning author of historical fantasy and fairy tales with asexual, nonbinary LGBTQIA+ and disability/chronic illness/mental health representation. I offer talks, readings and workshops to age 16+. Specialising in LGBTQIA+ groups, and workshops using myths, legends and fairy tales to explore issues.
My main readership is in the 18-27 age bracket. My books sell in LGBTQIA+ bookshops around the country - and world - including the famous Gay’s the Word, London. I also host the Asexual Fairy Tales podcast. My short stories have appeared in many anthologies and magazines, and been performed by Liars’ League London on several occasions.

My journey to professional publication began with fan fiction, and I remain part of the fandom community. I was a contributor to the OFMD fanzine The A-Z of Ed Teach, which raised over $5,000 for LGBTQIA+ charities.
I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and will undertake visits within the Yorkshire/East Lancashire area, as well as virtual workshops, readings and panel interviews. 
I am currently working on the next book in the Angelio series, and a crowdfunded book of diverse and inclusive saints.

Example visits and workshops

A 2 hour workshop using medieval Breton werewolf story “Bisclavret” to explore issues of guilty secrets and silent victims.

A 1 hour workshop on How To Update Your Folklore, with quickfire writing exercises.

Talk with readings from Asexual Fairy Tales about how traditional tales helped me identify as asexual.

Talk with readings from Cage of Nightingales, introducing the Italian castrati of the 18th century as our LGBTQIA elders.

Bookshop signing visit with optional readings.

Work History

Places/events at which I have performed my work include: Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe, Leeds LGBT+ Literature Festival, Bradford Pride Festival, Centre for Folklore, Myth & Magic (Todmorden).
Author visits include: University of Huddersfield LGBTQ+ Society, Farsley Library Writers’ Group, SOUND (16-19 youth group) at Equity Partnership Bradford LGBTQ+.

I have given numerous talks and workshops on fairy tale/mythology/fantasy themes at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School. I have also run workshops for: WUR Bradford, Out on the Page (virtual), Clayton Baptist Church, Arachne Press (virtual).

I was a (virtual) panel guest on Stonewall’s first ever Ace/Aro panel.

I was filmed by the BBC as part of their This Is Bradford project.

Own Voices Statement & Access Needs

I identify as asexual and greygender (she/they). I have lived with chronic depression/anxiety from the age of 16, and with fibromyalgia since 2016. I am probably neurodivergent (undiagnosed).

It is because of my health conditions that I have limited my visits to the local area and virtual events. I may consider visits outside the local area in special circumstances, but would probably require overnight accommodation. If being invited to a full day event, I would require rest breaks and a quiet room.

Terms & Conditions

My fees are in line with the Society of Authors recommendations, but I am willing to negotiate something affordable in the case of small charitable and community groups.
I have public indemnity insurance as part of my SoA membership. As a condition of this, I must not be left alone with children or vulnerable adults.
Authors visiting a school/college/university on an irregular “volunteer” basis are not required to have a DBS, but I do have an Enhanced Disclosure from a previous job. 
Please consult the full SoA guidelines and Inklusion guide for authors speaking at events.




“Elizabeth is a skilled facilitator who blends just enough teaching to provide content with creative exercises which stimulated us to create worlds about which I wanted to write”.

- Swanwick Writers’ Summer School 

”I really enjoyed the reading! Being an asexual myself I’m really glad you wrote this book! I hope you continue writing!”

- University of Huddersfield LGBTQ+ Society

“As a new writer, I found your talk very interesting and useful. Thank you.”

- Farsley Library Writers’ Group

“Elizabeth, primarily a writer of fantasy fiction who has published in both short story and novel form, led us through a wonderful workshop where we generated ideas of change and transformation through storytelling. Many thanks to Elizabeth for facilitating such a sensitive and thoughtful workshop – it was so good.”

- WUR Bradford


Praise for the Asexual Fairy Tales series

”What Elizabeth Hopkinson has done is brought aces to the forefront in these pieces of writing. It’s an incredible and necessary thing!”

- AVEN (Asexual Visibility & Education Network)

Asexual Myths & Tales is a fairy tale connoisseur’s delight. The stories are both fresh and familiar, delicately told, and filled with magic, romance, heartache and wonder.”

- Leife Shallcross. Author of The Beast’s Heart

”We always have a huge demand for asexual themed books, but sadly there’s just not that many good titles around at the moment. Both Asexual Myths & Tales and Asexual Fairy Tales sell really well for us and we’ve had amazing feedback from our customers for both of them. We literally can’t wait to read the latest ace stories from Elizabeth.”

- Gay Pride Shop, Manchester

“We are SO excited to hear of a new collection of Asexual Tales from Elizabeth - the first two have been a huge success for the bookshop. When there is so little asexual representation in print it’s really thrilling as booksellers to be able to offer brilliantly written and produced titles offering just that to our readers - we will always welcome more!”

Lighthouse - Edinburgh’s Radical Bookshop


Praise for Cage of Nightingales

“A beautiful historical fantasy that shows how rash judgements can not only be wrong, but life changing. The 18th century world Hopkinson builds is both beautiful and terrifying… Hopkinson is an expert in crafting magical realism in her works and this book is no exception.”

Lindsey Barger, Read With Lindsey Book Reviews

”The historical fantasy world of this novel is brought to life with impeccable skill, making it vividly imaginable… Disability is portrayed in a way which is in keeping with the society of the time whilst still positive and nuanced. The intense feelings of the young characters as they grow and process significant traumas is depicted with authenticity and never sensationalised… A truly fascinating, often suspenseful and rewardingly complex narrative”.

Amazon reviewer



Books by Elizabeth Hopkinson

I am the author of 5 books and over 100 short stories, including the Angelio and Asexual Fairy Tales series.

Cage of Nightingales (Angelio Book 1)

In a highly-structured eighteenth-century society, the city state of Angelio is known for two things: its music, and its guardian, the Archangel Michael. At Angelio’s music school—nicknamed the Cage of Nightingales—castrato singer Carlo is headed for fame at the opera … at the price of personal freedom. Charity pupil Tammo hates the school and everyone in it, and wants to live in the woods, charming birds with his flute. When Tammo meets Carlo, their lives change forever. With the help of the Archangel, they can grant to each other whatever their hearts desire. But staying true isn’t easy, and their choices will affect not just their futures, but that of Celestina—a young aristocrat destined to be the third person in their relationship. 

Asexual Fairy Tales

Almost everyone knows the familiar fairy tale ending: the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after. Or do they? Once upon a time, our ancestors were much more honest and open about the spectrum of human sexuality. Among the fairy tales and myths they told were stories of androgynes, neither male nor female; of women and men who resist sex and marriage for other kinds of love; of chaste romances, miraculous childbirth and bodily transformations. These are the asexual fairy tales you will find in this book. These tales come from many places: from Grimms’ Fairy Tales to The Thousand and One Nights, from Greek mythology and Arthurian legend to the silent films of the 1920s and from Scandinavia to Japan. Retold, reimagined, and sometimes reinvented as new stories for the 21st century, these stories will change the way you think about fairy tales, and bring asexuality out of the closet.  

Asexual Myths & Tales

Once upon a time, our ancestors told tales of asexuality, symbolic stories that hint at other identities: a princess who grows a beard to escape marriage, a knight who forsakes his wife's bed to become a werewolf, a goddess with detachable parts, a planet where everyone is asexual. Drawn from many times and places, retold and reimagined for the 21st century, Elizabeth Hopkinson's second book of myths and tales brings asexuality out of the closet and gives it the history it has been denied. 

More Asexual Fairy Tales

A girl who crafts a husband from marzipan. A man who thinks he’s made of glass. A nonbinary sibling who succeeds where their brothers fail. An origin story for the asexual flag. In this third collection, Elizabeth Hopkinson collects, combines and reinvents tales from Spain to China, El Salvador to India, bringing asexual identities to the fore. With original stories about a gender-swapped Cinderella, a poster in love, and a queer platonic relationship, this is her most inventive collection yet. 

Silver Hands

A mysterious pendant. A sinister suitor. And an epic chase to the Edge of the Map... 1706. The rival Dutch and English East India Companies sail the world s oceans, bringing back exotic treasures and tales of fantastical lands. In coastal Hollyport, Margaret faces a terrible choice: to abandon herself to a marriage that could erase her very soul, or to risk all aboard a ship bound for dangerous waters. With her betrothed husband, the sinister Mr Van Guelder in pursuit, Margaret embarks on a journey like no other: where pirates, flying islands and secret empires await; along with unexpected friendship from troubled young nobleman Taro, whose estate holds surprises and sorrows of its own. But Van Guelder is never far behind, nor is the power of the mysterious lodestone round his neck, and Margaret will have to learn the true nature of suffering before she can ever be free.