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Philippa Joyner

Author of Children's Magical Realism, and Adult Humour

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Honey Hollings or Pippa
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My name is Philippa and I believe that writing is one of the wonders of life that costs nothing when you scribe thoughts with pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards, or plumes to parchment - whichever helps you most!)

My first collection of books, The Anouka Chronicles, I am happy to say, is based on the whimsical, magical realism traits of my own children. They shan't sue me for deformation of character. They play wondrous characters and meet witches and goblins and stinky art teachers, and werewolves and time travel and chimney sweeps from 1899, and talking stags and tiny men and mothers who cannot abide their spells not working. Surely that is fantasy?

I started out writing for enjoyment on personal commutes to London as a PA. You'd think that the latent train delays and the bustle of noisy commuters would surely turn anyone off from concentration? But, I found the opposite. I managed to fall into the lull of voices, wheels and phones and play that to my advantage (okay, a few grumbles if I didn't get a seat, but that was few and far between as I live way out in "Greater Bungchip", Kent. You shan't find that on the Ordnance Survey Map if you had just started to look; I made it up. Fictional. Do you think I would tell you where I lived after creating and publishing the first two Honey Hollings books? The second book in the self-deprecating Honey Hollings series, A Walk on the Wild Side? The upside of writing fictions is you can create "purely coincidental characters" otherwise, by now, I'd likely be in prison!) :)

I was so lucky to be asked by Waterstones for a collection of book-signings which were such delightful affairs. Children and parents meeting me? What more could one ask for of a Saturday?

I visit prep and state schools regularly to encourage, to entertain and to help instil a sense of fun and magic into the lives of children. A live talk with a person is far more intriguing than wondering if what if? - if you are an inspiring author? Books entertain and teach and guide and create a familiarity and a resonance between the words and the reader. One recent school for World Book Day 2019 was a fantastically wonderful invite to Sutton Valence Senior School.

"World Book Day

07 March 2019

On Thursday, the First and Second Forms celebrated World Book Day by having a visit from local children’s author, Philippa Joyner.  Philippa has written a fantasy series called The Anouka Chronicles and was recommended to us by Waterstones. She writes about quirky, magical characters and her books are fast-paced and full of magic, mystery and suspense.

Philippa spoke about her inspiration and also encouraged our pupils to write their own stories.  The children had a chance to see how different their ideas would be. They wrote a short piece of creative writing in threes and then read it out to everyone.  There were certainly some very original ideas – so perhaps we have some budding authors in our midst!"

Mrs Carter
Librarian: Sutton Valence Senior School

I've also lectured from an author stance to the WI. And only two of them fell asleep.

Here is the Author Link to my works, and I am happy to say that the writing is just part of the fun. Meeting people who like my work, and signing books for real, is the icing on the mountain!!!!

“Anyone looking for a new Children’s fantasy series should look no further than Philippa Joyner’s ‘Anouka Chronicles’. Full of magic, mystery and suspense you can’t help but be drawn into their world. Perfect for readers in the 9-16 age range, great for Harry Potter fans looking for an alternative fantasy world to get absorbed into.” - Sarah, Waterstones, Maidstone, U.K.

“The books feature an abundance of parallel worlds, mystery, peril, suspense and well-written protagonists which readers can empathise with easily. They bear comparison to Philip Pullman, C.S Lewis, Alan Garner and Kiran Millwood-Hargrave, and will be loved by fans of these authors.” - Paul, Waterstones, Ashford, U.K.

"We really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into your submission. There is much to enjoy – you have a lovely, warm and engaging voice." HarperImpulse

Best wishes



Book reviews
The Anouka Chronicles:

“Philippa shows great skill in making her engaging characters spring to life.”

“Philippa Joyner’s debut novel grabs you from the very first page. It is extremely well thought out, very visual, and Philippa shows great skill in making her engaging characters spring to life as individuals you care about. Readers will find themselves quickly drawn into their unique and fast paced adventures. Full of excitement, quirky humour and magical wonder. A real page turner this. I bought it as a present and read it all in one go before wrapping it up. It deserves more stars, but five is the maximum available to give! I have a feeling that Anouka will entrance a great many readers. Read it - you’ll be hooked!” “I read this in two days and loved it. Couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Now to convince my 11 year old reluctant reader to give it a go... I think he would love it too. I can’t wait for the next adventure. Reminded me a little of the Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton) but more up to date, grown up and exciting.”

“Brilliant brilliant read.....providing you can get your kids to let you read them!”

“Ordered Book two today! Can’t wait to see if Anouka is as spooky as the cover!!! If you love C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, then The Anouka Chronicles also needs to be let out the wardrobe! Pick up a copy of William’s werewolf encounter (which is far better than getting into strife with his sister, Belle Joy.)”

“This clever author has written a sequel, The Silver Chalice! You should totally buy it. Unless you haven’t read the first one. In which case you should buy them both!”

“Brilliant brilliant read - Well written with quirky characters who are realistic throughout! Heartily recommended for Narnia fans as this is like a Contemporary Narnia! V. Funny. I found this new author online in the U.K. at her initial launch perhaps.”

Event feedback

This was a wonderful event. The author is so vibrant and explanatory and had so much time for me buying and choosing my books from her. The books are magical! Well done, Philippa and good luck!

The Hollingbourne Christmas Fayre (The Hollingbourne Christmas Fayre)

The children and staff at Oaks absolutely loved working with Pippa on our World Book Day event. Pippa inspired children with her own stories, ran engaging workshops with children which were inclusive, supportive and challenging for all abilities. We would absolutely love to welcome Pippa back to Oaks in the future to inspire the next generation of authors!

Thomas Moore (Oaks Primary Academy)

Books by Philippa Joyner

Philippa W. Joyner has worked professionally as a P.A. for two decades, but in 2013 she was inspired by her children’s whimsical offerings and active imaginations. The author originally grew up in Hertfordshire, and completed her studies at Bangor University, Wales gaining a B.A. Hons with Distinction in French and Theatre. She currently resides in her chocolate box village in Kent at the foot of the North Downs with her husband, two children, a newly acquired naughty puppy, and a multitude of wildlife which inspired her next collection of adult books akin to Bill Bryson's wild travels.
The Anouka Chronicles: The Old Oak Tree

The Anouka Chronicles: The Old Oak Tree

In a desperate plea to save Anouka from complete demise, William and Rosabella Joy are hurled into a web of strange new friends. A Black Witch is set to turn the human world into a slavery of coldness if she finds her way in. Her accomplice, an elusive goblin, is trying to capture four children, and if these children surround the Old Oak Tree only darkness will prevail for eternity. But who is he? Angus Moon, a charming Scottish boy, is bewildering and no one seems to understand his role. Alyssa too seems a rather knowledgeable dark horse. And Myriad, the elf? Well, he's just ridiculously tiny. A new headmaster, Mr Vixonight, is acting suspicious. Miss Terrine? She just smells of old coffee. And Miss Lovett? Too bothersome she is. At the crux of Anouka, will the light or the dark side prevail? Will Mr Vixonight be able to hide his true colours? Will Angus Moon ever stop flirting. And Alyssa? Will her heroine nature help or hinder? William and Rosabella could get slain alongside their friends, or will Mrs Joy be able to rely on her son to get back home unscathed, with at least a semi-pleasing school report? For once. 
The Anouka Chronicles: The Silver Chalice

The Anouka Chronicles: The Silver Chalice

William and Belle Joy are privy to a ghostly apparition in church. The apparition is stuck in time, unable to reach home. William and Belle are determined to help this pallid little girl escape the clutches of Anouka, the parallel universe in which she appears to have found herself, but it is a mystery as to why she cannot pass back into her own world. The secrets of the Silver Chalice start to reveal why, and William begins to discover that if he does not play by the rules, Janet may never return home and his own entire existence may also lie in jeopardy. 
The Anouka Chronicles: The Hollow Boathouse

The Anouka Chronicles: The Hollow Boathouse

Rosa’s world seems ordinary until one day she falls for the charms of a cantankerous boy who pulls her deeper into danger. But Rosa, she’s used to her witchety-Mum and deaf old Dad who bakes eggs to the ceiling. Then there’s Angharad, the miniscule school witch who Rosa despises. Maybe life at Gheptun’s School of the Black Arts & Gastronomy is more than simply winning at cookery? Perhaps following a pre-destined set of rules is the only way to survive? Or is Rosa in too deep this time? 
The Anouka Chronicles: The Mountain & the Mirror

The Anouka Chronicles: The Mountain & the Mirror

Brodie Joy unwittingly brings home the school mascot, excited he can taunt his odd Mother with its ill-infested presence. But, Brodie is unaware this Monkey is the link to a deeply dangerous portal. And the Monkey stinks. Waking up to snarling foxes, a lisping butterfly, and a mission to battle the Ice Phoenix, Brodie realises he may be stuck in Anouka forever. With no Apple Strudel! Will Brodie and his snooty sister, Kat, get home in time for Christmas? Or will their lives be trapped in an endless spiral of darkness? What a pleasant decision.  
The Anouka Chronicles: No Ordinary Bookshop

The Anouka Chronicles: No Ordinary Bookshop

Belle Joy curiously lands a place at Gladiolus-Viola, but a new boy is acting spookish. Belle confides in old Professor Argyle, but this pulls her deeper into the Professor’s dark life, that is until one day she encounters Eduardo’s Bookshop. However, Anouka catches up and perhaps hidden secrets cause Belle’s life to be turned upside down? 
The Anouka Chronicles - The Book of Immortality

The Anouka Chronicles - The Book of Immortality

Leaving Gladiolus-Viola Academy behind for Christmas, Belle Joy takes Ned home. However, Ned brings with him his most treasured possession ~ The Book of Immortality ~ wielding sinister secrets from beyond the grave drawing out deep evils from Ned's past. Has Belle Joy created a portal to Anouka where intruders might prove fatal? Or will Mrs Joy's cloaked approach to life triumph? 
The Anouka Chronicles: The Grass Isn't Always Greener

The Anouka Chronicles: The Grass Isn't Always Greener

Hetty Argyle is only a mildly disobedient girl, but when she is forbidden to entertain the idea of an imaginary friend, Hetty decides she has to cross the line else the lives of her entire family could be thrown into jeopardy. Can Hetty prove her friend’s existence and allow her own alter-ego to grow within the secret and hidden world of Anouka? 
The Anouka Chronicles: Fiery Glen

The Anouka Chronicles: Fiery Glen

Hetty and Drew find themselves deep in the underworld of Fiery Glen, and at first, beneath the ocean's bed, the treasures seem like paradise. However, as the path deepens still, will the spells and betrayals beneath prove too much for Hetty and Drew to escape the Basilisk's evil charms? 
Don't Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey

Don't Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey

All we need are coffee beans, hair straighteners and a sense of humour on the 07:21 from Greater Bungchip to the smog of London Victoria. Don't we? Okay, add a bottle of Prosecco or three. Has the world gone mad, or is flighty, intelligent, mildly pragmatic, eloquent, yet totally quirky Honey Hollings in her late thirties, okay, early forties, experiencing life capturing its more cynical side? Don't Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey judges the ludicrous, the absurd, even the incongruous side of humanity as Honey travels loosely around upon the Great British Trains, and further afield. How can Honey have possibly let scenario after scenario pass her by, all of her adult years, without at least noting it? Probably, she might add, because she simply did not have the time. But now, she has. Maybe she's the only one laughing, but she thought she would give herself the chance to become a novelist. Why not? At least a novice novelist for starters. Similar titles undoubtedly include Bill Bryson and his "Walk in the Woods" with Stephen Katz; Victoria Wood; Mo Willems and Peter Jenkins with a certain "Bridget Jones" appeal. 
A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side

Honey Hollings is a married woman. She sports two children, has acquired a dedicated House-Husbandry and everything should appear normal. But Honey is not able to steer clear of trauma. It seems to follow her, sticking itself to her underwear like a stubborn leech, and, no matter how hard she tries to be plain, she just cannot seem to manage it. Honey even becomes akin to being part of a criminal gang when all she desires is a ride on a dinghy and a vegetarian sausage. Is that too much to ask? 
The Diary of Dione Brown: It's Gonna be a Long One at this Tortured Age!

The Diary of Dione Brown: It's Gonna be a Long One at this Tortured Age!

The Diary of Dione Brown: It’s Gonna be a Long One at this Tortured Age! presents the protagonist Dione, a 12-year old girl approaching puberty but believes she has only her diary to confide in. Dione is the youngest of three siblings, the only girl, the daughter of a rather wildly personified mother who tries to encourage detox and scientific cooking as basic elements of a healthy life-style alongside projecting onto all of her offspring her own unrealized young adulthood dreams. Dione is also the daughter of a surgeon who finds his wife baffling, and the best friend of Jenny Thistlethwaite who Dione’s brothers think looks like a nocturnal flamingo.  


Philippa Joyner - first image
Philippa Joyner - first image
Philippa Joyner - first image